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sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Vacaciones .....

V.A. - My Smooth Black (2014) (By Faust)

01. Darren Rahn - Showtime
02. Eugene Groove - Old Edu (Old School)
03. Torcuato Mariano - British Time
04. Arno Haas - Spin Cycle
05. Norman Brown - Coming Back (Return Of The Man)
06. Tom Scott - Smokin' Section
07. Marcus Johnson - Plush
08. Rohn Lawrence - See Ya Around
09. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - King James (feat. Rock Hendricks)
10. Neung Jakkawal - Groove With You
11. Oli Silk - S.O.S.O.S.
12. Craig T. Cooper - 25 Hours A Day

jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

Michael O'Neill - The string and I (2012)

01. Badi a Bi A   
02. String and I   
03. On the Way to Your Heart   
04. Long Way Home   
05. Lovers Paradise   
06. Samba Do Miguel   
07. Bright Future   
08. Baile Canela   
09. Beans N Grease Redux   
10. African Sunset   
11. Good Old Days

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Michael O'Neill - Touch The Past (2010)

01. If You Dare
02. Smooth Sailin
03. Just for the Moment
04. Blue Chill
05. Indiansong
06. Get on Up
07. Touch the Past
08. Constant Seabreeze
09. Playa Bonita

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Michael O'Neill - Funky Fiesta (2005)

01. Funky Fiesta
02. The Journey
03. Yeah That's It
04. Smooth As Silk
05. Contigo Cafe
06. Once in Brazil
07. I Wanna Grow
08. Keep On Believin
09. Summer Nites
10. Wes n Les
11. The Gift

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Michael O'Neill - Never Too Late (2000)

01. Never Too Late
02. Visions
03. Echoes of Seville
04. I Ain't Lyin'
05. Always Love
06. For You
07. Winds of Summer
08. Dreams of Love
09. Passages
10. Sidewalk Strut
11. Cruisin' on Down
12. Yesterday

Michael O'Neill (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Carl Anderson (vocals); Gary Bias (saxophone, flute); Dino Soldo (saxophone); Bobby Lyle (keyboards); Alphonso Johnso, Jimmy Earl (bass); Land Richards, Dave Rennick (drums); Dio Saucedo (percussion).

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Michael O'Neill - True Love (1991)

01. Hold On
02. True Love
03. Paranguaricutirimicuaro
04. Again and Again
05. The Child Within
06. Gotta Get Up
07. First Exit
08. Anything But Love
09. Focus

Michael O'Neill (Vocal, guitars); Tata Vega (Vocals); David Garfield (Keyboards); Kirk Whalum, Steve Tavaglione (Saxophone, flute); Walt Fowler (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Rickey Minor, Abraham Laboriel,James "Jimmy" Earl, Freddie Washington (Bass); Ricky Lawson, John Robinson, Gerry Brown (Drums); Luis Conte, Lenny Castro (Percussion); Phil Perry, Kate Markowitz, Michael O'Neill (Background vocals), Tower Of Power - Emilio Castillo, Greg Adams, Lee Thornburg, Steve Grove, Doc Kupka.

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Dave Sereny - Take This Ride (2007)

01. Give It to Me Baby
02. Funkified
03. Do for Love
04. Take This Ride (Ladybug Mecca, Dave Sereny)
05. Fly Away
06. Lucy
07. Keep Goin’ (Dave Sereny, Nathan Watts)
08. This Time (Dave Sereny, Wayman Tisdale)
09. St. Tropez
10. Luxury of Love (Warren Hill, Dave Sereny)
11. Victor George Street
12. Blueberry Groove

Dave Sereny (guitar), Darren Rahn, Warren Hill, Geoff Bournes (saxophone), Wayman Tisdale, Mel Brown, Lenny Stalworth, Pino Pallidino, Frayne Lewis, Nathan Watts, Omar Edwards (bass), Frank Selman (rhythm guitar), Jason Rahn (trumpet & flugelhorn), Mike Sereny, Lemoyne Alexander, Nikki Yeoh (keyboards), Bob James (piano), Christian Rogain (percussion), Delilah, Lemoyne Alexander, Vikter Duplaix and Dave Sereny (vocals).

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Tom Grant - Delicioso (2010)

01. Luxurium
02. Cute New Car
03. Whistling in the Dark
04. Language of Our Own
05. Lizard Lounge
06. Delicioso
07. Nature Walk
08. The Dog Park
09. Escape into Dreamland
10. Dancing Heart
11. Enamorata
12. Breathing in the Love
13. Heidi's Song

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Tom Grant - Life Is Good (2008)

01. Utopia
02. Regarding You
03. Step Up
04. Gold
05. Cool Shoes
06. Mysterious Smile
07. Garden of Sublime Enchantment
08. The moon and the Stars and You
09. Morning Glorious
10. Talk to Me Nice
11. In My Body... Out of My Mind
12. Easy Landing

Tom Grant (piano); Shelly Rudolph (vocals); Ross Seligman (guitar); Danny Schauffler (saxophone); Jeff Frankel (drums).

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Tom Grant - Nice Work If You Can Get It (2004)

01. Nice Work If You Can Get It
02. You Make Me Feel So Young
03. I Concentrate on You
04. People Will Say We're in Love
05. All of You
06. Celia
07. On Green Dolphin Street
08. Desafinado
09. Both Sides Now
10. Felicidade, A
11. I'm Old Fashioned

Tom Grant (vocals, piano); Tom Grant ; Nancy Curtin (vocals); Dave Captein, Phil Baker (bass instrument); Paul Mazzio (flugelhorn); Bill Beach (piano); Gary Hobbs , Ron Steen (drums).

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Tom Grant - Solo Piano (2003)

01. Love Deluxe
02. Home Town Boy
03. Sighs and Whispers   
04. Fixed Not Broken
05. Old Fashioned Girl   
06. Celia
07. One Good Turn   
08. Meditation #1
09. Safe Harbor
10. In My Body Out of My Mind   
11. Meditation #2
12. 2:30 Am
13. Outer Planets
14. Meditation #3

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Tom Grant - Reprise (2001)

01. Change
02. Angels Crossing
03. Never Say Never
04. Bernie's Groove
05. Restless
06. In My Wildest Dreams
07. Alpha Centauri
08. Who Slipped The Mickey In My Drink?
09. Heidi's Song
10. Lakota Ghost
11. Witchi Tai-To

Tom Grant (piano), Dan Balmer (guitar), Patrick Lamb (saxophone), Louis Pain (organ), Phil Baker (bass), Dave Captein (bass), Doug Lewis (guitar), and Reinhardt Melz (drums).

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Tom Grant - Tune It In (2000)

01. Tune It In
02. Invisible Man
03. Generous Heart
04. Save the Best for Last
05. Walking on the Wild Side
06. Black Orpheus
07. Mysterious Smile
08. Calling the Spirits
09. Overnight Sensation
10. Sing
11. Firefly

Tom Grant (vocals, piano, programming); Sandy Cressman, Sandy Griffith, Claytoven Richardson, Larry Batiste (vocals); Patrick Lamb, Wayne Braxton (tenor saxophone); Phil Baker (keyboards, electric guitar, bass, programming); Ray Obiedo (keyboards, guitar, programming); Paul Mazzio (trumpet); Jay Koder (guitar); Curtis Olhson, Marc Van Wageningen, Nelson Braxton (bass); Peter Michael Escovedo (drums, percussion); Richard Melz, Jeffrey Frankel, Billy Johnson (drums); Valerie Day, Curtis Craft (percussion).

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Tom Grant - Lip Service (1997)

01. Love and Desire
02. Lip Service
03. Poinciana
04. Ain't Nobody
05. Down the Road
06. Western Hemisphere
07. If You Want Me to Stay
08. For No One
09. I Need My Space
10. Far from Home

Tom Grant (vocals, piano); Tim Ellis (guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Bob Stark (guitar, keyboards, programming); Dan Balmer, Dan Faehnle, Douglas Lewis (guitar); Phil Baker (tiple, fretless bass, programming); Patrick Lamb (saxophone, tenor saxophone); Jeff Homan (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Paul Mazzio (trumpet, flugelhorn); Tom Hill (trombone); Gregg Williams (drums, percussion).

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Tom Grant - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (1996)

01. Winter wonderland
02. Sleigh ride
03. Have yourself a merry little christmas
04. Blue christmas
05. Silver bells
06. Let it snow let it snow
07. What child is this
08. I'll be home for christmas
09. O little town of bethlehem
10. White christmas
11. O holy night
12. Christmas at martha's house
13. The christmas song
14. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

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Tom Grant - Instinct (1995)

01. Fantasy
02. Lovely Little Dreamer
03. Dancing With You
04. More Than You Know
05. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
06. Shimmering Pools
07. S.O.S.
08. Blue Voyage
09. Sitting on the Couch Waiting for Our Ship to Come In
10. Goodbye Jealous Lover
11. Blue Voyage, Reprise

Tom Grant (vocals, piano, programming); Diane Garisto, Curtis King (vocals); Dan Faehnle, Jay-Bird Koder, Peter White (guitar); Patrick Lamb (saxophone); Randy Brecker (trumpet); Graham Lear, Carlton Jackson , Ron Steen (drums); Curtis Craft (percussion); Aaron Walker (programming).

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Tom Grant - You Hardly Know Me (1994)

01. Imposter  
02. Heaven Is Waiting  
03. Whatever Feels Right  
04. So Free  
05. Workers of the World  
06. You Hardly Know Me  
07. High School Fantasies  
08. Big Charlie  
09. Brain Damage  

Tom Grant (vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, vibraphone, percussion, background vocals); Shirley Nanette, Patrice Rushen (vocals); Tod Carver (guitar); Dennis Springer, Gary Clinton (saxophone); Richard Burdell, Laine Larson (trumpet); Jeff Uusitalo (trombone); Jeff Lorber (synthesizer); Gary Hobbs , Tony Williams (drums); Aaron James (background vocals).

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Tom Grant - Hands (The Tom Grant Collection) (1994)

01. Angels Crossing 
02. Hang Time 
03. Hands 
04. Morning Show 
05. Everyday Is Up  
06. Mambo to the Moon 
07. Bernie's Groove 
08. Happy Feet 
09. Private Beach 
10. Witchi-Tai-To 
11. Change 
12. In a Special Way 
13. Heldi's Song 

Tom Grant (Keyboards); Art Porter (alto saxophone); Najee (saxophone); Marlon McLain, Paul Jackson, Jr. (guitar); Alec Milstein (bass); Chad Wackerman (drums); Paulinho Da Costa (percussion).

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Tom Grant - Take Me To Your Dream (1992)

01. Change
02. Alpha Centauri
03. Girl Heaven
04. Take Me to Your Dream
05. We'll Be Right Back
06. This Love
07. Duke
08. One Last Try

Jeff Uusitalo (Trombone); Mark Gaulke (Trumpet); Lee Wuthernow, Michael Bard (Saxophone); Daniel Brandt (Synthesizer); Curtis Craft (Percussion); Douglas Durbrow (Synthesizer); Glen Holstrom (Horn Alto); Carlton Jackson (Drums, Programming, Vocals); Jeff Leonard (Vocals, Bass); Dan Balmer (Guitar); Tom Grant (Keyboards, Producer, Vocals).

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Tom Grant - In My Wildest Dreams (1992)

01. Monkey Magic
02. Mambo to the Moon
03. Show Me the Way
04. In My Wildest Dreams
05. I've Just Begun to Love You
06. Time Traveller
07. Squeeze and Please
08. Love on Ice
09. Heidi's Song

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Tom Grant - The View From Here (1993)

01. Night Falls On The Casbah
02. Dance Walker
03. Hang Time
04. Next Life
05. Your Tender Touch
06. Your Look Says It All
07. Lucky Dog
08. Journey Within
09. Clear Thoughts
10. Every Time You Go Away
11. Water Spirits
12. Some Of The Old

Tom Grant (Synthesizer Flute, Programming, Vocals, Producer, Synthesizer, Flute, Piano, Keyboards); Danny Schauffler (Saxophone, Sax Tenor); Marlon McLain (Guitar); Alec Milstein (Bass); Brad Herrett (Bass, Acoustic Bass); Binky Bryce (Guitar); Charles Earnst (Synthesizer); Gilbert Pepper (Chant); Art Porter (Sax Alto); Chad Wackerman (Drums); Wayne Brathwaite (Bass, Producer); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Lynn Davis, Diane GaristoVocals, Phillip Ingram (Vocals); Paul Jackson, Jr. (Guitar); Curtis King (Vocals Background); Dan Balmer (Guitar); Omar Hakim (Drums); Jim Pepper (Saxophone).

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Tom Grant - Edge Of The World (1989)

01. Bernie's Groove 
02. Land of Love 
03. Night on the Town 
04. Awakening 
05. Don't Wait for Night 
06. Be With You 
07. Angels Crossing 
08. Street Vendor 
09. Edge of the World 
010. Need to Hear You Say I Love You 

Tom Grant (Keyboards, Vocals, Programming); Carlton Jackson (Drums, Cymbals, Tom-Tom); Dan Balmer (Guitar); Jeff Leonard (Bass); Marlon McLain (Guitar); Najee (Saxophone); Phil Baker (Bass); Scott Wardinski (Percussion).

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Tom Grant - Mango Tango (1988)

01. Mango Tango 
02. Private Beach 
03. Freedom Island 
04. If You Were My Girl 
05. Too Hot 
06. Tropical Lust 
07. Mango II - The Landing 
08. Ticket to Paradise 
09. Wildwood Trail  
10. Any Sky  
11. Before We Sleep 
12. In a Sentimental Mood 

Jeff Leonard (Bass); Carlton Jackson (Drums); Dan Balmer (Guitar); Tom Grant (Keyboards, Programmed, Vocals).

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Tom Grant - Night Charade (1987)

01. Forever Yours
02. Hands
03. Since I Don't Have You
04. Invitation
05. School's Out
06. Secrets
07. Night Charade
08. Aerobics In Space
09. Song For Richard

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Tom Grant - Just The Right Moment (1985)

01. Just the Right Moment
02. Listen Very Hard
03. Happy Feet
04. One of These Days
05. By George
06. Whispers
07. The Wild Surf
08. Never Say Never

Tom Grant (vocals, keyboards, programming); Dan Balmer (guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Douglas Durbrow (synthesizer); Bruce Smith (percussion).

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Tom Grant - Heart Of The City (1984)

01. Heart Of The City
02. Will To Survive
03. Eye Of The Hurricane
04. What You Do To Me
05. Mexican Resturant
06. Old Movies
07. Teleport
08. In A Special Way

Dan Balmer (Guitar), Tom Grant (Piano, Keyboards, Vocals), Gary Hobbs (Percussion, Drums), Dave Captein (Bass), Douglas Durbrow (Synthesizer, Engineer), John Golden (Mastering), Gary Ogan (Vocals (Background)), Bobby Torres (Percussion), Mark Miller (Saxophone, Flute).

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Tom Grant - Tom Grant (1983)

01. Dawn
02. The Morning Show
03. Lonesome Cowboy
04. Sweet Dreams
05. Part of Me
06. Big Fun
07. Candy
08. Eyes
09. Ain't Misbehavin' 
10. Witchi-Tai-To

Dan Balmer (Guitar), Tom Grant (Synthesizer, Piano, Vocals, Producer), Gary Hobbs (Drums), Douglas Durbrow (Engineer), Bruce Babad (Saxophone), Brad Herrett (Bass), Bruce Smith (Percussion).

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miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014

Euge Groove - Got 2 Be Groovin' (2014)

01. Forever and a Day
02. Got 2 Be Groovin'
03. Miss Bane
04. Rain Down On Me
05. Groovin' Up Hip Street
06. Tango In Tio
07. Homie Grown
08. Wildflower
09. Hey Hey Lil' Lilah Belle
10. In Love with You

Euge Groove (saxophon); Tracy Carter (keyboards), Cornelius Mims (bass), John "Jubu" Smith (guitar), Trevor Lawrence (drums), and Lenny Castro (percussion), with guest spots from Peter White, Althea Rene, Paul Brown, Elliot Yamin, and Chanel Haynes, whose vocal on "In Love with You" .

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Euge Groove - House of Groove (2012)

01. Knock Knock! Who's There?
02. House Of Groove
03. Fellowship Hall
04. God Bless You (feat. Kate Miner Moebel)
05. Lampin' It
06. Old. Edu (Old School)
07. Indian Summer
08. Never Met A Woman (Like You)
09. Faithful Central
10. It's Only Rain (feat. Chioma)

Euge Groove (flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, Hammond b-3 organ, programming); John Jubu Smith (electric guitar); Tracy Carter (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Cornelius Mims (electric bass).

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Euge Groove - Seven Large (2011)

01. Track 01
02. The Funky Bunch
03. S7ven Large
04. Prayer For Peace
05. Days Of Soul
06. Gimme 6
07. Welcome To The Journey
08. Love Won’t Let Me Wait
09. To The Nines
10. Ten 2 Two

Euge Groove (saxophone, Hammond b-3 organ, programming); Tracy Carter (piano, Fender Rhodes piano).

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Euge Groove - Sunday Morning (2009)

01. Get Ready
02. As You Like It
03. Say My Name
04. Yes
05. Sunday Morning
06. All For You
07. Gospel Truth, The
08. Tenderly
09. On Your Knees
10. Babylon

Euge Groove (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, programming); Dax Reynosa (vocals); Paul Brown , Jubu Smith (guitar); Philippe Saisse (strings); Joel Campbell (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, programming); Tracy Carter (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Oscar Seaton (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion). 

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Euge Groove - Born 2 Groove (2007)

01. Summer Night's Dream, A
02. Mr. Groove
03. Cafe Del Soul
04. Slow Jam
05. Born 2 Groove
06. Religify
07. Geez Spot
08. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know - (with Ali Ollie Woodson)
09. Movin' On
10. Baby If You Only Knew (What I Could Do) - (with Jeffrey Osborne)

Euge Groove (programming); Jubu Smith, Jeff Carruthers, Paul Brown (guitar); Tracy Carter (Fender Rhodes piano); Ricky Peterson (Hammond b-3 organ); Cornelius Mims (bass instrument); Roberto Vally (electric bass); Trevor Lawrence, Jr. (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion), Jeffrey Osborne, Ali Ollie Woodson (vocals).

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Euge Groove - Just Feels Right (2005)

01. Gimmealilclick
02. Get Em Goin'
03. Chillaxin
04. Just My Imagination
05. Gonnatakeuhigher
06. Straight Up
07. This Must Be For Real
08. Just Feels Right
09. Can'tstopdafunk
10. 12:08 AM
11. Ballerina Girl

Euge Groove (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano, Clavinet, Hammond b-3 organ, keyboards, synthesizer, programming, music box); David T. Walker, Paul Brown , Ray Parker Jr., Tony Maiden (guitar); Peter White (nylon-string guitar); Clarence McDonald (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond b-3 organ); Mike Egizi (ARP synthesizer); Freddie Washington, Roberto Vally (bass guitar); James Gadson, Michael White (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion).

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Euge Groove - Livin Large (2004)

01. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
02. Livin' Large
03. XXL
04. Take You Higher
05. Thank You - (featuring JBS)
06. Gift, The
07. Too Cool
08. Talk To Me
09. Silhouette
10. Cabolicious

11. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - (TRUE instrumental)

Euge Groove (vocals, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, keyboards, samples); Bridgette Bryant (vocals); JBS (rap vocals); Lee Thornberg (trumpet, flugelhorn); Herman Jackson (vibraphone, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, synthesizer); Ollie Marland (Fender Rhodes piano, programming); Ricky Peterson (organ); Jeff Carruthers (keyboards, guitar, programming); David Woods, Johnny Britt (keyboards, programming); Paul Brown (guitar, percussion, programming); Paul Jackson, Jr. (guitar); Alex Al, Roberto Vally (bass); Lil' John Roberts (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).

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Euge Groove - Play Date (2002)

01. Slam Dunk
02. From The Top
03. Gonna B Alright
04. Let's Get It On
05. Rewind
06. Love Me
07. Hide And Seek
08. Belle Maria - (featuring Peter White)
09. Play Date
10. With You I'd Believe

Euge Groove (saxophone); Peter White, Tony Maiden (guitar); Alex Al (bass); Larry Kimpel (upright bass); Teddy Campbell (drums); Paulinho da Costa, Luis Conte (percussion), Stacy Campbell (vocals); Herman Jackson (piano, Wurlitzer piano, organ, synthesizer); Freddie Ravel (Fender Rhodes piano); Chester Thompson (Hammond B-3 organ); David Khalid Woods (keyboards, guitar, programming); Michael Egizi, Mark Portmann (keyboards, programming); Larry Williams (strings, synthesizer); Dean Parks, Paul Jackson Jr. (acoustic & electric guitars).

Euge Groove - Euge Groove (2000)

01. Romeo & Juliet
02. Sneak A Peek
03. Vinyl
04. Give In To Me
05. Another Sad Love Song
06. Tenderhearted Lover
07. Truly Emotional
08. Lay It Down
09. Summer Stroll
10. Last Song, The

Euge Groove (saxophone); JC Chasez, John Stoddart (vocals); Michael Egizi, David "Khalid" Woods (keyboards, programming); Paul Jackson, Jr., Danny Jacob, Jimi "Money" Macon, Mike Turner (guitar); Alex Al, Federico Pol (bass); Paulinho Da Costa, Walter Rodriguez (percussion).

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The Chris Bangs Project - Dazzle (1999)

01. Guiding Light
02. Always Be The One
03. Soft Touch
04. State Of Mind
05. Play To Win
06. Dazzle
07. A Chance For Peace
08. Way Up There
09. Watuzi Strut
10. Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Chris Bangs (Bass, Drums, Arranger); Neil Cowley (Keyboards); Nigel Wallace Price (Guitar); Dave Priseman (Flugelhorn, Trumpet); Paul Gunter (Percussion); Gary Spacey (Sax); Stephen Jeffries (Fender Rhodes); Carmelle Hinds (Vocals, Bass).

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Chris Bangs - Takin' Care Of Business (1999)

01. Driving Home   
02. Takin' Care Of Business   
03. Higher Plane   
04. Warm Weather   
05. F Groove   
06. You Know How To Love Me   
07. Sundance   
08. Paradise   
09. Golden Child   
10. Child's Play   
11. Time and a Place

Chris Bangs (bass, drums, programming); Rita Campbell (vocals); Nigel Wallace-Price (guitar, midi bass, drum programming); Andrew Ross (flute, saxophone); Dave "Prizeguy" Priseman (trumpet, flugelhorn); Janette Mason (keyboards); Shawn Lee (drums); Bongo Pascal (percussion).

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lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

Ted Vieira - Perfect Night (2009)

01. A Little Better
02. Desert Sky
03. Takin’ A Break
04. The Closer I Get To You
05. Time To Go
06. Something Special
07. Not A Care
08. Your Eyes
09. What’s Going On
10. Perfect Night

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Ted Vieira - Vacation (2008)

01. Noon
02. Through My Eyes
03. Top Floor
04. Vacation
05. Interlude
06. Ocean Blue
07. You Ate My Lunch
08. Island Song

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Ted Vieira - Quiet Places (2007)

01. Body and Soul
02. How High the Moon
03. When Sunny Gets Blue
04. Night and Day
05. Tenderly
06. Perfect Night
07. On Green Dolphin Street
08. Meditation
09. Just Friends
10. Blue In Green

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Peter Bernstein - Solo Guitar Live At Smalls (2013)

01. Django (Live)
02. I Love You (Live)
03. Crepuscule With Nellie (Live)
04. Pannonica (Live)
05. Star Eyes (Live)
06. Yesterdays (Live)
07. Don't Blame Me (Live)
08. Giant Steps (Live)
09. Wise One (Live)
10. The Tender Trap (Live)
11. Two Different Worlds (Live)
12. Autumn In New York (Live)
13. Gone With the Wind (Live)
14. Put Your Dreams Away (Live)

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Peter Bernstein - Live At Small's (2011)

01. Chant
02. Molto Molto
03. Everytime We Say Goodbye
04. Just A Thought
05. Milestones
06. Nobody Else But Me
07. The Danger Zone

Peter Bernstein (Guitar); Larry Goldings (Hammond B-3 organ); Bill Stewart (Drums).

Peter Bernstein - Monk (2009)

01. Let's Cool One
02. Pannonica
03. Work
04. Brilliant Corners
05. In Walked Bud
06. Monk's Mood
07. Well You Needn't
08. Bemsha Swing
09. Played Twice
10. Ruby, My Dear
11. Blues 5 Spot
12. Reflections

Peter Bernstein (Guitar); Doug Weiss (Bass); Bill Stewart (Drums).

Peter Bernstein - Live At Smalls (2008)

01. Vida Blue
02. Say, Little Mama, Say
03. Stairway To The Stars
04. Delilah
05. Love Walked In
06. Four
07. Sideburns

Peter Bernstein (Guitar), Richard Wyands (Piano); John Webber (Bass); Jimmy Cobb (Drums).

Peter Bernstein - Stranger In Paradise (2004)

01. Venus Blues
02. Stranger In Paradise
03. Luiza
04. How Little We Know
05. Bobblehed
06. Just A Thought
07. This Is Always
08. Soul Stirrin
09. That Sunday,That Summer
10. Autumn Nocturne

Peter Bernstein (Guitar); Brad Mehldau (Piano); Larry Grenadier (Bass); Bill Stewart (Drums).

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Peter Bernstein - Heart's Content (2002)

01. Little Green Men
02. Heart's Content
03. Relativity
04. Constant Conversation
05. Dedicated To You
06. Simple As That
07. Public Domain
08. Blood Count

Peter Bernstein (Guitar); Brad Mehldau (Piano); Larry Grenadier (Bass); Bill Stewart (Drums).

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Peter Bernstein - Earth Tones (1997)

01. Metamorphosis
02. Sublime Indifference
03. Dragonfly
04. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
05. Acrobat
06. How Deep Is The Ocean?
07. Breakthrough
08. Pivot
09. Carrot Cake

Peter Bernstein (Guitar); Larry Goldings (Hammond B-3 organ); Bill Stewart (Drums).

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Peter Bernstein - Brain Dance (1996)

01. Brain Dance
02. Chant
03. Means And Ends
04. Dual Nature
05. While We're Young
06. You Leave Me Breathless
07. Lady Bug 
08. Danger Zone

Peter Bernstein (guitar); Eric Alexander (tenor saxophone); Steve Davis (trombone); Larry Goldings (organ); Billy Drummond (drums).

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