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jueves, 31 de julio de 2014

Damian Erskine Project - Live At Portlan State University (2011)

01. Bestowal
02. Who By Now
03. Light 
04. Fif  
05. To the Rest   
06. 50 Out of 1

Reinhardt Melz (Drums), Ben Darwish (Piano), John Nastos (Tenor), Damian Erskine (Bass).

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Damian Erskine - So To Speak (2010)

01. Inside Out
02. Fif
03. Kaluanui
04. American Gyro
05. Light
06. Aslant
07. Cabrerina
08. Creep

Damian Erskine (Bass); Reinhardt Melz (Drums, Percussion); Ramsey Embick (Piano); Chris Mosley (Guitar); Rafael Trujillo (Percussion); John Nastos (Tenor); Jason Dumars (Soprano); Paul Mazzio (Trumpet); Derek Rieth (Percussion).

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Peter Erskine New Trio - Joy Luck (2011)

01. Joy Luck Club
02. On Land, On Sea
03. Man's Dream
04. Esperanca
05. Dr. Kildare
06. Iridesence
07. Something I Said
08. Dreaming Paris
09. I've Never Been In Love Before
10. Every Tomorrow
11. Song for Zoey

Peter Erskine (Drums, marimba, percussion); Vardan Ovsepian (Piano, synthesizers); Damian Erskine (electric bass).

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Kenny G - Rhythm And Romance (2008)

01. Sax-O-Loco
02. Ritmo Y Romance
03. Sabor A Mí
04. Tango
05. Mirarme Bailar (Featuring Barbara Muñoz)
06. Peruvian Nights
07. Brasilia
08. Bésame Mucho
09. Fiesta Loca
10. Es Hora De Decir (Featuring Camila)
11. Copa De Amor
12. Salsa Kenny


Kenny G - The Moment (1996)

01. The moment
02. Passages
03. Havana
04. Always
05. That somebody was you (with Toni Braxton)
06. The champion’s theme
07. Eastside Jam
08. Moonlight
09. Gettin’ on the step
10. Everytime I close my eyes (with Babyface)
11. Nothern lights
12. Innocence

Kenny G (soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, various instruments); Babyface (vocals, programming); Toni Braxton (vocals); Walter Afanasieff (various instruments); Michael Thompson (guitar); Greg Phillinganes (piano); Dan Shea (keyboards, programming); Nathan East (bass); Paulinho De Costa, Sheila E. (percussion); Marc Nelson, Dede O'Neal (background vocals).

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miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

Eric Marienthal - It's Love (2012)

01. Get Here
02. In A Sentimental Mood
03. Can't Buy Me Love
04. It's Love
05. Two In One
06. Costa Del Soul
07. Babycakes
08. Cafe Royale
09. St. Moritz
10. When I Found You

Eric Marienthal (Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet); Till Brönner (Trumpet); Russell Ferrante, Brian Culbertson (Piano, Keyboards); Pat Bianchi (Hammond B3 Organ); Jeff Lorber, Chuck Loeb (Guitar, Keyboards); Jimmy Haslip, Tim Lefebvre (Electric Bass); Gary Novak (Drums); David Charles (Percussion).

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Eric Marienthal - Just Around The Corner (2007)

01. Blue Water
02. Times Square
03. Flower Child
04. Open Road
05. 21 Ocean Front
06. Just Around The Corner
07. I Believe In You
08. Dance With Me
09. Your Move
10. Lost Without You

Eric Marienthal (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Jeff Lorber (guitar, piano, keyboards); Ray Parker, Jr. (guitar); Paul Rayner-Brown (acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion); Michael Stever (trumpet); Brian Culbertson (trombone, piano, keyboards, percussion, drum programming); Stephen Lu (keyboards, programming); Dave Weckl (drums).

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Eric Marienthal - Got You Covered! (2005)

01. I Will
02. New York State Of Mind
03. Love And Liberté
04. Compared To What
05. I've Got The World On A String
06. Emotion
07. Two Part Invention #4 In D Minor
08. My One And Only Love
09. You've Got A Friend
10. Stand By Me
11. Moody's Mood For Love

Eric Marienthal (flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Eric Marienthal; Russ Freeman (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, classical guitar, baritone guitar); Russell Ferrante (piano, keyboards); Chick Corea (piano); Dave Carpenter (acoustic bass); Peter Erskine (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).

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Eric Marienthal - Ballads of Motown (2004)

01. I'll Be There
02. My Girl
03. All in Love is Fair
04. Never Can Say Goodbye
05. A Place in The Sun
06. Got to be There
07. For Once in My Life
08. Ain't no Mountain...
09. Ooh Baby Baby
10. Just My Imagination

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Eric Marienthal - Sweet Talk (2003)

01. Uptown
02. Secrets
03. All I Am
04. Moonlight
05. Tell Me Something Good
06. Sweet Talk
07. Mist Trail
08. Caprichosa
09. Nickel Plated
10. Like a River
11. Laguna

Eric Marienthal (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Ivan Lins, Cassandra Reed (vocals); Mike Ricchiuti (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Jeff Lorber (Clavinet, keyboards, vocodor, synthesizer, programming); Jason Miles (Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, synthesizer); Chuck Loeb (keyboards, guitar, programming); Dave Kochanski (keyboards); Billy Heller (string synthesizer); Gannin Arnold (acoustic & electric guitars); Romero Lubambo (acoustic guitar); Dean Brown (electric guitar); Jeff Mironov, Julio Fernandez (guitar); Melvin Davis (bass, programming); Tom Barney, Will Lee (bass).

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Eric Marienthal - Turn Up The Heat (2001)

01. Everything She Wants
02. Lefty's Lounge
03. One Day In Venice
04. Takin' It To The Streets
05. Love Don't Live Here
06. Sugar
07. San Marcos Square
08. Rendezvous
09. Hold On
10. Hangin' On The Boardwalk
11. Remember Our Promise

Eric Marienthal (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); Deniece Williams, Alan Harris (vocals); Fred Clark , Robben Ford (guitar); Chris Botti, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey (trumpet); William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach Jr. (trombone); Bill Heller (organ, keyboards); Jeff Lorber (keyboards, bass synthesizer, programming); Rick Braun (keyboards, programming); Dave Carpenter (acoustic bass); Dave Hooper, Dave Karasony (drums); Luis Conte, Rafael Solano (percussion).

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Eric Marienthal - Walk Tall (1998)

01. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
02. Work Song
03. Walk Tall
04. Skylark
05. Imagine That
06. The Way You Look Tonight
07. Here In My Heart
08. Sunstone
09. If You Need Me To
10. Country Preacher
11. Unit 7
12. Groove Runner

Eric Marienthal (soprano & alto saxophones); Philip Ingram, Heather Mason, Kevyn Lettau, Michael Mishaw, Stevie Russell (vocals); Chris Botti, Chuck Findley (trumpet); Ralph Morrison III (violin); Rob Mullins (piano, keyboards, programming); John Beasley, Russell Ferrante (piano, keyboards); Harvey Mason, Jr. (keyboards, drum, programming); Harvey Mason (keyboards, drums); Ronnie Foster (keyboards); Lee Ritenour, Jeff Lorber (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard programming); Michael Thompson, Alan Hinds (guitar); Reggie Hamilton (acoustic & electric basses); Stanley Clarke, Chuck Domanico, Melvin Davis, Vail Johnson (bass); Luis Conte (percussion).

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Eric Marienthal - Easy Street (1997)

01. Easy Street
02. Tuesday’s Delight
03. New Jack Saturday
04. Until You Come Back To Me
05. Glow
06. Half & Half
07. The Sun Died
08. Last Day Of Summer
09. Bourriquot
10. Secret Passion
11. Backstage

Eric Marienthal (alto & soprano saxophones, flute); Angelo, Vesta (vocals); Rick Braun (trumpet); Rob Mullins (piano, programming); John Beasley (Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, programming); Jeff Lorber (keyboards, guitar, programming); Don Grusin, Russell Ferrante (keyboards); Lee Ritenour (guitar, programming); Melvin Davis (bass); Hilary Jones, Sonny Emory (drums); Cassio Duarte (percussion).

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Eric Marienthal - Collection (1997)

01. Oasis
02. Hustlin'
03. The Sun Was In My Eyes
04. Written In The Wind
05. Brazilian Dream
06. That's The Way
07. Walk Through The Fire
08. Where Are You
09. Hold On My Heart
10. Where You Belong
11. Street Dance
12. Legenda

Eric Marienthal (soprano & alto saxophones); Carl Anderson (vocals); Dave Koz (soprano saxophone); Chick Corea (piano); Russell Ferrante, David Benoit (piano, keyboards, programming); Jeff Lorber (keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, programming); Jim Cox (synthesizers); Pat Kelley, Paul Jackson, Jr., Eugene Pao (guitar); John Patitucci, Jimmy Haslip, Alex Milstein, Nathaniel Phillips, Paul Candelaria (bass); John Robinson, Terri Lyne Carrington, Vinnie Colaiuta, Anthony Fernandes (drums); Alex Acuna, Luis Conte, Paulinho Da Costa (percussion); Roel Garcia, Tommy Chui (programming); Kiki Ebsen, Randy Hall, Benet (background vocals).

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Eric Marienthal - Street Dance (1994)

01. Street Dance
02. Kid's Stuff
03. Moment Of Silence
04. Shake It Loose
05. Fafaru
06. Legenda
07. Nothin' But Everything
08. Where You Belong
09. Yosemite
10. Hold On My Heart
11. Forces Of Nature
12. Have I Told You Lately

Eric Marienthal (soprano, alto, tenor, & baritone saxophone, flute); Alec Milstein (vocals, bass); Eric Jordan, Leroy Osbourne, Jeff Pescetto (vocals); Dan Higgins (tenor saxophone); Charlie Davis, Larry Hall (trumpet, flugelhorn); Gary Burton (vibraphone); Jeff Lorber (keyboards, mini-Moog synthesizer, synthesizer bass, guitar, electric bass, percussion programming); Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau (guitar); Nathaniel Phillips (electric bass); John Robinson (drums); Paulinho Da Costa (percussion).

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Eric Marienthal - One Touch (1993)

01. No Doubt About It
02. That's the Way
03. One for James
04. Walk Through The Fire
05. Ouch!
06. Westland
07. The Village
08. Tanto Amor
09. Back Talk
10. Where Are You

Eric Marienthal (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); Ivan Lins, Carl Anderson (vocals); Wayne Bergeron (guitar, trumpet); James Harrah, Oliver Leiber, Paul Jackson, Jr. (guitar); Dave Koz (soprano saxophone); Andy Martin (trombone); Russell Ferrante (piano, keyboards, programming); David Benoit (piano); Jeff Lorber (synthesizer, programming, drum programming); John "J. R." Robinson (drums); Alex Acuña, Paulinho Da Costa (percussion); Randy Hall , Kiki Ebsen, Benet (background vocals).

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Eric Marienthal - Oasis (1991)

01. Hustlin'
02. Seafood To Go
03. Oasis
04. Understanding
05. Tryin' To Tell Ya
06. Barcelona
07. Big Country
08. Just To See You Again
09. Turn Out The Light
10. Another Shore

Eric Marienthal (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Perri (vocals); Jeff Lorber (guitar, synthesizer, drum programming); Oliver Leiber, Robben Ford (guitar); Russell Ferrante (piano, keyboards); John Patitucci (electric bass); Robinson (drums); Alex Acuña (percussion); Ma Chun (background vocals).

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Eric Marienthal - Crossroads (1990)

01. The Sun Was In My Eyes
02. Spoons
03. Yellow Roses
04. Upside Down
05. Schmooze
06. Cross Country
07. Hide & Seek
08. Two Bits
09. On The Eve Of Tomorrow
10. Rain On The Roof

Eric Marienthal (Saxo); Russell Ferrante (Sintetizadores, Piano, Teclados); Chick Corea (Piano); David Witham (Sintetizadores, Piano); John Patitucci (Bajo); John Beasley (Sintetizadores, Piano); Terri Lyne Carrington, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta (Batería).

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Eric Marienthal - Round Trip (1989)

01. Round Trip
02. Moonwalk
03. I'm Gonna Wait On Your Love
04. It's Better Than Nothing
05. Reunion
06. Afrique
07. Leeann
08. The Road Goes On
09. I'll Be Home Soon
10. Serengeti
11. Crash Test Dummies

Eric Marienthal (saxophone); Don Grusin (keyboards); Carlos Rios (guitar); John Patitucci (bass); Dave Weckl (drums).

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Eric Marienthal - Voices Of The Heart (1987)

01. Voices Of The Heart
02. Your Eyes
03. Blue Space
04. Brazilian Dream
05. Premonition
06. Tippin'
07. Being With You
08. Harvest Dance
09. Written In The Wind
10. Walk Like An Emu
11. Someone Said
12. Backstep

Eric Marienthal (saxophone); Chick Corea (keyboards); John Patitucci (bass); Vinnie Colaiuta (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).

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martes, 29 de julio de 2014

Yoonchan Kwak - 49 (Forty Nine) (2013)

01. 49 (Forty Nine)   
02. Opening Bell 
03. Rapture (feat. Paul Jackson, Jr.)
04. This Is My Father's World (feat. Larry Koonse) 
05. You Are My Family in Heaven (feat. Eric Marienthal)   
06. No Time to Funk (feat. Paul Jackson, Jr.) 
07. Incre Double (feat. Larry Koonse) 
08. Noomas (feat. Eric Marienthal)
09. Ever Forever Whenever (feat. Brian McKnight)

Yoonchan Kwak - Acoustic Piano & Keyboards
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums
Alex Al - Bass
Lenny Castro - Percussion

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Damian Erskine Project - Trios (2007)

01. Peresina
02. Footprints 64
03. Mambo For Tajrid
04. Costa Del Sol
05. Spain
06. Nardis
07. Maria Cervantes
08. Steps
09. Mirage
10. Entre Do Aguas (outtro)

Damian Erskine (6-string Bass); Reinhardt Melz (Drums); Ramsey Embick (Piano); Toshi Onizuka (Guitar); Israel Annoh (Percussion).

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Mike Pope - The Lay Of The Land (2002)

01. The First Order Of Business
02. Essence 
03. At Home Again
04. The Lay Of The Land 
05. Cherokee 
06. Climate 
07. The Avid Listener
08. The Way You Look Tonight 
09. The Star Spangled Banner 

Mike Pope (acoustic bass, electric bass); Mike Pope (double bass, bass guitar); John Patitucci (acoustic bass, double bass); Jim White , Jim White (drums); Mike Stern (acoustic guitar); Michael Brecker, Seamus Blake (saxophone); Randy Brecker (trumpet); Henry Hey (piano); Joe Locke (vibraphone); Jeff "Tain" Watts (drums).

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