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domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Willy Crook & Funky Torinos - Versiones (2000)

01. It takes a thief
02. What's going on
03. Starsky & Hutch
04. Evil ways
05. You make me feel like a natural woman
06. Mannix
07. Come together
08. Reggae caravan
09. Just the way you are
10. Money (that's what I want)
11. Meditacao
12. Peter Gunn
13. Hit the road
14. Lazy
15. The dock of the bay
16. No name


Willy Crook & Funky Torinos (1997)

01. Seen Sin
02. Big Ting
03. Lite
04. Soul Driver
05. Je T'aime
06. Brass Fury
07. King
08. Something Very Dancing Happens In God's Car
09. Play Your Game
10. Family Jam
11. 40 Flores


V.A. A Love Affair - The Music Of Ivan Lins (2000)

01. Sting - She Walks This Earth 
02. Vanessa Williams - Love Dance 
03. Grover Washington, Jr. - Camaleao 
04. New York Voices - Answered Prayers (E De Deus) 
05. Chaka Khan - So Crazy For This Love (Cru-Cre Corroro) 
06. Lisa Fischer & James 'D Train' Williams - You Moved Me To This 
07. Brenda Russell - Nocturne (Noturna) 
08. Peter White - Elis (Leva E Traz) 
09. Freddy Cole - I'm Not Alone (Anjo De Mim)
10. Dianne Reeves - Sweet Presence (Doce Precensa) 
11. Ivan Lins - Somos Todos Iquais Nesta Noite


Global Noize - A Prayer For The Planet (2011)

01. A Prayer For The Planet 
02. 21st Century Preacherman   
03. Tokyo Sunrise  
04. Charisma Love    
05. Viva La Femme    
06. Walking On Air    
07. Rios (A Riot in Outer Space)   
08. Wanna Be With You   
09. Natureza E Paz (Nature and Peace)   
10. Cosmic Hug


Third Rail - Ignition! - Live Across The Europe (2014)

01. Circles
02. Chicago Opener  
03. Highway 86  
04. Goodbye, Flash Superboy 
05. Renaissance Man  
06. Once I Knew  
07. You Rang?  
08. That Stern Look

George Whitty (Keyboards); Janek Gwizdala (Bass); Tom Brechtlein (Drums).


sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Jan Gunnar Hoff - Fly North (2014)

01. Fly North
02. Living
03. Arise
04. Places
05. Sacrifice
06. Böcklin
07. Spheres
08. Valse de Décembre
09. Questions
10. Gathering

Jan Gunnar Hoff (Piano, keyboards); Arve Henriksen (Trumpet, vocal); Anders Jormin (Bass); Marilyn Mazur (Drums, percussion).


Jan Gunnar Hoff - Living (2013)

01. Living
02. Mirror I
03. Mountain High
04. Karlygash
05. Coming My Way
06. Mirror II
07. Florence
08. Brytning
09. Fly North
10. Valse de Décembre
11. Sommernat
12. Feberdigte
13. Å eg veit meg eit land (Barndomsminne fra Nordland)
14. Sacrifice


Jan Gunnar Hoff - Magma (2008)

01. Magma
02. Life
03. Journey Home
04. Stone
05. Maria's intro
06. Winds
07. Earth Song
08. Time
09. Light Years
10. Karingana
11. Ghiculo

Jan Gunnar Hoff (Piano, keyboards); Mike Stern (Guitar); Maria João (Vocals); Audun Kleive (Drums); Mathias Eick (Trumpet); Bjørn Kjellemyr (Bass); Eivind Aarset (Guitar); Helge Norbakken (Percussion).


Jan Gunnar Hoff - In Town (2003)

01. In Town
02. Revamp
03. Promises
04. Your Song
05. Clouds
06. Bits and Pieces
07. Seven Seas
08. The Return
09. Picture I
10. Picture II

Bjørn Kjellemyr (Bass); Audun Kleive (Drums); Jan Gunnar (Hoff Piano, Keyboards); Tore Brunborg (Saxophone); Mathias Eick (Trumpet).


Jan Gunnar Hoff - Moving (1995)

01. Moving
02. All The Way  
03. Northern Lands Part I  
04. Northern Lands Part II  
05. Simple Life  
06. The Passage  
07. Travel  
08. At This Time  
09. Mountain High  
10. Now and Than

Jan Gunnar Hoff (Piano); Bjørn Kjellemyr (Bass); Audun Kleive (Drums); Knut Riisnæs (Tenor saxophone); Per Jørgensen (Vocals, trumpet).


Hoff Ensemble - Quiet Winter Night (2012)

01. Dronning Fjellrose
02. Stille, stille kommer vi
03. Dele alle ord og tanker
04. Redd Mamma
05. Sulla, sulla krekling
06. Blågutten
07. Ville fjellgutt
08. Hva skal hende nå?
09. Ved bålet
10. Tufsa danser
11. Vesle, rare bygdeunge
12. En blånissekveld
13. Kveldslokk for små unger
14. Lys i desember

Mathias Eick (Trumpet); Børge Petersen-Øverleir (Guitar); Annbjørg Lien (Nyckelharpa and hardanger fiddle); Jan Gunnar Hoff (Piano); Arild Andersen (Double bass); Rune Arnesen (Percussion); Helene Bøksle, Åsne Valland Nordli, Annbjørg Lien, Sondre Bratland, Unni Wilhelmsen, Tomine Harket,  Bjørn Johan Muri, Cecilia Vennersten and Bjørn Eidsvåg (Vocals).


Bodo Domkor - Meditatus (2007)

01. Kyrie I
02. Kyrie II
03. Kyrie III
04. Meditatus
05. Gloria
06. Credo
07. Sanctus I
08. Sanctus II
09. Agnus Dei

Jan Gunnar Hoff (Piano, keyboards); Børge Petersen-Øverleir (Guitar); Tore Brunborg (Saxophone); Bjørn Kjellmyr (Bass); Audun Kleive (Drums).


Kerem Görsev - Therapy (2010)

01. Letter to Mimaroglu
02. Storyteller 
03. Sunday 
04. Therapy 
05. Meeting Point 
06. Back Home II 
07. Diversion 
08. Captivation 
09. Simple Life 
10. Flash Back (In Memory of Bebop)

Kerem Görsev (Piano), Ernie Watts (Tenor saxophone), Kağan Yıldız (Double bass), Ferit Odman (Drums).


viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

Jason Miles - Soul Summit (2008)

01. Shotgun
02. What a Man
03. It Tears Me Up
04. Can You Feel It
05. It's Raining
06. Memphis Underground
07. Cold Snap
08. Chicken and Waffles
09. Son of a Preacherman
10. Memphis 2000)
11. James Brown Medley: I Feel Good / I Got the Feeling - (with Richard Elliot/Jason Miles/Susan Tedeschi)

Reggie Young, Sherrod Barnes (guitar); Karl Denson (flute, tenor saxophone); David Mann (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Tony Kadlek, Barry Danielian (trumpet); Bob Babbitt (bass guitar); Steve Ferrone (drums); Emily Bindiger (background vocals).
Additional personnel: Mike Mattison, Maysa, Susan Tedeschi (vocals); Richard Elliot (tenor saxophone).


Jason Miles - Global Noize (2008)

01. Jam 4 Joe, A
02. Spice Island
03. Souk, The
04. Quero Dancar
05. Dar' Abesque
06. Bollyhood
07. Planetary Beat
08. Exotic Thoughts
09. Pool Of Honey
10. Spin Cycle
11. What I Know

Herb Alpert (Trumpet), Bernie Worrell (Organ, Clavinet), Cyro Baptista (Percussion), Dean Brown (Guitar), James Genus (Bass), Dave Kowalski (Engineer), Gene Lake (Drums), Romero Lubambo (Guitar (Acoustic)), Me'Shell Ndegéocello (Bass), Jason Miles (Arranger, Keyboards, Programming, Engineer), Doug Oberkircher (Mixing), John Popper (Harmonica), Vernon Reid (Guitar), Paul Wickliffe (Mastering), Karl Denson (Flute, Saxophone, Horn Arrangements), Billy Martin (Drums), Carl Burnett (Guitar, Tabla), DJ Logic (Arranger, Programming, Turntables, Kalimba, Producer, Author), Christian Scott (Trumpet), Vanessa Fallabella (Vocals), Brian Dunne (Drums), Christopher Agosto (Engineer).


Jason Miles - 2 Grover With Love (2008)

01. Summer Nights
02. Bright Moments
03. Making Love To You
04. Mr. Magic
05. Strawberry Moon
06. Moonstreams
07. Reaching Out
08. Reed Seed
09. Saddest Things, The
10. Stolen Moments
11. To Grover With Love

Chuck Loeb (Guitar), Gerald Veasley (Bass), Buddy Williams (Drums), Ralph MacDonald (Guitar), Andy Snitzer (Sax), Najee (Sax), Dominick Farrinacci, Jay Beckenstein, Kim Waters, Dean Brown, & Vocalist Maysa Leak.


Jason Miles - What's Going On (Tribute To Marvin Gaye) (2006)

01. What's Going On?
02. Sexual Healing
03. I Want You
04. Let's Get in On
05. Heavy Love Affair
06. Trouble Man  
07. Too Busy Thinkin' Bout My Baby
08. I Heard It Through the Grapevine  
09. Distant Lover
10. Mercy, Mercy Me
11. Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

Jason Miles  (keyboards, Moog synthesizer, programming); Jay Beckenstein (alto saxophone); Herb Alpert (trumpet); Marcus Miller (bass guitar).


Jason Miles - To Grover With Love (2005)

01. Winelight
02. East River Drive
03. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler
04. Mr. Magic
05. In the Name of Love
06. Black Frost
07. Just the Two of Us
08. Summer Chill
09. Take Me There
10. Let It Flow
11. Come Morning
12. Brighton by the Sea  
13. Love Me Still  
14. Loran's Dance

Jason Miles (keyboards, bass synthesizer, drums, programming, drum programming, percussion programming); Carrie Harrington, Sounds of Blackness, Billy Steele (vocals); Dean Brown , Nick Moroch (guitar, electric guitar); Jeff Mironov (guitar); Peter White (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Joe Sample (electric guitar, electric piano); Jenny Strenger, Dan Reed, Fiona Simon, Ann Kim, David Chan, Anna Rabinova, Sandra Park, Lisa Kim, Eugene J. Moye, Robert Rinehart, Sarah Seiver (strings); Dave Mann , Paul Taylor (soprano saxophone); Jay Beckstein, Jay Beckenstein (alto saxophone); Steve Cole (tenor saxophone); Randy Brecker (trumpet); George Duke (piano, electric piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Tom Schuman (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Greg Philinganes (piano); Joey DeFrancesco (organ); Francisco Centeno (electric bass); Richie Morales, Steve Ferrone, Buddy Williams (drums); Cyro Baptista, Pablo Batista (percussion); Steve Wolf (drum programming); Regina Belle, Chaka Khan (vocals); Chuck Loeb, Mark Whitfield, Russ Freeman (guitar); Herbie Mann (flute); Dave Koz (soprano saxophone); Gerald Albright (alto saxophone); Everette Harp, Michael Brecker, Richard Elliot, Ronnie Laws (tenor saxophone).


Jason Miles - Miles To Miles (2005)

01. Ferrari
02. Butter Pecan
03. Guerilla Jazz
04. King of the Bling
05. Bikini
06. Love Code
07. Flamenco Sketches Intro
08. Flamenco Sketches
09. Voices on the Corner
10. Street Vibe
11. Suba
12. New Worlds

Jason Miles (Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano, Hammond b-3 organ, keyboards, programming); Michael Brecker (soprano saxophone, Fender Rhodes piano, synthesizer); Gerald Albright (alto saxophone); Bob Berg (tenor saxophone); Nicholas Payton, Randy Brecker, Tom Harrell (trumpet); Graham Haynes (cornet, programming); Keiko Matsui (piano); Bernie Worrell (keyboards); Adam Holzman (synthesizer); Me'Shell NdegeOcello (bass instrument); Gene Lake (drums); Karsh Kale (tabla); DJ Logic (turntables).


Jason Miles - Cozmopolitan (2005)

01. Cozmopolitan
02. Kashmirian Twist
03. Gale Warning
04. Man Who Pushes the Buttons, The
05. Powder
06. Poetry
07. Cozmopolitan 1979 Mix
08. Man Who Pushes the Buttons 1979 Mix, The

Jason Miles (piano, keyboards, bass synthesizer, drum programming); Clarice Taylor (vocals); Bill Washer (guitar); Ricardo Silveira, Steve Khan (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Gerry Niewood (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Aaron Heicke, Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone); Marcus Miller, Mark Egan (bass instrument); Jeff Williams (drums); Henry Castellanos (congas); Badal Roy (tabla); Armand Hallburian (percussion).


Jason Miles - Coast To Coast (2004)

01. Everyday Magic
02. Chasing Shadows
03. Fabulicious
04. Cactus
05. You da Mann - (Dedicated To Herbie Mann)
06. Krazy Eyez
07. Hipnotize
08. Attitude
09. C'Est la Vie
10. Karma Kanic
11. Coming Home
12. When I Get There

Amanda Homi, Cassandra Reed (vocals); Dean Brown , Derek Trucks, Hiram Bullock, Jeff Golub, Jeff Mironov, Russ Freeman , Sherrod Barnes, Howard "Buzz" Feiten (guitar); Romero Lubambo (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Andy Snitzer (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, electric piano, Fender Rhodes piano, percussion programming); Walter Beasley (soprano saxophone); Gerald Albright, Jaared (alto saxophone); Jay Beckenstein, Jeff Kashiwa, Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone); Herb Alpert, Barry Danielian (trumpet); Jason Miles (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, synthesizer, bass synthesizer, drum programming, loops); Tom Schuman (Fender Rhodes piano); James Genus (acoustic bass); Zach Danziger (drums, programming); Gene Lake, Steve Ferrone (drums); Marc Quiñones (congas); Steven Wolf (drum programming).


Jason Miles - Brazilian Nights (2002)

01. Rio Wave
02. Mairzy Doats
03. From Brooklyn to Brazil
04. It's You - (with Curtis Stigers)
05. Salt Song - (with Michael Brecker)
06. Triste - (with Jane Monheit)
07. Boa Vista Drive - (with Steve Cole)
08. Jobimiana
09. Bahia - (with Gato Barbieri)
10. By the Stream
11. On the Edge - (with Herbie Mann)

Jason Miles (vocals, keyboards, bass synthesizer, programming, drum programming, percussion programming); Romero Lubambo (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, electric bass, percussion); Curtis Stigers, Vanessa Fallabella, Jane Monheit, Pamela Driggs, Cassandra Reed (vocals); George Wadenius (electric guitar); Norma Latuchie, Herbie Mann (flute); Jay Beckenstein (alto saxophone); Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone); Jim Pugh (trombone); César Camargo Mariano (Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, synthesizer); James Genus (acoustic bass); Duduka Da Fonseca, Buddy Williams (drums); Marc Quiñones, Cyro Baptista (percussion); Steven Wolf (drum programming).


Jason Miles - Celebrating The Music Of Weather Report (2000)

01. Birdland
02. Elegant People
03. Badia
04. Young and Fine
05. Cannon Ball
06. Pursuit of the Woman With the Feathered Hat
07. Mysterious Traveller
08. Harlequin
09. Man in the Green Shirt
10. Palladium
11. Cucumber Slumber

Aaron Heick (soprano & tenor saxophones); Jay Beckenstein (soprano saxophone); David Sanborn (alto saxophone); Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone); Randy Brecker (trumpet); Joe Sample (piano); Jason Miles (keyboards, programming, background vocals); Tom Schuman (synthesizer); John Scofield, Chuck Loeb, Dean Brown (guitar); Victor Bailey, Mike Pope, John Patitucci, Will Lee, Marcus Miller (bass); Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, Omar Hakim (drums); Andy Narell (pans); Mark Quinones, Cyro Baptista (percussion); Mary Fahl, Porter Carroll, Take 6 (background vocals).


Jason Miles - Mr. X (1996)

01. Memphis 2000 - (with Herbie Mann)
02. Mr. X - (with Jay Beckenstein)
03. 7 Digits - (with D Train)
04. Topanga Tango - (with Michael Brecker)
05. Beneath the Moon & Sky - (with Janis Siegel)
06. Chude - (with Andy Snitzer)
07. Secret Room - (with Buzz Feiten & Andy Snitzer)
08. Phone Sex - (with Lisa Fischer)
09. Chicken & Waffles - (with Grover Washington Jr.)
10. Confins - (with Ivan Lins)
11. Prophecy - (with Sussan Deyhim)
12. Cara's Theme - (with Dave Koz)

Jason Miles (keyboards); D-Train, Janis Siegel, Lisa Fischer, Ivan Lins, Sussan Deyhim (vocals); Andy Snitzer (alto & tenor saxophones); Jay Beckenstein, Dave Koz (soprano saxophone); Michael Brecker, Grover Washington, Jr. (tenor saxophone); Herbie Mann (flute); Buzz Feiten (guitar).


Jason Miles - World Tour (1994)

01. Guy Named Joe, A
02. Honey Girl
03. Ginza
04. Hang, The
05. (They're Building) Houses in the Amazon
06. On the Coast
07. Heat, The
08. Vice
09. Miles to Miles
10. Zombie Samba

Jason Miles (keyboards, programming); Lisa Fisher, Luther Vandross, Sharon Bryant (vocals, background vocals); Chude Mondlane (vocals); Dean Brown , Keith Lentin, Bill Washer (guitar); Michael Brecker (saxophone, tenor saxophone, synthesizer, EWI); Bob Berg (saxophone, tenor saxophone); Gerry Niewood (alto saxophone); Sal Giorgianni (tenor saxophone); Mark Isham (trumpet); Jim Pugh (trombone); Lenny White (keyboards, drums); Dave Samuels (vibraphone, marimba); Adam Dorn (electric bass); Richie Morales (drum programming); Millie Whiteside (background vocals).


jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Fin Johnston - Let Every Note (2009)

01. Finesse 
02. Little Bit O Funk 
03. Hermano  
04. Left Coast 
05. Old Schoolin' 
06. French Quarter Stomp  
07. Good News 
08. Sambatico 
09. Let Every Note 
10. Seventh Son 


Fin Johnston - Living In The Sonshine (2006)

01. Living In The Sonshine
02. Be My Shelter   
03. I'll Remember You 
04. He Is Lord  
05. I Want You, Lord  
06. Listen 
07. Offering
08. There for You 
09. Walkin' Shoes


Charlie Sepulveda - Sepulveda Blvd (2009)

01. Sepulveda Boulevard
02. Retrospective
03. Skydive
04. Dois Pra Lá, Dois Pra Cá
05. Amigos del Pincel
06. Melisa
07. Tus Ojos
08. Latinos
09. Mis Amores
10. Sepulveda Boulevard (radio ver.)
11. Skydive (radio ver.)

Charlie Sepúlveda (Trumpet & flugelhorn); Eduardo Zayas (Piano); Gabriel Rodríguez (Bass); Gadwin Vargas (Congas); Raúl Maldonado (Drums); Norberto "Tiko" Ortiz (Tenor sax). Guests: Christian Nieves (Cuatro);  Melisa Meléndez (Vocals).


Charlie Sepulveda & The Turnaround (2008)

01. Something Cute
02. Don't You Worry About a Thing
03. Si Tú Sabes
04. Mr. Jazz
05. Chang's Song
06. Bomba Pa' Carmen
07. Mo Better Blues
08. Gubraltar
09. Mírame Más
10. Caribeño 

Charlie Sepúlveda (Trumpet & flugelhorn); Eduardo Zayas (Piano); Gabriel Rodríguez (Bass); Gadwin Vargas (Congas); Raúl Maldonado (Drums); Norberto "Tiko" Ortiz (Tenor sax); Felipe Fournier (Vibes).


Charlie Sepulveda - Feeling Good Again (2003)

01. Home Cooking
02. Feeling Good Again
03. New Arrival
04. Cachita
05. Caribeño
06. Morelania
07. Just for You
08. Kiss Me Right
09. Cachita [Extended]
10. New Arrival [Extended]

Charlie Sepulveda (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Ricardo Pons (Clarinet, sax); Paoli Mejias (Percussion); Gabriel Rodriguez (Bass); Leovadis Gonzalez (Drums); Ismael Rodriguez (Piano).
Guests: Juancito Torres (Flugelhorn); Candido Reyes (Guiro); Pedro Guzman (Cuatro); Julia Piñero (Vocals).


Charlie Sepulveda - Algo Nuestro (1993)

01. El Gringo
02. Mal Social
03. Algo Nuestro
04. Puerto Rico
05. Nina's Mood
06. Mastery Of All Situations
07. La Mentira
08. Episode From A Village Dance
09. Mr. BB 

Charlie Sepulveda (trumpet), David Sanchez (soprano & tenor saxophones), Edward Simon (piano), Andy Gonzalez (acoustic bass), Adam Cruz (drums), Richie Flores (congas, bongos). Additional personnel: Steve Turre (trombone), Edgardo Miranda (cuatro), Oscar Stagnaro (electric bass), John Torres (baby bass), Pete Rodriguez Jr. (maracas), Jimmy Delgado (cowbell), Tito Rodriguez (guicharo).


Charlie Sepulveda - The New Arrival (1991)

01. Tid Bits
02. Dunes
03. The New Arrival
04. Briancito
05. Just For You
06. Un Poco Mas
07. Sun and Sea
08. The Brick Wall
09. Ebony 
Charlie Sepulveda (Trumpet, flugelhorn); David Sanchez (Tenor & soprano sax); Arturo Ortiz (Piano, synthesizer); Ruben Rodriguez (Electric bass); Adam Cruz (Drums); Richie Flores (Congas, bongos, cascara).
Special guests: Ralph Moore (Tenor sax; Danilo Perez (Acoustic piano); Peter Washington (Acoustic bass); Jose Claussel (Small percussion).


Charlie Sepulveda - Watermelon Man (1996)

01. The Brick Wall
02. Watermelon Man
03. Hola
04. Alicia
05. Mr. B.B.
06. Apoyate en Mi Alma
07. Childhood Nightmare
08. That's All There Is to It
09. Julia 

Charlie Sepulveda (trumpet); Tito Nieves, Tres X (vocals); John Benitez, Johnny Almendra (drums). Personnel: Charlie Sepulveda (trumpet, background vocals); Jennifer Delgado, Tito Nieves (vocals, background vocals); Kenny Reyes (rap vocals); Dave Valentin (flute); Eric Leeds (saxophone, tenor saxophone); Renato Neto (piano, keyboards, synthesizer, drums); Andreu Johnny Almendra (drums); Angel "Cachete" Maldonado (congas, background vocals); Anthony Carrillo (congas); Eddie Rivera (background vocals).


miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Gary Smith - Love Will Warm Your Heart (2014)

01. Everything Happens To Me
02. Azur
03. I Wish You Love
04. A Warm Fire And You
05. I'm Confessin'
06. Going In Circles
07. Darn That Dream
08. Purple Rhymes With Orange
09. I Love You
10. A Warm Wind


Amanda Elliott - Kissed By A Dove (1999)

01. Flowers
02. Fallen Interlude
03. Cry No More
04. Sisters
05. Sugah
06. Fallen
07. Nia
08. Castles in the Sand
09. Please Don't Go
10. Sugah (Instrumental)


Teddy Pendergrass - The Essential Teddy Pendergrass (2007)

Cd 1:
01. I Don't Love You Anymore
02. When Somebody Loves You Back
03. Come Go with Me
04. The Whole Town's Laughing at Me
05. Somebody Told Me
06. Love T.K.O.
07. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration
08. And If I Had
09. Don't Leave Me This Way
10. I Miss You
11. The Love I Lost
12. Nine Times out of Ten
13. Life Is a Song Worth Singing
14. If You Don't Know Me by Now

Cd 2:
01. Feel the Fire
02. Close the Door
03. It's Time for Love
04. Turn off the Lights
05. Wake Up Everybody
06. Bad Luck
07. Only You
08. Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose
09. It Should've Been You
10. Hold Me
11. Joy
12. This Gift of Life
13. I'll Never See Heaven Again
14. I Want My Baby Back


martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

The Allman Brothers Band - Beacon Theater (2014)

CD 1:
01. Statesboro Blues
02. Come and Go Blues
03. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
04. Hot 'Lanta 
05. Rockin' Horse
06. Get On With Your Life
07. Rain
08. Egypt
09. Hoochie Coochie Man

CD 2:
01. Little Martha
02. Blue Sky
03. Sailin' 'Cross The Devil's Sea
04. Seven Turns
05. Black Hearted Woman
06. Stage Banter 1
07. Low Down Dirty Mean

CD 3:
01. Spots Of Time
02. Jessica
03. Crowd Noise
04. Southbound


lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

The Jazz Crusaders - Alive In South Africa (2006)

01. Stomp And Buck Dance
02. Inherit The Wind 
03. So Far Away 
04. Keep That Same Old Feeling 
05. Scratch 
06. Life In The City 
07. Always There Just Because It's Jazz (Don't Mean You Can't Dance) 
08. Way Back Home 
09. Rockslide 
10. (Bonus Track) Mandingo Black 
11. (Bonus Track) Brighter Day

Wayne Henderson (Trombone); Larry Kimpel (Bass); Hugh Masekela (Flugelhorn); Ronnie Laws (Sax Soprano), Bobby Lyle (Keyboards); Herman Jackson (Keyboards); Leroy Taylor (Keyboards); Paul Russo (Sax Tenor); Wilton Felder )Sax Soprano, Sax Tenor); Joel Gaines (Synthesizer, Moog Synthesizer, Sampling, Strings); Darrell Crooks, Allen Hinds (Guitar).


The Jazz Crusaders - Soul Axes (2004)

01. Overjoyed
02. Clima Suave (Smooth & Cool)
03. Trail Of The Sidewinder
04. Imagine
05. Standing Tall
06. Down Yonder
07. Life In The City (Really Turns Me On)
08. All That Jazz N? Razzamatazz
09. Prodigal Son
10. All Along The Watchtower
11. Over The Rainbow
12. Never Too Late
13. Ya Gotta Respect Ya Self
14. Goin? Buk Wild

Wayne Henderson (trombone, percussion); Phillip Ingram (vocals, background vocals); Patryce Banks, Jean Carne (vocals); Lil' Rowdy (rap vocals); Alan Hinds (guitar, dobro); Brian Price, Dwight Sills, Johnny Reason, Marlon McClain, Greg Moore (guitar); Kevin Flournoy (koto, sitar, keyboards); Ronnie Laws, Wilton Felder (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Everette Harp (tenor saxophone); Bobby Lyle (piano, organ, keyboards); Billy Steinway, Herman Jackson, Leroy Taylor (keyboards); Roy Ayers (vibraphone); Mayuto Correa (percussion).


The Crusaders - Rural Reneval (2003)

01. Rural Renewal
02. Creepin'
03. Heartland
04. A Healing Coming On
05. Sing The Song
06. Shotgun House Groove
07. The Territory
08. Greasy Spoon
09. Viva De Funk
10. Lazy Sundays
11. Goin' Home

Dean Parks, Ray Parker, Jr., Arthur Adams (guitar); Wilton Felder (tenor saxophone); Steve Baxter (trombone); Joe Sample (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, organ, Wurlitzer organ); Freddie "Ready Freddie" Washington (bass instrument); Stix Hooper (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion), Donnie McClurkin (vocals); Eric Clapton (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Sounds of Blackness (background vocals).


The Crusaders - Live At Montreux (2003)

01. Spiral
02. Viva De Funk
03. Creepin'
04. Way Back Home
05. Carnival Of The Night
06. Put It Where You Want It
07. Thrill Is Gone
08. Soul Shadows (with Randy Crawford)
09. Street Life (with Randy Crawford)
10. Imagine (with Randy Crawford)
11. Rural Renewal
12. Ghostbusters

Joe Sample (Keyboards); Stephan Baxter (Trombone); Wilton Felder (Sax); Ray Parker Jr. (Guitar); Kendrick Scott (Drums); Freddie Washington (Bass); Randy Crawford (Vocal).


The Crusaders - Groove Crusade (2003)

01. Put It Where You Want It
02. Don't Let It Get You Down
03. Way Back Home
04. Street Life
05. Chain Reaction
06. Scratch [Live]
07. Creole
08. Greasy Spoon
09 I Felt the Love
10. Free as the Wind
11. So Far Away

Randy Crawford (vocals); David T. Walker, Dean Parks, Freddy Robinson , Larry Carlton, Roland Bautista , Arthur Adams , Billy Rogers (guitar); Wilton Felder (saxophone, tenor saxophone); Jerome Richardson (alto saxophone); Robert Bryant, Jr. (tenor saxophone); Bill Green (baritone saxophone); Oscar Brashear, Bobby Bryant (trumpet); Wayne Henderson (trombone); Garnett Brown (tenor trombone); Maurice Spears (bass trombone); Joe Sample (keyboards); Stix Hooper (drums, percussion); Paulinho Da Costa, Ralph MacDonald (percussion).


The Crusaders - Happy Again (1995)

01. Lock It Down (Henderson)
02. When You're So Far Away (Glenn/Unobsky)
03. Elephant Walk (Henderson)
04. Top of the World (Glenn/Unobsky)
05. Fools Rush In (feat. Bobby Caldwell) (Bloom/Mercer)
06. Are You Part of Me (Glenn/OHara/Unobsky)
07. Slyzappit (Henderson/Reason)
08. Rock Slide (Henderson/Reason)
09. Luz del Dia (Henderson)
10. Jamaica (feat. Bobby Caldwell) (Caldwell)
11. Travelin' Inside Your Love (Glenn)
12. Young Rabbits (Henderson)
13. Uh-Huh! Oh-Yeah! (Henderson)

Wilton Felder (tenor saxophone, all tracks except track 9-10 alto saxophone, track 6 soprano saxophone); Wayne Henderson (trombone, vocals track 13); Donald Byrd (trumpet); Bobby Lyle (Hammond organ, keyboard tracks 1-5,7-9,11,12); Bobby Caldwell (keyboard track 10, lead vocals track 5,10); Joe Sample (piano); Roy Ayers (vibraphone); Poncho Sanchez (percussion); Ira Siegel (guitar track 13); Craig T. Hooper (electric guitar tracks 6,8,10 + rhythm guitar 1,5,7,11); Dwight Sills (guitar track 11); Brian Price (guitar track 2); Larry Carlton (guitar tracks 2-4); Johnny Reason (bass guitar); Larry Kimpel (bass tracks 1-11); Nate Phillips (bass track 8); N'Dugu Chancler (drums 1-9,11); Noel Closson (drums track 13); Rayford Griffin (drums tracks 10,12); Carlos Vidal (congas); Hungaria "Carmelo" Garcia (timbales, cowbell); Hupert Laws (flute track 2,9); Ramon Banda (coctail shaker track 2); Carol Perri, Darlene Perri, Lori Perri, Sharon Perri (backing vocals track 5,10).

The Crusaders - The Crusaders And Beyond (1994)

01. Street Life
02. Inherit the Wind  
03. Stomp and Buck Dance  
04. Burnin' Up the Carnival  
05. (No Matter How High I Get) I'll Still Be Lookin' up to You  
06. Keep That Same Old Feeling  
07. Snowflake  
08. Brazos River Breakdown  
09. Soul Shadows  
10. Let's Dance Together  
11. Time Bomb  
12. Voices In The Rain


The Jazz Crusaders - The Best Of The Jazz Crusaders (1993)

01. The Young Rabbits   
02. Freedom Sound   
03. Appointment In Ghana   
04. Congolese Sermon   
05. New Time Shuffle   
06. Out Back   
07. Bachafillen   
08. Scratch (Live)   
09. Fire Water


The Crusaders - Healing The Wounds (1991)

01. Pessimisticism
02. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
03. Little Things Mean A Lot
04. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
05. Shake Dance
06. Maputo
07. Healing The Wounds
08. Running Man

Wilton Felder (Saxophone); Joe Sample (Synthesizer); Jason Miles (Synthesizer Programming); Mike Landau, Steve Lukather (Guitar); Marcus Miller (Bass); Lenny Castro (Percussion); William "Bubba" Bryant (Drums).


Kit Walker - Freehouse (2000)

01. Global Warning: Oaqa   
02. Freehouse   
03. Catalonia   
04. Tranceatlantic   
05. Hot & Bothered   
06. Manhattan   
07. Big Hed (Elephunk)   
08. Tears of Trees/The Wild Wood

Kit Walker (Organ (Hammond), Piano, Synthesizer); Marquinho Brasil (Percussion, Vocals); Gary Brown (Bass); Deszon X. Claiborne (Drums); Kai Eckhardt, Kai Eckhardt-Karpeh (Bass, Piccolo Bass); Kendrick Freeman (Congas, Percussion); Alan Hall, Alan Hertz (Drums); Chuck MacKinnon (Flugelhorn, Trumpet); Paul McCandless (Clarinet Bass, Horn English, Oboe, Sax Alto, Sax Soprano); Moses Sedler (Cello); Gwen Terpstra, Ella Zarum (Vocals).


Kit Walker - Fire In The Lake (1989)

01 Thunderworld   
02 Touch the Earth   
03 Fire In The Lake   
04 White Crane Spreads Its Wings   
05 Lightning in His Blood (Biko)   
06 Orion   
07 Nagual   
08 First Snow

Kit Walker (piano, synthesizers), Ray Obiedo (guitar), Paul McCandless (soprano & sopranino saxophones, oboe, English horn, bass clarinet), Mary Fettig (flute), Andy Narell (steel pan), Keith Jones (bass), Vicki Randle (congas, vocals), Steve Smith (drums), Ovhino, Glenn Cronkhite (percussion).


Kit Walker - Dancing On The Edge Of The World (1986)

01. Natural Habitat   
02. Dancing On The Edge Of The World   
03. Spacewalk   
04. Temple of Stars   
05. Gate of the Sun   
06. Wind and Water   
07. When the Mountains Talk   
08. I'll Meet You There

Glenn Cronkhite, Pete Escovedo (Percussion); Zakir Hussain (Tabla); Keith Jones (Bass); Will Kennedy (Drums); Andy Narell (Producer, Steel Pan); Steve Smith (Drums); Norbert Stachel (Sax Soprano); Kit Walker (Keyboards, Synthesizer); Ella Zarum (Vocals).


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S-Tone Inc. - Moon In Libra (2009)

01. Copacabana soul
02. My only man
03. Queen of the night
04. How high is the moon
05. Lua e Xango
06. Stormy
07. Ponta Da Pedra
08. Universe of Love
09. Dona Luna
10. Better than a lie
11. Stormy (Bossa Mix) 

Stefano Dall'Ora (Acoustic Bass); Rubinho Jacob (Acoustic Guitar); Marco Castiglioni (Drums); Carlo Nicita (Flute); Marquinho Baboo (Percussion); Lucas Vargas, Simone Daclon (Piano); Stefano Tirone (Electric Guitar, Organ, Vocals); Gilberto Tarocco (Saxophone); Beppe Caruso (Trombone); Marco Brioschi (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Giacomo Tringali (Vibraphone); Luca Campioni (Violin); Laura Fedele, Manuela Ravaglioli (Vocals).