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viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Yoshiaki Masuo - Summer Rain (2015) By Cornel

01. (I'm Still) Believing In Dreams
02. The Song Is You And Me
03. No More Dreams
04. Inside Love
05. Into The Night
06. Summer Rain
07. Deanna
08. Minor Samba (For Sadao-San)
09. Blue Haven (For Akira)
10. Look To Me (And See The Sun)
11. Someone
12. Gone Blue
13. Two Hearts
14. Anohini Kaeritai
15. Jaco
16. Saratoga Girl
17. Good To Be Here
18. Minor Samba (revisited)
19. You Make My Love Burn Bright
20. Into The Night (revisited)


Yoshiaki Masuo - Just Like Old Times (1993)

01. J.A.B.
02. Sonnyside Up
03. Good to Be Here
04. Minor Samba
05. Into the Night
06. Corvallis
07. You Make My Love Burn Bright
08. Moose the Mooche
09. Old Folks

Yoshiaki Masuo (Guitar, keyboards, vocal); Sadao Watanabe (Alto saxophone, soprano saxophone); Kenny Drew Jr. (Piano, keyboards); Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki (Bass); Buddy Williams (Drums); Rudy Bird (Percussion).


Yoshiaki Masuo - A Subtle One (1981)

01. Opus de Funk
02. You're My Everything
03. No More Dreams
04. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
05. Reminiscence
06. A Subtle One
07. My Friend Jim
08. Anohini Kaeritai

Yoshiaki Masuo, Romero Lubambo (Guitar); Kenny Kirkland, Gil Goldstein (Piano); Will Boulware (Keyboards); Ron Carter (Bass); Lincoln Goines (Electric bass); Al Foster, Grady Tate, Buddy Williams (Drums); Ruddy Bird (Percussion).


Yoshiaki Masuo - Masuo (1989)

01. Sunny Days
02. East Man
03. Impressions
04. Cycles
05. Into the Night
06. Gone Blue
07. Jaco
08. P.L.L.
09. Song for Do Do Bird


Yoshiaki Masuo - Mellow Focus (1982)

01. Pulsar (Captain Video)
02. Surf Side
03. Minor Samba (For Sadao-san)
04. Time for April
05. Leader
06. Sweet and Easy
07. Taiho's Tune (Masuo's Cat)
08. Blue Haven (For Akira)

Yoshiaki Masuo (Guitar, bass, keyboards); Jeffrey Kawalek (Yamaha-synthesizer); Jan Hammer (Prophet 5); Kenny Kirkland (Keyboards); Bill O'Connell (Piano); Will Lee, Bob Cranshaw, T.M. Stevens (Bass); Tommy Campbell, Buddy Williams, Tony Smith (Drums); Robbie Gonzales (Congas); Shirley (Percussion).


Yoshiaki Masuo - The Song Is You and Me (1980)

01. The Song Is You and Me
02. The Song Is Me and You
03. (Living The) High Life
04. Bluesion
05. Saratoga Girl
06. Summer Rain
07. Deanna
08. Two Hearts

Yoshiaki Masuo (Electric & acoustic guitars, acoustic piano, Overheim, percussion, bells, vocal); Yutaka Yokokura (Electric piano, Oberheim); Jan Hammer (Electric piano, Minimoog); Michael Brecker (Tenor saxophone); Randy Brecker, Alan Rubin (Trumpet, fluegelhorn); David Tofani (Alto saxophone, flute); Victor Brouce Godsey, Jorge Dalto (Electric piano); Neil Jason, T.M.Stevens, Russel Blake (Electric bass); Buddy Williams, Tony Cintron Jr., Robbie Gonzales (Drums); Carol M. Steele, Pecker (Percussion).


Yoshiaki Masuo - Masuo Special (1980)

01. (I'm Still) Believing in Dreams
02. Sunshine Avenue
03. Sailing Wonder
04. Good Morning

Yoshiaki Masuo, Motoaki Masuo, Eric Gale (Electric guitar); Victor Bruce Godsey, Richard Tee (Keyboards); Mike Nock (Synthesizer); T.M. Stevens, Gordon Edwards (Electric bass); Robbie Gonzales, Howard King (Drums); Shirley (Percussion); Margaret Ross (Harp).


Yoshiaki Masuo - Finger Dancing (with Jan Hammer) (1980)

01. Waiting No More
02. All Right
03. Young Filly
04. Let Us Go
05. A Little Bit More
06. Sunshine Avenue

Yoshiaki Masuo (Electric guitar); Jan Hammer (Oberheim, Minimoog, Yamaha CP70); Russel Blake (Electric bass); Tony Cintron Jr. (Drums).


Yoshiaki Masuo - Sunshine Avenue (1979)

01. Sunshine Avenue
02. Your Love Is Never Ending
03. A Threesome
04. Look to Me
05. Someone
06. I Will Find a Place

Yoshiaki Masuo (Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, solina, percussion); Victor Bruce Godsey (Acoustic piano, electric piano, clavinet, vocal); T.M. Stevens (Electric bass, piccolo bass); Robbie Gonzales (Drums); Charles Talerant, Shirley Masuo (Percussion); Papo "Conga" Puerto (Congas); Jorge Dalto (Acoustic piano); Michael Chimes (Harmonica).


Yoshiaki Masuo - Good Morning (1979)

01. (I'm Still) Believing in Dreams
02. Good Morning
03. Because of You
04. Inside Love
05. A Little Bit
06. Dealing with Life
07. A Little Bit More

Yoshiaki Masuo (Guitar, synthesizer, vocal); Motoaki Masuo (Guitar, synthesizer); Victor Bruce Godsey (Acoustic piano, electric piano); T.M. Stevens (Electric bass, piccolo bass); Robbie Gonzales (Drums, congas); Shirley Masuo (Percussion); Delie (Hammond organ); Margaret Ross (Harp); Josan (Background vocal).


Yoshiaki Masuo - Sailing Wonder (1977)

01. Saling Wonder
02. Treasure Island
03. Shootin' the Breeze
04. Nature's Anthem
05. Kirk Out
06. Cracker Jack
07. Viento Fresco (For Sonny)

Yoshiaki Masuo (Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, percussion); Eric Gale (Electric guitar); Dave Grusin (Synthesizer); Richard Tee (Piano, organ, clavinet); Mike Nock (Synthesizer); Gordon Edwards, T. M. Stevens (Electric bass); Steve Gadd, Howard King, Al Mack (Drums); Bashiri (Congas); Warren Smith (Percussion); Shirley Masuo, Judy Anton (Chorus).


Yoshiaki Masuo - 111 Sullivan Street (1975)

01. Swing 42 
02. God Bless The Child 
03. Like Someone In Love 
04. Look For The Silver Lining 
05. Washington Square Blues 
06. Reminiscence 
07. West Side Highway 
08. Without A Song

Yoshiaki Masuo (Guitar); Bob Mover (Alto saxophone); Bob Cranshaw, Yoshio Suzuki (Bass); David Lee, Jim Lovelece (Drums).


Peter Gabriel - New Blood (2011)

01. The Rythm Of The Heat
02. Downside Up
03. San Jacinto
04. Intruder
05. Wallflower
06. In Your Eyes
07. Mercy Street
08. Red Rain
09. Darkness
10. Don’t Give Up
11. Digging In The Dirt
12. The Nest That Sailed The Sky
13. A Quiet Moment
14. Solsbury Hill

01. The Rythm Of The Heat (Instrumental)
02. Downside Up (Instrumental)
03. San Jacinto (Instrumental)
04. Intruder (Instrumental)
05. Wallflower (Instrumental)
06. In Your Eyes (Instrumental)
07. Mercy Street (Instrumental)
08. Red Rain (Instrumental)
09. Darkness (Instrumental)
10. Don’t Give Up (Instrumental)
11. Digging In The Dirt (Instrumental)
12. The Nest That Sailed The Sky (Instrumental)
13. Blood Of Eden (Bonus Track)


Peter Gabriel - New Blood (2011)

01. The Rythm Of The Heat
02. Downside Up
03. San Jacinto
04. Intruder
05. Wallflower
06. In Your Eyes
07. Mercy Street
08. Red Rain
09. Darkness
10. Don’t Give Up
11. Digging In The Dirt
12. The Nest That Sailed The Sky
13. A Quiet Moment
14. Solsbury Hill

01. The Rythm Of The Heat (Instrumental)
02. Downside Up (Instrumental)
03. San Jacinto (Instrumental)
04. Intruder (Instrumental)
05. Wallflower (Instrumental)
06. In Your Eyes (Instrumental)
07. Mercy Street (Instrumental)
08. Red Rain (Instrumental)
09. Darkness (Instrumental)
10. Don’t Give Up (Instrumental)
11. Digging In The Dirt (Instrumental)
12. The Nest That Sailed The Sky (Instrumental)
13. Blood Of Eden (Bonus Track)


Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back (2010)

CD 1:
01. Heroes (David Bowie Cover)
02. The Boy In The Bubble (Paul Simon Cover)
03. Mirrorball (Elbow Cover)
04. Flume (Bon Iver Cover)
05. Listening Wind (Talking Heads Cover)
06. The Power Of The Heart (Lou Reed Cover)
07. My Body Is A Cage (Arcade Fire Cover)
08. The Book Of Love (The Magnetic Fields Cover)
09. I Think It's Going To Rain Today (Randy Newman Cover)
10. Apres Moi (Regina Spektor Cover)
11. Philadelphia (Neil Young Cover)
12. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Radiohead Cover)

CD 2:
01. The Book Of Love (Remix)
02. My Body Is A Cage (Oxford London Temple Version)
03. Waterloo Sunset (Oxford London Temple Version)
04. Heroes (Wildebeest Remix)


Jay Kim - Perfect Experience (2011)

01. Malibu Drive (Feat. Jazzotheque)
02. Giving Up
03. It's You
04. Amor Sin Fin (Feat. Jeff Lorber)
05. One More Night
06. Our Dance
07. To Your Heart (Feat. Urbano)
08. Love Is So Strong
09. Come To Me

Jay Kim (Saxophon); Jeff Lorber, Jason Webb (Keyboards); Morris O'Connor, Dave Cleveland (Guitar); Alex Al, Dwayne Smitty Smith, Mark Hill (Bass); Tony Moore, Steve Brewster, Oscar Seaton Jr. (Drums).


Jay Kim - Tenderness (2005)

01. Your Smile
02. Come Back
03. Don'T Cry
04. Part Of My Life
05. Romance
06. Love To Share
07. Gotta Get Loose
08. Rain
09. Cure
10. Tired
11. It'S Alright
12. Lie
13. Silent Night


Kenny G - Brazilian Nights (2015)

01. Bossa Antigua
02. Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)
03. Bossa Real
04. Brazilian Nights
05. April Rain
06. Menina Moça
07. Bu Bossa
08. Clouds
09. Girl From Ipanema
10. Summer Love
11. Loving You (Live)
12. G Bop (Live)
13. Forever In Love (Live)
14. Heart And Soul (Live)


Kenny G - Paradise (2002)

01. Brazil  
02. Paradise  
03. Malibu Dreams  
04. One More Time - (featuring Chante Moore)  
05. Spanish Nights  
06. Seaside Jam  
07. Ocean Breeze  
08. Falling in the Moonlight  
09. All the Way - (featuring Brian McKnight)  
10. Midnight Magic  
11. Peace  

Kenny G (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Chanté Moore (vocals, background vocals); Brian McKnight (vocals); Michael Landau (guitar, electric guitar); Phil Upchurch (guitar); Ramon Stagnaro (acoustic guitar); Randy Waldman (piano); Walter Afanasieff (keyboards, programming); Greg Phillinganes (keyboards); Donnell Spencer (drums).


Kenny G - Silhouette (1988)

01. Silhouette   
02. Tradewinds   
03. I'll Be Alright   
04. Against Doctor's Orders   
05. Pastel   
06. We've Saved The Best For Last   
07. All In One Night   
08. Summer Song   
09. Let Go   
10. Home


Kenny G - Duotones (1986)

01. Songbird
02. Midnight Motion  
03. Don't Make Me Wait for Love 
04. Sade 
05. Champagne 
06. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) 
07. Slip of the Tongue 
08. Three of a Kind 
09. Esther 
10. You Make Me Believe


Kenny G - G Force (1984)

01. Hi How Yan Doin?
02. I've Been Missin 'You
03. Tribeca
04. G Force
05. Do Me Right
06. I Want to Be Yours
07. Sunset Ann Noon
08. Help Yourself To My Love


Yaz Band - Rush Hour (2007)

01. Airport
02. Rush Hour
03. Bridge Over Purple Sky
04. Every Thought Is Of You
05. Cold Sweat
06. Let's Groove - September
07. Shining Star
08. Boogie Oogie Oogie
09. Higher Ground
10. Soulful Strut
11. All I Do
12. AS
13. Love The One You're With

Yasuki "YAZ" Takagi (Tenor sax), Eric Smith (Keyboards), Mike Toress (Guitar), Tak Sokusai (Bass), Tomo Kanno (Drums).


jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

Smooth Collection 38 (2015) (By Dj Mark)

01. Bobby Lyle - Paradise Cove (1992)
02. Nils - Yesterday's Dream (feat. George Benson) (1998)
03. Curtis Macdonald - Sunset At Midnight (2014)
04. Joan Griffith - La Bellevue (2008)
05. Rene Toledo - For Dora (1995)
06. Ray Obiedo - Almost Certain (2015)
07. Skywalk - George (1995)
08. Phil Perry - Feelin' You (feat. Rick Braun) (2015)
09. Denny Jiosa - Peace In Manhattan (2002)
10. Miles Davis - Time After Time (Live Montreux) (1991)
11. Marion Meadows - Andalusian Sunset (2015)
12. Crayge W. Lindesay - Bread of Life (2014)



Yaz Band - You Can't Say It In Public (2005)

01. You can't say it in public
02. First and goal
03. I wish
04. Thirty
05. Sweet smell of love
06. Low down
07. Yaz in the house
08. Dolphin dance
09. Thirty, reprise


Dave Koz & Friends - The 25th Of December (2014)

01. The First Noel
02. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (feat. Johnny Mathis)
03. This Christmas (feat. Eric Benét)
04. Do You Hear What I Hear? (feat. Gloria Estefan)
05. My Grown Up Christmas List (feat. Heather Headley)
06. Another Silent Night (feat. Richard Marx)
07. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (feat. Kenny G)
08. The 25th of December (feat. BeBe Winans)
09. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (feat. India.Arie & Trombone Shorty)
10. O Holy Night (feat. Jonathan Butler)
11. Medley: O Come All Ye Faithful / Angels We Have Heard On High / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (feat. Fantasia)
12. All You Need Is Love (feat. Eric Benét, Johnny Mathis, Heather Headley, Richard Marx, Jonathan Butler, Maysa, BeBe Winans, Gloria Estefan & Stevie Wonder)


Dave Koz - Dave Koz And Friends Summer Horns (2013)

01. Always There
02. Got To Get You Into My Life
03. Rise
04. So Very Hard To Go
05. Hot Fun In The Summertime
06. Take 5
07. 25 Or 6 To 4
08. Reasons
09. I Got You (I Feel Good)
10. You Haven't Done Nothin'
11. God Bless The Child
12. Summer Horns

Dave Koz (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); Gerald Albright (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); Mindi Abair (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone); Richard Elliot (tenor saxophone).


Dave Koz - Live At Blue Note Tokyo (2012)

01. What You Leave Behind
02. Thogether Again
03. Put the Top Down
04. Let It Free
05. Anything's Possible
06. Love Is On the Way
07. It's Always Been You
08. All I See Is You
09. Honeydpped
10. Faces of the Heart
11. Silverlining
12. You Make Me Smile


Dave Koz - iTunes Live from SoHo (2011)

01. Together Again
02. Put the Top Down
03. Emily
04. This Guy’s In Love With You
05. Honey Dipped
06. You Make Me Smile


Dave Koz - Hello Tomorrow (2010)

01. Put The Top Down   
02. When Will I Know For Sure   
03. It's Always Been You   
04. Getaway   
05. This Guy's In Love With You   
06. Anything's Possible   
07. There's A Better Way   
08. Start All Over Again   
09. Think Big   
10. The Journey   
11. Remember Where You Come From   
12. Whisper In Your Ear   
13. What You Leave Behind


Dave Koz - Masterpiece (The Very Best Of) (2008)

01. You Make Me Smile
02. Saxophonic
03. I'll Be There
04. Golden Slumbers
05. A View From Above
06. Love Changes Everything
07. Cheng Fu
08. Let It Free
09. Keliru
10. Careless Whisper )
11. Brahm's Lullaby
12. I'm Waiting For You
13. Isn't She A Lady
14. The Dance
15. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
16. I Believe
17. Love Is On The Way
18. You'll Be In My Heart


Dave Koz - Greatest Hits (2008)

01. You Make Me Smile
02. All I See Is You
03. Can't Let You Go (fet. Luther Vandross)
04. Faces Of The Heart
05. Together Again
06. Honey Dipped (feat. Norman Brown)
07. Emily
08. Life In The Fast Lane
09. Love Is On The Way (Ft Chris Botti)
10. I Can (feat. BeBe Winans)
11. Lullaby For A Rainy Night
12. Bada Bing (feat. Jeff Golub)
13. Love Changes Everything (feat. Brian McKnight)
14. And Then I Knew
15. Castle Of Dreams


Dave Koz - Memories of a Winter`s Night (2007)

01. Deck the Halls
02. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
03. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
04. White Christmas (featuring Kelly Sweet)
05. Winter Wonderland
06. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
07. Please Come Home for Christmas (featuring Kimberly Locke)
08. Memories of a Winter's Night (A Song for Hanukkah)
09. Little Drummer Boy (featuring Rick Braun, Peter White, & David Benoit)
10. Silver Bells
11. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus (featuring Brenda Russell)
12. O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree)


Dave Koz - At The Movies (2007)

01. Over the Rainbow 
02. Moon River 
03. As Time Goes By 
04. Somewhere 
05. Shadow of Your Smile, The (Love Theme from The Sandpiper) 
06. Pink Panther, The 
07. Way We Were, The 
08. Summer Knows, The (Theme from Summer of '42) 
09. It Might Be You 
10. Cinema Paradiso Suite 
11. Whole New World, A 
12. Schindler's List (Main Theme from Schindler's List) 
13. It Might Be You 
14. Shadow of Your Smile, The (Love Theme from The Sandpiper)
15. Alfie
16. Godfather

Dave Koz (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Dave Koz (saxophone); Judy Garland (vocals); Ingrid Bergman (spoken vocals); Norman Brown (guitar, electric guitar); Jeff Mironov, Rodney Jones (guitar); Dean Parks (acoustic guitar); Michael Hart Thompson (electric guitar); Stacy Shames (harp); Anne Lehmann, Abe Appleman, Laura McGinnis, Marti Sweet, David Chan, Cenovia Cummins, Jean Ingraham, Avril Brown, Katherine Fong, Ann Leathers, Jan Mullen, Yuri Vodovoz, Jonathan Dinklage (violin); Crystal Garner, Judy Witmer, Maxine Roach, Vince Lionti, Adrian Benjamin, Craig Mumm (viola); Diane Barere, Ellen Westerman, Jeanne LeBlanc, Richard Locker, Eugene J. Moye (cello); Charles Pillow (flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone); David Andrew Mann (flute, clarinet); Pamela Sklar (flute); Diane Lesser (oboe, English horn); Bill Meredith (English horn); Ron Jannelli, Marc Goldberg (bassoon); Kenneth Hitchcock (alto saxophone); Andy Snitzer (tenor saxophone); Roger Rosenberg (baritone saxophone); Tony Kadleck, Jim Hynes (trumpet); Patrick Milando, Julie Landsman, Anne Scharer, Joe Anderer, Stewart Rose (French horn); Larry Farrell, Birch Johnson (tenor trombone); George Flynn (bass trombone); Chris Hall (tuba); Randy Waldman (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Rob Mathes, Rob Mounsey, Barry Eastmond (piano); Jim Cox, Philippe Saisse (keyboards); Gregg Field, Shawn Pelton (drums); Joe Passaro (timpani); Jim Saporito (percussion); Donna Summer , India.Arie, Johnny Mathis, Anita Baker, Vanessa Williams , Barry Manilow (vocals); Peter White (acoustic guitar); Chris Botti (trumpet).


lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

Dave Koz - Saxophonic (2003)

01. Honey-dipped
02. Love Changes Everything - Featuring Brian McKnight
03. All I See Is You
04. Just To Be Next To You
05. Let It Free
06. Undeniable - Featuring Bobby Caldwell
07. Saxophonic (Come On Up)
08. Definition Of Beautiful - Featuring Javier
09. Sound Of The Underground - Featuring Chris Botti
10. Only Tomorrow Knows
11. I Believe
12. View From Above - Featuring Marc Antoine
13. Curtain Call
14. One Last Thing

Dave Koz (saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, hand claps); Brian McKnight (vocals, piano, background vocals); Javier (vocals, background vocals); John Stoddart (vocals); Evan Rogers (whistling, background vocals); Paul Jackson, Jr. (guitar, acoustic guitar); Tony Maiden (guitar, electric guitar, wah-wah guitar); Jeff Koz (guitar, keyboards, drum programming); Norman Brown (guitar); Michael Hart Thompson (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, steel guitar, E-bow, guitar synthesizer); Carl Sturken (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, drum programming); Marc Antoine (acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar); Jeff Lorber (electric guitar, Clavinet, Wurlitzer organ, keyboards, hand claps); Gloria Justin, Igor Szwec, Emma Kummrow (violin); Peter Nocella (viola); Jennie Lorenzo (cello); Jerry Hey (trumpet, flugelhorn); Brian Culbertson (trumpet, trombone, piano, keyboards, bass synthesizer, drum programming, sound effects); Chris Botti (trumpet); William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach Jr. (trombone); Brad Cole (piano); Nathan East, Alex Al (electric bass); John "J. R." Robinson , Gary Novak (drums); Janice Dela Cruz, Liz Healy, Lois Gleckman, Gary Morris, Audrey Koz, Hyman Katz (hand claps); Lenny Castro (percussion); Charles Crawford (scratches, turntables); Bobby Caldwell (background vocals).


Dave Koz - Golden Slumbers 'A Father's Lullaby' (2002)

01. Dave Koz & Jeff Koz - Blackbird
02. John Stoddart - Isn't She Lovely
03. Peter White - Charlotte's Song
04. Brian Culbertson - Brahms' Lullaby
05. Kuljala, Geissman, & Cole - You'll Be In My Heart (Kala's Lullaby)
06. Dave Koz & Jeff Koz - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
07. David Benoit - When You Wish Upon A Star
08. Bruce Watson - Hush Little Baby
09. Rick Braun - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
10. Dave Koz & Jeff Koz - Lullaby For Isabella
11. Bruce Watson - Afro Cuban Lullaby
12. Grant Geissman & Brad Cole - All The Pretty Horses - Scarborough Fair
13. Norman Brown - You Can Close Your Eyes
14. Dave Koz & Jeff Koz - Golden Slumbers


Dave Koz - A Smooth Jazz Christmas (2001)

01. Smooth Jazz Christmas Overture
02. The Christmas Song
03. O'Tannenbaum/Sleigh Ride Medley
04. Peter White / Silent Night
05. Dave Koz and David Benoit / Beneath The Moonlit Sky
06. Rick Braun / Little Drummer Boy
07. David Benoit / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
08. Kenny Loggins / December Makes Me Feel This Way
09. Brenda Russell / Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
10. Dave Koz and Peter White / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
11. Brenda Russell, David Benoit and Dave Koz / White Christmas
12. Dave Koz / Eight Candles
13. Brenda Russell / Get Here
14. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Dave Koz (soprano, alto & tenor saxophones); Brenda Russell, Kenny Loggins (vocals); Rick Braun (trumpet, flugelhorn); Peter White (accordion, acoustic guitar); David Benoit (piano).


Dave Koz - The Dance (2000)

01. Together Again
02. I'm Waiting For You
03. Can't Let You Go (The Sha La Song) - Featuring Luther Vandross
04. Careless Whisper - Featuring Montell Jordan
05. Love Is On The Way - Featuring Chris Botti
06. Know You By Heart
07. Surrender
08. You Are Me, I Am You
09. The Dance
10. Cuban Hideaway
11. The Bright Side - Featuring Jonathan Butler
12. Don't Give Up - Featuring Burt Bacharach
13. Right By Your Side
14. I'll Be There

Dave Koz (soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophones, percussion); Montell Jordan (vocals, programming); Luther Vandross, Kevin Owens, Evan Rogers, BeBe Winans, Mervyn Warren (vocals); Wayne Bargeron (trumpet, flugelhorn); Chris Botti (trumpet); Burt Bacharach, David Benoit (piano); Jeff Koz (piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, programming); Glen Ballard (piano, keyboards, programming); Jeff Lorber, Carl Sturken (keyboards, programming); Mark Portmann, Gregg Phillingaines (keyboards); Dean Parks, Michael Landau, Michael Thompson (acoustic & electric guitars); Bill Sharpe, Nathan East, Johm Pena (bass); Lenny Castro, Paulinho Da Costa, Luis Conte (percussion); Janet Mims, Kathy Hazzard (background vocals).


Dave Koz - Off The Beaten Path (1996)

01. Don't Look Back
02. I'm Ready
03. Wake up Call
04. Let Me Count the Ways
05. Follow Me Home
06. Awakenings
07. Flat Feet
08. Lullaby For a Rainy Night
09. That's the Way I Feel About You
10. Leave the Light On
11. Under the Spell of the Moon
12. My Back Porch
13. Remembrance

Dave Koz (vocals, soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophones, piano); Arnold McCuller, Sweet Pea Atkinson, Sir Harry Bowen (vocals); Gary Herbig (tenor & baritone saxophones); Greg Adams, (trumpet); Nick Lane (trombone); Tolla Ollestad (harmonica); Sid Page (fiddle); Brian Kilgore (vibraphone, drums, percussion); Chester Thompson (Hammond B-3 organ); Jim Cox (Wurlitzer electric piano; Hammond B-3 organ); Leo Kottke (acoustic guitar); Jeff Koz (acoustic & electric guitars); Greg Leisz (guitar, lap & pedal steel guitars); Tim Pierce (acoustic, electric & slide guitars, dobro, mandolin); Dave Piltch (acoustic & electric basses, percussion); Kenny Aronoff (drums, percussion); Lenny Castro (percussion); Mark Lennon, Stevie Nicks, Sharon Celani (background vocals).


Dave Koz - Lucky Man (1993)

01. Shakin' the Shack - (with Robben Ford)
02. You Make Me Smile
03. Faces of the Heart
04. Don't Look Any Further (Prelude)
05. Don't Look Any Further
06. Tender Is the Night
07. Saxman - (with Maceo Parker/Clarence Clemons/Booker T. Jones)
08. After Dark
09. Lucky Man
10. Silver Lining
11. Wait a Little While
12. Show Me the Way
13. Misty

Dave Koz (soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophones, background vocals, programming, EWI, keyboards); Zelma Davis, Charles Pettigrew (vocals); Edward James Olmos (spoken vocals); Jeff Lorber (piano, keyboards, percussion programming, synth bass); Brad Cole (piano, keyboards); Chester Thompson (organ); Claude Gaudette (keyboards, synth bass, programming); Jeff Koz (guitar, keyboards, programming); Teddy Castelucci, Oliver Leiber, Michael Thompson, Buzz Feiten, Carlos Rios (guitar), Alec Milstein, Pino Palladino (bass), Rayford Griffin, John Robinson, Ricky Lawson (drums) Paulinho Da Costa, Lenny Castro (percussion), Dennis Lambert (background vocals, programming); Jheryl Lockhart, Jean McClain, Katrina Perkins, Evelyn King, Franne Golde, Evan Rogers, Phillip Ingram, Terry Young, MonaLisa, Gigi Worth, Alex Brown, Yvonne Williams, Katrina Perkins, Leslie Smith, Jeff Pescetto, Jim Gilstrap (background vocals).Additional guest artists: Steven "Doc" Kupka (baritone saxophone), Greg Phillinganes (piano).


Dave Koz & Phil Perry - Live In The Strand (1991)

01. Dave Koz - Give It Up
02. Dave Koz - Castle of Dreams
03. Dave Koz - Perfect Stranger
04. Dave Koz - Nothing but the Radio On
05. Phil Perry - Amazing Love
06. Phil Perry - Forever
07. Phil Perry featuring Dave Koz - The Best of Me - Call Me
08. Phil Perry and Dave Koz - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours


Dave Koz - Dave Koz (1990)

01. So Far From Home
02. Easily
03. Give It Up
04. Nothing But the Radio On
05. Castle of Dreams
06. Endless Summer Nights
07. Love of My Life
08. Art of Key Noise
09. Perfect Stranger
10. If Love Is All We Have
11. Yesterday's Rain

Dave Koz (soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophone, EWI); Evan Rogers, Cole Basque, Joey Diggs (vocals); Tom Scott (saxophone); Carl Sturken, Elliot Wolff, Jim Lang, Claude Gaudette (keyboards, drum programming); Paul Jackson, Jr., Charles Fearing, Buzz Feiten (guitar); Randy Jackson, Alec Milstein, Sylvian Bolduc (bass).


Les Sabler - Jobim Tribute (2014)

01. A Felicidade   
02. Corcovado   
03. Esquecendo Voce   
04. Bonita   
05. Brigas Nunca Mais   
06. Ligia   
07. Fotografia   
08. Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Voce   
09. Por Causa de Voce   
10. Triste   
11. Janelas Abertas   
12. Chega De Saudade


Les Sabler - Crescent Shores (2010)

01. Crescent Shores   
02. Overjoyed   
03. Lonely Girl   
04. Island Princess   
05. Mirror of Your Heart   
06. Market Street
07. Fragile
08. Turn Of The Century   
09. Peace River Suite
10. Walfredo
11. Sunset Serenade


Les Sabler - Les Sabler Live (2009)

01. On the Beach
02. Neptune's Waltz
03. Big Push, The
04. Fragile
05. Some Things
06. Winter Fiesta
07. Messiah Will Come Again, The
08. Skylight

Les Sabler (vocals, guitar); Sam Wilson (vocals); Steve Gould, Steve Gould (flute, tenor saxophone); Clay Perry (piano); Daryl Wicker (keyboards, background vocals); Rob Satori (keyboards); Iraj Lashkary, Iraj Lashkaryl, Tom McCauley (percussion).


Les Sabler - Sweet Drive (2007)

01. You've Got It Bad Girl
02. Sweet Drive
03. Daydreaming
04. Club Street
05. Can You Stop the Rain
06. I'm Not the Same
07. Struttin'
08. Who Am I?
09. Twenty-Two
10. Biggest Part of Me
11. Food Chain
12. Could You Be
13. Daydreaming - (instrumental)

Les Sabler (guitar); Richard Jackson (vocals); Gary Meek (flute); Eric Marienthal (saxophone); Dave Ryan, Mark Hollingsworth, Bill Armstrong (horns); Ricky Peterson (Hammond b-3 organ); Jeff Lorber, Allon Sams (keyboards); Brian Bomberg (acoustic bass); Vinnie Colaiuta (drums); Alex Acuna (percussion); Toni Scruggs, Rahsaan Patterson (background vocals).


Les Sabler - Bridge The Gap (2003)

01. Bridge the Gap
02. Midnight Reflections
03. Reasons
04. Before the Fall
05. Dog Pound
06. Clouds
07. Saku's Blues
08. Crystal Heart
09. Chaser, The
10. Wish, The

Les Sabler (guitar); Gene Cannon (saxophone); Phil Brown (flute); Tony Campell (keyboards, guitar, programming); Allon Sams (keyboards, programming); Ruben Drake (bass); Joe Renda (drums); Iraj Lashkary (percussion).


Les Sabler - Time For Love (1994)

01. Walfredo 
02. Peace River Suite 
03. Salsalito 
04. A Smile For Your Tears 
05. Market Street 
06. Time For Love 
07. Crusin' 
08. The Big Push 
09. Reggae What? 
10. Amazing Grace 
11. Acceptance

Les Sabler (Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Production, Mixing, Arrangements); Steve Gould (Flute, Saxophone); Mark Pettey (Piano); Jack Long (Extra Drum Programming); Daryl Wicker (Extra Drum Programming); Randy Estelle (Piano Solo on "Reggae What?").


Les Sabler - Hidden Treasure (1990)

01. Papamel 
02. Luminescence 
03. Hidden Treasure 
04. Winter Fiesta 
05. Late Nite 
06. Theme X 
07. Skylight 
08. Imaginary Wings 
09. Neptune's Waltz 
10. Ruthy's Delight

Les Sabler (Guitars, Keyboards, Roland, Drum Programming, Roland R-8, Production); Daryl Wicker (Drum Programming, Keyboards on "Winter Fiesta", Piano Solo on "Ruthy`s Delight", Production, Engineering, Mixing); Steve Gould (Tenor Saxophone); Dan Goostree (Percussion).


Dan Carlin & Friends - Just Jazz (2014)

01. Primevera   
02. Here Comes Teri 
03. Same Ol' Song 
05. It's All About You 
06. Hunt 
07. Grateful For A Pleasant Trip 
08. Lonely Nights 
09. Just Jazz 
10. It Was Cool while It Lasted   
11. Jitterbug Blues