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lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Dee Lucas - The Smooth Factor (2015)

01. Rise and shine (intro)
02. The smooth factor
03. On the move
04. Wish you were here
05. Cruising with you
06. The smooth jazz ride
07. Stay (feat. Judith Nicholas)
08. Santa Monica (feat. Joel del Rosario)
09. See's groove (outtro)


Dee Lucas - Rebirth of The Smooth (2011)

01. When Summer Comes
02. Standing Room Only
03. Reconcile
04. Nothing That I Do
05. The Friday After
06. Scorpio
07. Keep Knockin'
08. Human Nature
09. Shadow In the Dark
10. Something to Ride 2
11. Stressing
12. Dancing In the Sun
13. I Can't Stop Loving You
14. Chameleon (Bonus Mix)
15. Method to the Madness
16. Bayou


Dee Lucas - Standing Room Only (2010)

01. Keep Knockin'
02. Standing Room Only
03. Stressing
04. Don't Go
05. Scorpio
06. Shadow In the Dark (feat. Karey Davis)
07. The Friday After
08. Tiffany's World
09. Stressing (Outro) (feat. The Real Jets)


Dee Lucas - Something To Ride 2 (2007)

01. Method To The Madness
02. Something To Ride 2
03. Nothing That I Do
04. I Can't Stop Loving You
05. Bayou
06. Chameleon
07. Never Felt This Way
08. Reconcile
09. Chameleon (Bonus Mix)
10. Into The Nighttry


Dee Lucas - Remembrance (2004)

01. When Summer Comes
02. Dancing In the Sun
03. Until Tomorrow
04. Human Nature
05. Love Will Conquer All
06. One Last Time
07. When A Child Smiles
08. Moods
09. Renewaltry


Neil Young & Promise of the Real - The Monsanto Years (2015)

01. A New Day For Love
02. Wolf Moon
03. People Want to Hear About Love
04. Big Box
05. A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop
06. Workin Man
07. Rules of Change
08. Monsanto Years
09. If I Don't Know


domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

Jack McDuff -‎ Legends Of Acid Jazz (1999)

01. Brother Jack (McDuff)
02. Mr. Wonderful (Bock / Holofcener / Weiss)
03. Noon Train (McDuff)
04. Drowsy (McDuff)
05. Organ Grinder's Swing (Hudson / Mills / Parish)
06. Mack 'N' Duff (McDuff)
07. You're Driving Me Crazy (Donaldson)
08. Light Blues (Jennings / McDuff)
09. Godiva Brown (Jack McDuff)
10. Goodnight, It's Time to Go (Carter / Hudson)
11. Sanctified Waltz (McDuff)
12. McDuff Speaking (McDuff)
13. A Smooth One (Goodman)
13. I'll Be Seeing You (Fain / Kahal)

Harold Vick (Tenor sax); Jack McDuff (Composer, Hammond B-3 Organ); Bill Jennings, Grant Green (Guitar); Wendell Marshall (Bass); Alvin Johnson, Joe Dukes (Drums).


Jack McDuff - Legends Of Acid Jazz (1997)

01. Scufflin' (McDuff)
02. Au Privave (Parker)
03. Hallelujah Time (Hamilton, Peterson)
04. Misconstrued (McDuff)
05. Lew's Piece (McDuff)
06. Opus de Funk (Silver)
07. Our Miss Brooks (Vick)
08. East of the Sun And West ofthe Moon (Bowman)
09. I Got a Woman (Charles, Richard)
10. Hey Lawdy Mama (Reed)
11. From the Bottom Up (Golson)
12. Lexington Avenue Line (Kahle)

Jack McDuff (Organ); Red Holloway (Tenor sax); George Benson (Guitar); Joe Dukes (Drums).


Lyle Mays - Solo - Improvisations for Expanded Piano (2000)

01. This Moment
02. Let Me Count The Ways
03. We Are All Alone
04. Imperative, The
05. Procession
06. Black Ice
07. Origami
08. Lightning Field
09. Locked In Amber
10. Long Life


Lyle Mays - Fictionary (1993)

01. Bill Evans
02. Fictionary
03. Sienna
04. Lincoln Reviews His Notes
05. Hard Eights
06. Something Left Unsaid
07. Trio #1
08. Where Are You From Today
09. Falling Grace Swallow
10. Trio #2
11. On The Other Hand

Lyle Mays (Piano); Marc Johnson (Bass); Jack DeJohnette (Drums).


Lyle Mays - Street Dreams (1988)

01. Feet First
02. August
03. Chorinho
04. Possible Straight
05. Hangtime
06. Before You Go
07. Newborn
08. Street Dreams 1
09. Street Dreams 2
10. Street Dreams 3
11. Street Dreams 4

Lyle Mays (piano, keyboards); Emilia Barros (spoken vocals); Bob Mintzer, Bob Malach (tenor saxophone, flute); Bob Millikan, Laurie Frank, Randy Brecker (trumpet); Dave Bergeron, Keith O'Quinn, Chris Seiter (trombone); Dave Taylor (bass trombone); Bill Frisell (guitar); Marc Johnson (acoustic bass); Steve Rodby (bass); Steve Gadd, Steve Jordan, Peter Erskine (drums); Vicki Randle (percussion, vocoder); Glen Velez (percussion).


Lyle Mays - Lyle Mays (1986)

01. Highland Aire
02. Teiko
03. Slink
04. Mirror of the Heart
05. Northern Lights
06. Invocation
07. Ascent
08. Close to Home

Lyle Mays (Piano, Synthesizer); Marc Johnson (Double Bass); Alex Acuña (Drums); Bill Frisell (Guitar); Nana Vasconcelos (Percussion); Billy Drewes (Saxophone Alto & Soprano).


Gary Meek - Step 7 (2002)

01. Step 7
02. When Love Appears
03. Time's Lie
04. Toby's Blues
05. Waltz For Mo
06. Harlem Nocturne
07. Be-Bop
08. Workin'
09. Calling You

Gary Meek (soprano, alto and tenor sax, flute); Jon Gilutin (piano, keyboards); Jimmy Haslip, Trey Henry, Jerry Watts, Jr. (bass); Christian Jacob (piano); Randy Jacobs (guitar); Airto Moreira (drums, percussion, scat); Jose Neto (guitar); Flor Purim (vocals); Michael Shapiro (drums, percussion); Ken Wild (bass); Wayne Bergeron, Ron King (trumpet); Alex Iles, Nick Lane (trombone).


Gary Meek - Good Friends (1997)

01. Got to get on
02. Good friends
03. My way home
04. Solos
05. My ship
06. Chorinho pra ele
07. Slam 10
08. Thats why
09. Lost dreams
10. Scratch that itch


Gary Meek - Time One (1995)

01. Time One   
02. Misturada   
03. Eva Marie   
04. Bosphorous Blues   
05. Sierra Highway   
06. For A Long Time   
07. On the Road   
08. New Day   
09. Sun Is Out   
10. Free

Gary Meek (flute, saxophone); Kevyn Lettau (vocals); Mitch Forman (piano, keyboards); Jerry Watts (bass); Mike Shapiro (drums).


Gary Meek - Gary Meek (1991)

01. Shuffle
02. My Song For Donna
03. Struck by Lightning
04. Cats
05. Passage
06. I'll Be Here
07. Triple Play
08. Bingo Bango Bongo
09. Tours From Hell
10. Hey You
11. Fun in the D.D.R.

Gary Meek (Soprano, alto & tenor saxophone, keyboards); Flora Purim (Vocals); Howard "Buzz" Feiten (Guitar); Steve Bach (Accordion, piano); Jeff Lorber (Keyboards, drums, keyboard programming); Bob Harrison (Acoustic bass); Airto Moreira, Michael Shapiro (Drums); Brad Dutz (Percussion); Yutaka Yokohura (Keyboard programming).


sábado, 29 de agosto de 2015

Bradley Leighton - Holiday of Lights (2010)

01. Joy To The World
02. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
03. Christmas Time Is Here
04. Winter Wonderland
05. The First Noel
06. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
07. Little Drummer Boy
08. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
09. White Christmas
10. Angels We Have Heard On High
11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
12. Silent Night


Bradley Leighton - Soul Collective (2008)

01. It's On!
02. Cafe con Leche
03. Wake up Call
04. She's Gone
05. That Man
06. Ode to Billy Joe
07. Rock Me Softly
08. Undercover
09. Keep That Same Old Feeling

Bradley Leighton (flute, alto flute); Paula Prophet, Katreese Barnes (vocals, background vocals); Evan Marks, Sherrod Barnes (guitar); Tom Scott (saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Tom Braxton (saxophone, alto saxophone); Mic Gillette (trumpet, trombone); Greg Adams (trumpet); Allan Phillips (keyboards, drums, percussion, programming); Jason Miles (keyboards); Cesar Lozano, Brian Dunne (drums).


Bradley Leighton - East Coast Project Sampler (2006)

01. Ode to Billy Joe
02. What You Gonna Say
03. Keep That Same Old Feeling


Bradley Leighton - Just Doin' Our Thang (2005)

01. Sunny
02. Now's the Time
03. Pink Panther Theme, The
04. Summertime
05. Breezin'
06. Carefree
07. Europa
08. Lazy Summer Days
09. Ain't No Sunshine
10. Deep Sea
11. Easy Morning
12. Speak Low

Bradley Leighton (alto flute); Bob Boss (guitar); Rob Whitlock (Hammond b-3 organ); Duncan Moore (drums); Allan Phillips (percussion).


Bradley Leighton - Back To The Funk (2005)

01. Runaway
02. Flow
03. Back to the Funk
04. Midnight Affairs
05. Clear Blue Skies
06. Special Lady
07. Sunday in San Diego
08. Make It With You
09. Ready For You
10. Soul Moon
11. Live Light in Flight

Bradley Leighton (alto flute); Evan Marks (guitar); John Rekevics (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); Brad Steinwehe (trumpet); Scott Kyle (trombone); Cecil McBee Jr. (bass instrument); Duncan Moore (drums).


Bradley Leighton - Groove Yard (2003)

01. Mojave
02. Groove Yard
03. Fotografia
04. Dona Maria
05. Bahia
06. Road Song
Bradley Leighton (flute); Jaime Valle (guitar); Mike Wofford (piano); Bob Magnusson (double bass); Duncan Moore (drums); Allan Phillips (percussion).


V.A. Soul Shine (2015)

01. You're My Darling
02. Since I Found You
03. Lighthouse
04. Beyond the Stage
05. Soul Town (Nigel Lowis Remix)
06. Too Much in Love
07. Not Giving Up
08. All Your Love
09. Let Me Be Good to You
10. Make You Mine
11. What Am I Supposed To (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
12. One Day at a Time
13. Repertoire (Groovecity Hornz Mix)
14. Picking Myself Up
15. My Good Day
16. Your Smile (Cw's Unlimited Gold Remix)


V.A. Black Sparkle (2015)

01. You Got Me Wrong
02. Funk Squad
03. Blues For A.l.
04. Rock Your Soul
05. Green Tuesday
06. the Gig_una Razza
07. Soul Brother
08. Before It Gets Too Late
09. Crazy Numbers
10. It_s a beautiful day
11. Show Me Where the Moon Is
12. Groovy
13. Crazy Diamonds
14. Funky Town
15. Sharp Funkster


Luis Conte - The Road (1995)

01. Guava jam
02. My problem is you
03. Memories of rio
04. Son de Natalia the road
05. Never there
06. Islands
07. Doña Olga
08. Udaman
09. Rumba del cielo
10. Repriser son de Natalia


Eric Marienthal & Chuck Loeb - Bridges (2015)

01. Westward
02. Crossing
03. Puentes
04. Last Minute Blues
05. Daily Bread
06. Lucky Southern
07. Salamanca
08. Duality
09. Sun Rays
10. Noir

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Venueconnection - Fire it up! (2011)

01. Fire It Up!
02. How Does It Feel?
03. Besame Sol
04. La Cala
05. Hide & Seek
06. Counselor!
07. I Wanna Know
08. Happiness
09. Combination
10. Let's Dance
11. The Little Things
12. Do Your Thang
13. So Divine
14. Movin' On


Venueconnection - Madrid Boogie (2008)

01. Madrid Boogie
02. Cool Vanilla
03. Stay At Home
04. Stand Up
05. Bring Back The Funk
06. Walkin' Your Dream
07. Not In Luck
08. Mar De Las Calmas
09. Mmm Song
10. Art of Disappearing
11. Lo Siento
12. Oriental Glamour
13. Let's Freeze
14. The Guitar
15. Goodbye 13th Century
16. Is It Right
17. Madrid Boogie (Axphere remix)


miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

Chris Botti - Impressions (2012)

01. Prelude No. 20 in C Minor
02. Per Te (For You) (feat. Andrea Bocelli)
03. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
04. You Are Not Alone
05. Losing You (feat. Vince Gill)
06. Tango Suite (feat. Herbie Hancock)
07. Setembro
08. Oblivion (feat. Caroline Campbell)
09. Sevdah
10. Summertime (feat. David Foster)
11. Contigo En La Distancia
12. Over the Rainbow
13. What a Wonderful World (feat. Mark Knopfler)


Chris Botti - The Best Tunes for Languid Evenings (2010)

01. A Thousand Kisses Deep
02. When I Fall In Love
03. Lisa
04. Back Into My Heart
05. She Comes From Somewhere
06. The Look
07. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets
08. Estate
09. Irresistible Bliss
10. If I Could
11. Cinema Paradiso
12. The Look Of Love
13. To Love Again
14. Ever Since We Met
15. All Would Envy
16. Hallelujah
17. When I See You


Chris Botti - Live In Boston (2008)

01. Ave Maria
02. When I Fall In Love
03. Seven Days
04. Emmanuel
05. I've Got You Under My Skin
06. Cinema Paradiso
07. Broken Vow
08. Flamenco Sketches
09. Glad To Be Unhappy
10. Hallelujah
11. Smile
12. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
13. Time To Say Goodbye

Billy Childs (Piano); Billy Kilson (Drums); Chris Botti (Trumpet); Dominic Miller (Guitar); John Mayer (Vocals); Josh Groban (Vocals); Katharine McPhee (Vocals); Lucia Micarelli (Violin); Mark Stephens (Piano); Mark Whitfield (Guitar); Robert Hurst (Bass); Russ Irwin (Keyboards, Vocals Background); Steven Tyler (Vocals); Sting (Vocals); Yo-Yo Ma (Cello).


Chris Botti - Italia (2007)

01. Deborah's Theme (from ''Once Upon A Time In America'')
02. Italia (featuring Andrea Bocelli)
03. Venice
04. The Very Thought Of You (featuring Paula Cole)
05. Gabriel's Oboe (from ''The Mission'')
06. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (featuring Dean Martin)
07. Caruso
08. The Way You Look Tonight
09. It Never Entered My Mind
10. Ave Maria
11. Estate
12. Nessun Dorm


Chris Botti - Live With Orchestra and Special Guests (2006)

01. Someone To Watch Over Me
02. When I Fall In Love
03. A Thousand Kisses Deep
04. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
05. Good Morning Heartache
06. My One And Only Love
07. The Look Of Love
08. Cinema Paradiso
09. Pennies From Heaven
10. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
11. Lover Man
12. My Funny Valentine
13. Why Not
14. One For My Baby

Chris Botti (Trumpet); Billy Childs (Piano); Billy Kilson (Drums); James Genus (Bass); Mark Whitfield (Guitar).


Chris Botti - To Love Again (2005)

01. Embraceable You
02. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (feat. Sting)
03. My One And Only Love (feat. Paula Cole)
04. Let There Be Love (feat. Michael Bublé )
05. What's New?
06. Good Morning Heartache (feat. Jill Scott)
07. To Love Again
08. Are You Lonesome Tonight? (feat. Paul Buchanan)
09. Lover Man (feat. Gladys Knight)
10. I'll Be Seeing You
11. Pennies From Heaven (feat. Renee Olstead)
12. Here's That Rainy Day (feat. Rosa Passos)
13. Smile (feat. Steven Tyler)


Chris Botti - When I Fall In Love (2004)

01. When I Fall In Love
02. What'll I Do? feat. Paula Cole
03. No Ordinary Love
04. My Romance
05. Let's Fall In Love
06. Cinema Paradiso feat. Billy Childs
07. Someone To Watch Over Me
08. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets feat. Billy Childs, Dominic Miller, Sting
09. Nearless Of You
10. How Love Should Be feat. Paula Cole
11. Make Someone Happy
12. One For My Baby
13. Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)

Chris Botti (vocals, trumpet); Chris Botti; Jill Zadeh (vocals); Mitch Dalton (acoustic guitar); Fiona Hibbert (harp); Julian Leaper, Deborah Widdup, David Woodcock, Maciej Rakowski, Jonathan Evans-Jones, Paul Willey, Rolf Wilson, Steve Morris , Thomas Bowes , Roger Garland, Patrick Kiernan, Boguslaw Kostecki, Rita Manning, Kenneth Sillito, Cathy Thompson, Jackie Shave (violin); Vicci Wardman, Edward Vanderspar, George Robertson, Ivo Jan van der Werff, Peter Lale, Bruce White (viola); Frank Schaefer, Caroline Dearnley, Tony Lewis , David Daniels , Paul Kegg, Anthony Pleeth (cello); Karen Jones , Helen Keen, Stan Sulzmann, Philip Todd (flute, alto flute); Andy Panayi (bass flute); Nicholas Rodwell, Anthony Pike (clarinet); Jamie Talbot (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone); David Theodore (oboe); Bob Sheppard (saxophone); Nigel Hitchcock (alto saxophone); John Barclay, Guy Barker, Derek Watkins (trumpet, flugelhorn); Michael Thompson , Richard Bissill, David Pyatt (French horn); Pete Beachill, Mark Nightingale, Richard Edwards (trombone, tenor trombone); David Stewart (bass trombone, euphonium); Billy Childs Trio (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Greg Phillinganes (piano, keyboards); Federico Gonzalez Peña, Billy Childs (piano); Brian Bromberg (bass instrument); Patrick Lannigan, Alec Dankworth, Chris Laurence , Mary Scully (double bass); Ralph Salmins (drums); Paula Cole, Sting (vocals); Dean Parks, Dominic Miller, Shane Fontayne (guitar); Gil Goldstein (accordion); Jeff Lorber (keyboards); Billy Kilson, Vinnie Colaiuta (drums); Paulinho Da Costa (percussion).


Chris Botti - A Thousand Kisses Deep (2003)

01. Indian Summer
02. Do It In Luxury
03. The Look Of Love
04. A Thousand Kisses Deep
05. Ever Since We Met
06. Back Into My Heart
07. My Funny Valentine
08. The Last Three Minutes
09. If I Could
10. She Comes From Somewhere
11. Love Gets Old

Chris Botti (Trumpet); Bridget Benenate, Chantal Kreviazuk (Vocals); Doyle Bramhall (Guitar); Smokey Hormel (Electric guitar); Dean Parks (Acoustic guitar, guitar); Billy Childs (Piano); Keefus Ciancia (Piano, keyboards, moog synthesizer, synthesizer bass); Steve Lindsey (Piano, keyboards, shaker, wurlitzer piano); Printz Board (Keyboards); Jim Cox (Keyboards, Fender Rhodes, organ); Mark Goldenberg (Keyboards, drum programming); Mike Elizondo (Bass); Chuck Berghofer (Bass, acoustic bass); Matthew Gerrard (Bass, electric guitar, keyboards, drum programming, synthesizer bass); Joey Waronker (Drums); Abe Laboriel Jr. (Drums, hi hat); Lenny Castro (Percussion, bongos); Bob Shephard (Tenor saxophone).


Chris Botti - The Very Best of (2002)

01. Regroovable
02. First Wish
03. Drive Time
04. Midnight Without You with The Blue Nile
05. Worlds Outside
06. Forgiven featuring Jonatha Brooke
07. Why Not
08. Mr. Wah
09. Like I Do Now with Edie Brickell
10. The Way Home
11. Irresistible Bliss

Chris Botti (trumpet, piano, keyboards, programming); Edie Brickell, Jonatha Brooke, Paul Buchanan (vocals); Paul Livant, Gerry Leonard , Marc Shulman, Shane Fontayne, Tim Pierce, Vincent Nguini, Larry Saltzman (guitar); Jeff Lorber (piano, electric piano, Clavinet); Jeff Scott Young (piano, electric piano, organ); Paul Joseph Moore (piano, keyboards, programming); Andy Snitzer (Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer organ, programming, drum programming); John Levanthal (organ); Harvey Jones (keyboards); Shawn Pelton (drums, hi-hat, tambourine); John "J. R." Robinson , Jerry Marotta, Steve Ferrone (drums); Joe Bonadio (tambourine, percussion); Alex Acuña (percussion); Garry Hughes (programming).


Chris Botti - December (2002)

01. The Christmas Song
02. First Noel
03. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
04. Hallelujah
05. Perfect Day
06. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
07. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
08. Winter Wonderland
09. Little Drummer Boy
10. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
12. Silent Night
13. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Chris Botti (Trumpet, vocal); Richard Marx (Background vocal); Shane Fontayne, Heitor Pereira, Anthony Wilson (Guitar); Billy Childs (Fender Rhodes, piano); C. J. Vanston (Synthesizer, Hammond organ); David Carpenter, Jimmy Haslip, Jon Ossman (Bass); Peter Erskine (Drums, percussion); Susan Chatman, Joel Derouin, Gina Kronstadt, John Wittenberg (Violin); Andrew Picken (Viola); Bob Sheppard (Alto flute, tenor saxophone); Brandon Fields (Tenor saxophone); Mary Anne Steinberger (Cello).


Chris Botti - Night Sessions (2001)

01. Lisa
02. Miami Overnight
03. Streets Ahead
04. Interlude
05. All Would Envy
06. Best Time
07. When I See You
08. You Move Me
09. Blue Horizon
10. Light the Stars
11. Through an Open Window
12. Easter Parade

Chris Botti (trumpet); Shawn Colvin, Lani Groves, Camilla (vocals); Bill Reichenbach (trombone); Kazu Matsui (shakuhachi); Kipper (keyboards, programming); Jeff Lorber, Billy Childs, Jeff Young (keyboards); Dominic Miller, Shane Fontayne, Heitor Pereira, Marc Shulman (guitar); Christian McBride, Jimmy Johnson, Jon Ossman (bass); Vinnie Colaiuta, Abe Laboriel, Jr. (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).


Chris Botti - Slowing Down the World (1999)

01. Irresistible Bliss
02. The Look
03. Drive Time
04. In The Wee Small Hours
05. The Open Touch
06. Under A Painted Sky
07. Why Not
08. The Place Between Us
09. Same Girl
10. Where I'm Calling From
11. Letting Go

Chris Botti (vocals, trumpet, keyboards, programming); Jonatha Brooke, Sting (vocals); Tim Pierce (guitar, acoustic guitar); Marc Shulman, Shane Fontayne (guitar); Dean Parks (acoustic guitar); Michael Davis (trombone); Jeff Lorber (piano, electric piano, Clavinet); Jeff Young (piano, electric piano, organ); Hilary James (electric piano); Harvey Jones, C.J. Vancston (keyboards); John "J. R." Robinson , Peter Erskine (drums); Shawn Pelton (hi-hat); Jerry Marotta, Joe Bonadio, Alex Acuña (percussion); Garry Hughes (programming).


Chris Botti - Midnight Without You (1997)

01. The Steps of Positano
02. Midnight Without You (with THE BLUE NILE )
03. Regroovable
04. Never Gone
05. The Way Home
06. When Rain Falls
07. Until Now
08. Mr. Wah
09. Forgiven
10. Alone in the City

Chris Botti (trumpet, piano, keyboards); Jonatha Brooke, Paul Buchanan (vocals); Gerry Leonard , Marc Shulman, Shane Fontayne, Vincent Nguini, Larry Saltzman (guitar); Andy Snitzer (piano, electric piano, Wurlitzer organ, programming, drum programming); Paul Joseph Moore (piano, keyboards, programming); John Levanthal (organ); Harvey Jones (keyboards); Shawn Pelton (drums, snare drum, drum programming); Jerry Marotta (cymbals); Joe Bonadio (tambourine).


Chris Botti - First Wish (1995)

01. Worlds Outside
02. On the Night Ride
03. First Wish
04. Like I Do Now
05. Cubism
06. Through Tin Hearts
07. Longing
08. Nerve Central
09. Fade to Day
10. A Few More Days, A Few More Weeks
Chris Botti (trumpet, piano, keyboards, tambourine, programming), Edie Brickell (vocals), Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone), Morris Goldberg (African flutes), Sandra Park, Rebecca Young (violin), Paul Joseph Moore (piano, keyboards, Omnichord), Kevin Killen (Omnichord), Andy Snitzer (Rhodes, bass, programming), Mitchell Froom (Wurlitzer organ), Dominic Kanza, Larry Saltzman, Shane Fontayne, Paul Livant, Marc Shulman (guitar), Pino Palladino (bass), Steve Ferrone, Jerry Marotta (drums), Cyro Baptista (sordu, shaker), Joe Bonadio (triangle, frame drum, percussion).


martes, 25 de agosto de 2015

Hiram Bullock - Too Funky 2 Ignore (2005)

01. Give 'em The Rock
02. Everything U Do
03. Mr.Brown
04. You're Not What U Seem
05. If You Don't Mean It, Don't Say It
06. Too Funky 2 Ignore
07. Shine The Light
08. Get In That Kitchen (And Make Me Some Chicken)
09. Had All Night
10. Gimme The Night
11. Quiero El Sol Y La Playa
12. Missin' U Tonight


Hiram Bullock - Try Livin' It (2003)

01. After The Fall
02. A Little Bit
03. Try Livin' It
04. Wild In The Streets
05. Can't Fight The Funk
06. Greed
07. Melancholy Night
08. When You're Lovin'
09. Facts Of Life
10. Born 2 Love U
11. Summer Feeling

Katreese Barnes (Vocals Background); Hiram Bullock (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals Background); Clint DeGanon (Drums); David Delhomme (Keyboards, Synthesizer); Charley Drayton (Drums); Jeremy Gaddie (Drums); Frank Gravis (Bass); Kenya Hathaway (Vocals Background); Will Lee (Bass, Vocals Background); Tom "Bones" Malone (Horn); Ricky Peterson (Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Organ, Piano Electric, Vocals Background).


Hiram Bullock - Best Groove Selection (2002)

01. Da Alley
02. Gotta get your jollys
03. Window shoppin'
04. Shut up
05. Say goodnight, Gracie
06. I no u
07. Shoppin' 'round again
08. Down the pipe
09. Never give up
10. Funky Broadway
11. Pretzel Logic
12. Cactus
13. Not too much to give
14. And ting
15. Angelina

Hiram Bullock (Guitar, vocal); Frank Gravis (Bass); Jeremy Gaddie (Drums).


Hiram Bullock - Color Me (2001)

01. Cafe Luna
02. Window 2 K
03. Hurricane
04. Ghetto Heaven
05. Peace
06. If Six Was Nine
07. Give Me One Reason
08. Color Me
09. I'm Your Fool Tonight
10. Your Face

Hiram Bullock (Guitars, keyboards, vocals,); Will Lee (Bass, harmonica, percussion, vocals); Clint de Ganon (Drums); Katresse Barnes (Vocals); Lalah Hathaway (Vocals); Dave Delhomme (Keyboards); Randy Brecker (Trumpet); David Sanborn (Alto sax); Don Alias (Timbales); Jerry Gonzalez (Congas); Ricky Rodriquez (Percussion).


Hiram Bullock - Guitar Man (2000)

01. Grandson of creeper
02. A yin/yang thang
03. Blowin' smoke
04. All I wanna B
05. That happy song
06. Santanita
07. Big fuzzy balls
08. Yaow!
09. When you dance like that
10. Evolution
11. Barewear

Hiram Bullock (Guitar, keyboards, slide guitar, bass, drum programming/cymbals), Drums, Drum programming, lead vocals, background vocals); Dave Delhomme (Keyboards, drums, drum loops, string synthesizer, drum programming, guitars); Will Lee (Bass, background vocals); Clint de Ganon (Drums, background vocals); Ricky Rodriguez (Conga, percussion); David Sanborn (Alto saxophone); Rob Paparozzi (Harmonica).


Hiram Bullock - Late Night Talk (1997)

01. I Got a Rite
02. Long Time Gone
03. All for Down
04. Creepin'
05. Suger
06. Late Night Talk with You
07. Morning
08. Gotta Get Your Jollys
09. Now It's Time (To Sing the Blues)
10. Here's That Rainy Day

Hiram Bullock (Guitars, keyboards, vocals); Dr. Lonnie Smith (B3 organ); Joe Locke (Vibraphone); Ed Howard (Acoustic bass); Idris Muhammad (Drums).


Hiram Bullock - Carrasco (1997)

01. What You Won't Do For Love
02. Carrasco
03. We're Gonna Get It Right
04. Can't hide Love
05. Montevideo
06. And The Melody Lingers On (A Night In Tunisia)
07. Bean Burrito
08. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
09. Amazonas
10. Backdoor Man

Hiram Bullock (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar Synthesizer); Katreese Barnes (Vocals); Steve Berrios (Percussion, Drums, Vocals); Sergio Brandao (Bass, Percussion, Vocals); Roger Byam (Saxophone); Dario Eskenazi (Keyboards, Vocals); Hugo Fattoruso (Keyboards); Bakithi Khumalo (Bass); Maucha Adnet (Vocals); Ramón Echegaray (Drums); Arturo Prendez (Drums).


Hiram Bullock - Manny's Car Wash (1996)

01. I Can't Get Next To You
02. I Shot The Sheriff
03. Little Wing
04. Got To Give It Up
05. Angelina
06. Bean Burrito
07. Red House
08. All Along The Watchtower
09. Dear Prudence
10. Window Shopping
11. Higher Ground

Hiram Bullock (Guitar, lead vocal); Will Lee (Bass, vocals); Clint De Ganon (Drums, vocals); Terry Weiss (Keyboards); Hugo Fatturuso (Keyboards)