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jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

Doc Powell - For Old Times Sake (2010)

01. We'll Make It Last
02. 97th & Columbus
03. For Old Times Sake
04. Thank You
05. Circumstances
06. Sunday Mornin
07. Push
08. Cool Like That
09. A Song For You
10. I Know That's Right
11. Soul Strut
12. Life Changes
13. New Blues
14. (My Dear) Charlene
15. Mr. Magic 1994
16. Rain Drops
17. Dream A Dream
18. The Flavour
19. Two Hearts
20. Sweet G
21. Hip Pocket


Doc Powell - Doc Powell (2006)

01. Me, Myself & Rio
02. It's Too Late
03. Let Go
04. Circumstances
05. Cap Ride
06. Hip Pocket
07. Together We Can
08. Hey
09. Another Place & Time
10. It's Too Late (Unplugged)

Doc Powell (vocals, guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, keyboards, bass synthesizer, drum programming); Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon (strings); Jimmy Bowland (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone); Vinnie Ciesielski (trumpet); Barry Green (trombone); Myron McKinley (keyboards); Pablo Batista (percussion); Faith Anderson (background vocals); Ernie Green (vocals, keyboards, turntables); Larry Kimpel (vocals); Kirk Whalum (tenor saxophone); Matt Cappy (trumpet); Bobby Lyle, Shaun Martin, Brian Culbertson (piano); Barry J. Eastmond (keyboards).


Doc Powell - Cool Like That (2004)

01. Push
02. Cool Like That
03. Listen Up
04. Sweet G
05. Soul Crazy Out
06. Let It Be - (instrumental)
07. You Mean More to Me - (with Gary Taylor)
08. Hatu Jambo
09. To the East
10. Let It Be - (with T.C. Bereal)
11. More to Me

Doc Powell (guitar, classical guitar); Gary Taylor, T.C. Bereal (vocals); Ron Brown (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone); Kirk Whalum, Michael Lington (tenor saxophone); Kevin Toney (piano); Michael Bereal (Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano); Reggie Hamilton (Moog synthesizer, acoustic bass guitar); Freddie Flewellen (bass guitar); Munyungo Jackson (percussion). 


Doc Powell - 97th and Columbus (2003)

01. The Flavour
02. Breezin
03. 97th and Columbus
04. Two Hearts
05. Sun Goddess
06. Thank You
07. Let's Jam
08. Ode to Chet
09. Upward Bound
10. What's Going On

Doc Powell (arranger, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizer); Bennie Maupin (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet); Ron Brown (saxophone); Patrice Rushen (piano); Bobby Sparks (Fender Rhodes piano, synthesizer); Thomas McMoran, George Duke, Reggie Royal, Tim Carmen (Fender Rhodes piano); Shaun Martin (string synthesizer); Marcus Miller, Sekou Bunch, Dwayne Smith, Keith Taylor (electric bass); Harvey Mason, Lavalle Bell, Land Richard (drums); Erik Zobler (percussion); Terry Baker (programming); Carolyn White, Luther Vandross, Sandy St. James, Daryl Phinessee, Alex Brown (background vocals).


Doc Powell - Life Changes (2001)

01. Life Changes 
02. Brother to Brother 
03. It's a Guitar Thang 
04. We'll Make It Last Theme 
05. Yours Unconditionally 
06. Moments 
07. Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need 
08. Cruisin' 
09. New Blues 
10. For the Soul in You 
11. I Know That's Right 
12. Loving You Always 
13. Life Changes Theme

Doc Powell (vocals, various instruments, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards); Kenny Rankin, Charlotte Pope, Ollie Woodson (vocals); Jerry Peters (strings); Kirk Whalum, Gerald Spikes (tenor saxophone); Randy Brecker (trumpet); Patrice Rushen (acoustic & electric pianos); Billy Preston (piano, organ); Bob James (piano); Logan Reynolds (Fender Rhodes piano); Kevin Toney, Myron McKinley, Darrell Diaz, Jason White, Thomas Dawson (keyboards); Roggie Hamilton, Byron Miller, Sekou Bunch, Jimmy Neuble (bass); Rayford Griffin, Ivan Hampden, Laval Belle, Michael Neuble (drums); Munyungo Jackson, Arno Lucas (percussion); Timothy T. Owens, DeVere Duckett, Mabvuto Carpenter (background vocals).


Doc Powell - I Claim The Victory (1999)

01. I Claim the Victory  
02. I Just Wanna Know You  
03. You Won't Be Alone 
04. I Love You 
05. Nobody Like You  
06. Jesus Loves Me  
07. Sunday Morning at West A 
08. Amazing Grace 
09. Sunday Mornin'  
10. I Love You (Reprise) 
11. Victory Praise Dance 
12. I Just Wanna Know You 
13. Nobody Like You

Doc Powell (vocals, various instruments); Linda Willis, Chaz Lamar, David Daughtry, Debra Edwards, Gabriel Crenshaw, Janet Fuller, Joy King, Damon Tinnon, Charlene Powell, Ayanna Bereal, Sheleta Taylor, Byron Pope, Phelencia White (vocals); Myron McKinley (strings, acoustic & electric pianos); Gerald Spikes (tenor saxophone); Jason White (piano, organ); Jimmy Neuble (bass); Michael Neuble (drums); Ollie Woodson, Sherrie Wooten, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Dee Harvey, Clyde Scofield, Mary Lloyd; Elder Anthony Bryant, Higer Praise: Frank Ingram, Patricia Edzidinma, Traci Johnson, Charlotte Pope (vocals).


Doc Powell - Don't Let The Smooth Jazz Fool Ya (1997)

01. Chariots of Fire 
02. Good Intentions 
03. Don't Let the Smooth Jazz Fool Ya 
04. Dedicate 
05. Here's to You 
06. Dream a Dream 
07. Make It With You 
08. Ellie's Theme [Shaft Soundtrack] 
09. Raindrops 
10. Just for Love 
11. Dream a Dream [Unplugged Version]

Doc Powell (guitar); Randy Phillips, Jonathan Butler (vocals); Everette Harp (alto saxophone); Dave Koz (tenor saxophone); Roy Hargrove (trumpet); Ron Brown (flute); Ndugu Chancler (vibraphone, drums); Myron McKinley (acoustic & electric pianos, keyboards, synthesizer); Bobby Lyle (piano, keyboards); Sekou Bunch, Reggie Hamilton, Byron Miller, Freddie Flewellen (bass); Michael White (drums); Laval Belle (cymbals); Munyungo Jackson, Arno Lucas (percussion); Leon Askew (programming); Maxi Anderson, Kim Parchman, Bridgette Bryant Fiddmont (background vocals).


Doc Powell - Laid Back (1996)

01. Laid Back 
02. Let's Dance 
03. Sunrise 
04. From the Heart 
05. Lover for Life 
06. Sunday Morning 
07. You Won't Be Alone 
08. Tropical Love 
09. (My Dear) Charlene 
10. Pacific Coast Drive 
11. Sunday Mornin' [Instrumental]

Doc Powell (electric guitar, classical electric guitar, keyboards, drums); Lori Perri, Lynne Fiddmont Linsey, Arnold McCuller (vocals); April Aoki (harp); Najee (flute); Boney James (soprano saxophone); Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum (tenor saxophone); Bobby Lyle (piano); Patrice Rushen (electric piano, keyboards); Wayne Linsey (electric piano, programming); Jason White (electric piano); Reggie Hamilton (synthesizer, bass, programming); Scott Cannady (synthesizer); Stanley Clark (acoustic bass); Marcus Miller (electric bass); Freddie "Boom Boom" Flewelen (bass); Hank Rivers, Tony Moore (drums); Arno Lucas, Sheila E., Munyungo Jackson, Mike Smith (percussion); Bridgette Bryant, Kim Parchman (background vocals).


Doc Powell - Inner City Blues (1996)

01. Bahama Momma 
02. All This Love 
03. Alone With You 
04. Mister Magic 1994 
05. Song for You 
06. New Day 
07. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) 
08. For Old Times Sake 
09. On the Other Side 
10. Soul Strut 
11. Sade's Song 
12. We'll Make It Last

Paulette McWilliams (Vocals Background); Byron Miller (Guitar Bass); Cindy Mizelle (Vocals Background); Jeffrey Osborne (Vocals);  Kirk Whalum (Saxophone); Bridgette McWilliams (Vocals Background); Gerry Brown (Piano); Skip Anderson (Piano); Tom Barney (Bass Acoustic); Paul Brown (Mixing); Yvette Cason (Vocals Background); Ivan Hampden (Percussion, Keyboards, Drums, Conga); Doc Powell (Bass, Guitar, Strings, Vocals Background, Piano Electric, Keyboards, Guitar Electric, Drums); Munyungo Jackson (Percussion, Conga); Philip Bailey (Vocals, Vocals Background), Siedah Garrett (Vocals); Howard Hewett (Vocals); Patrice Rushen (Piano); Ronnie Foster (Organ, Sax Tenor, Sax Soprano); Bob James (Piano); Ronnie Laws (Sax Soprano, Sax Tenor).


Doc Powell - The Doctor (1992)

01. All Right Now
02. For the Love of You
03. Celia
04. Sugar
05. Isn't She Lovely
06. Maiden Voyage
07. B.B.
08. Just Love

Doc Powell (Guitar); Rodney Franklin (Piano); Reggie Hamilton (Bass); Michael Baker (Drums).


Doc Powell - Love Is Where It's At (1987)

01. Give It Up 
02. Love Is Where It's At 
03. What's Going On 
04. Bad Times 
05. What I Like 
06. Love Finds A Way 
07. Don't Waste My Time 
08. Let You Know 
09. M & M 

Doc Powell (Lead Vocals, Guitar); Tinker Barfield, Tom Barney (Bass Guitar); Yogi Horton (Drums); Roger Squitero, Steve Kroon (Percussion); Kirk Whalum (Tenor Saxophone).


miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

Alexander Zonjic - Doin' The D (2009)

01. Top Down - (featuring Jeff Lorber)
02. From A To Z
03. Little Sunflower - (featuring Kenny G)
04. Passion Island - (featuring Chieli Minucci/Bob James)
05. Tourista - (featuring Rick Braun)
06. Undun - (featuring Maysa)
07. Doin' the D - (featuring Ken Navarro/Brian Bromberg)
08. Good As Goldie - (featuring Jeff Lorber)
09. River Raisin Nights
10. Tongue Twister - (featuring Jeff Lorber)

Alexander Zonjic (flutes); Jeff Lorber (keyboards, guitar, Synth bass; Dwight Sills (guitar); Lenny Castro (percussion); James Lloyd (keyboards, synth bass; percussion); Kenny G. (soprano saxophone); Tony Moore (drums); Chieli Minucci (keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars); Bob James(piano); Leo Tizer (keyboards); Jerry Brooks (bass); Maysa Leak (vocals); Jay Rowe (keyboards); Ken Navarro (nylon string guitars, percussion, programming, additional keyboards); Rick Braun (flugelhorn); Brian Bromberg (acoustic bass); Kevin Prince (bongos); The Motorcity (hons): John Rutherford (tenor and bass trombone); Bob Jensen (lead trumpet, flugelhorn); Mark Byerly (trumpet, flugelhorn); Keith Kaminski (tenor saxophone).


Alexander Zonjic - Seldom Blues (2004)

01. Leave It With Me
02. Seldom Blue
03. Az Does It
04. Isabela
05. People Make the World Go Round
06. Spill the Wine
07. Sweat
08. Under the Moon and Over the Sky
09. Quantum
10. Britters

Alexander Zonjic (flute); Kem (vocals); Earl Klugh, Michael Ripoll, Paul Pesco (guitar); Kirk Whalum (tenor saxophone); Rayse Biggs (trumpet); Jeff Lorber (keyboards, percussion, programming); James Lloyd, Bob James (keyboards, programming); Kyle Whalum (bass instrument); Lamar Carter (drums); Kevin Whalum, Sherrie Kibble (background vocals).


Alexander Zonjic - Reach For The Sky (2001)

01. This Is the Day
02. Far Away
03. It's Too Late
04. Angela (Theme From Taxi)  
05. I Just Wanna Stop
06. Bellavia
07. Hard Day's Night, A
08. Reach For the Sky
09. Swinging Shepherd Blues
10. Amazing Grace

Alexander Zonjic (flute); Wendy Moten, Kevin Whalum, Herschel Boone (vocals); Kirk Whalum (tenor saxophone, keyboards, programming); Robert Tye (acoustic & electric guitars); Earl Klugh (acoustic guitar); Luis Resto (keyboards) Hiram Bullock, Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar); Jeff Lorber (bass); Danny Cox (drums, percussion, programming).


Alexander Zonjic - Passion (1993)

01. Angel of the Night 
02. Oblivión  
03. People Get Ready  
04. Progress  
05. Memphis Underground  
06. Passion (Tadzio)  
07. Cantilena  
08. Look It up (A Smile for Kyle)

Alexander Zonjic (flute); Mervyn E. Warren, Robert Bailey, Chris Willis, Herschel Boone, Curtiss Boone (vocals); The Charles Veal Strings (strings); Raul Jaurena (bandoneon); Gary Grant, Gordon Stump (trumpet); Rick Jackson (piano); James McMillan (keyboards, trumpet, flugelhorn, programming); Wayne Linsey (electric piano, synthesizer bass); Jerry Peters (organ); Ralphe Armstrong, Ricky Minor (bass); Herman Matthews (drums).


Alexander Zonjic - Neon (1991)

01. N'Est Ce Pas
02. Heaven Must Have Sent You
03. Procession
04. Hi-Falutin'
05. Neon
06. Can We Find Love Again
07. Song For the Oceans
08. Lay Me Down

Alexander Zonjic (flute, alto flute, piccolo); Herschel Boone (vocals); Ken Cummings (vocals, keyboards); Kirk Whalum (saxophone, percussion programming); John Beasley, Leroy Hyter (keyboards); Louie Resto (keyboards, synthesizer, Synclavier); Bob James, Peter Moffitt (synthesizer, keyboards, piano, programming); Mike O'Neal, Randy Jacobs (guitar); Freddy Washington (bass); Gary King (bass, background vocals); Ricky Lawson (drums); Tom Starr (snare drum); Doc Gibbs, Mike Smith (percussion); Eric Morgeson (Synclavier programming); Herman Mathews (percussion programming); Pat Lewis, Sandra Feva, Royce Jovan (background vocals).


Alexander Zonjic - Romance With You (1989)

01. Sound Check  
02. Song for Kinyatta  
03. Shawnee  
04. Altos de Chavon  
05. Romance With You  
06. Siclienne  
07. Serenade 

Gary King (Bass), Harvey Mason, Sr., Yogi Horton (Drums), Alexander Zonjic (Flute)
Steve Khan (Guitar), Earl Klugh (Guitar Acoustic), Peter Moffitt (Keyboards), Leonard "Doc" Gibbs (Percussion), Mark Colby, Michael Brecker (Sax Tenor), Joe Shepley, Jon Faddis, Ron Tooley (Trumpet).


Alexander Zonjic - Elegant Evening (1988)

01. Angel of the the Night 
02. (There Are) Many Stop Along the Way 
03. Bellavia 
04. Adagio 
05. West End Dancer 
06. Elegant Evening 
07. Modaji 
08. Gymnopedie No. 1

Earl Klugh (Guitar (Acoustic)), Alexander Zonjic (Flute, Flute Alto, Producer, Main Performer, Lorenzo Brown (Percussion), John Knapp (Drums), Ted Thomas (Drums), Tom Starr (Drums), Ed Wolfrum (Mastering).


Alexander Zonjic - When Is It Real (1987)

01. When Is It Real  Listen
02. Do That Again  Listen
03. Sittin' in It  Listen
04. Siciliano  Listen
05. Only Love  Listen
06. Waiting for Godo  Listen
07. Chicago Encounter

Alexander Zonjic (Flute); Marcus Belgrave (Flugelhorn); Lanar Brantley (Bass); Lorenzo Brown (Percussion); Perry Hughes, Randy Jacobs (Guitar); Bob James (Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer); Peter Moffitt (Keyboards, Synthesizer); Eric Morgeson (Drum Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Synclavier); Tom Starr (Drums, Percussion).


Chuck Mangione - Love Notes (1982)

01. Steppin' Out  
02. No Problem  
03. Memories Of Scirocco  
04. To The 80's  
05. Love Note

Chuck Mangione (Flugelhorn, Piano Electric); Gordon Johnson (Bass Electric); Everett Silver (Drums); Chris Vadala (Flute [C, Alto, Piccolo], Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano]); Peter Harris (Guitar Electric, Acoustic).


Chuck Mangione - Fun and Games (1980)

01. Give It All You Got
02. You're The Best There Is 
03. Pina Colada 
04. I Never Missed Someone Before 
05. Give It All You Got, But Slowly 
06. Fun And Games

Chuck Mangione (vocals, flugelhorn, electric piano, piano); Jeff Tyzik (trumpet); Bill Reichenbach (trombone); Chris Vadala (flute, alto & bass flutes, piccolo, soprano & tenor saxophones); Grant Geissman (electric, acoustic, 12-string & classical guitars); Charles Meeks (harmonica, bass); James Bradley Jr. (drums, timbales, triangle, congas, cowbell).


Chuck Mangione - Children Of Sanchez (1978)

CD 1:
01. Children Of Sanchez Overture
02. Lullabye
03. Fanfare
04. Pilgrimage (Part I)
05. Pilgrimage (Part II)
06. Consuelo's Love Theme

CD 2:
01. Hot Consuelo
02. Death Scene
03. Market Place
04. Echano
05. Bellavia
06. Lullabye
07. Medley
08. B'Bye
09. Children Of Sanchez Finale

Chuck Mangione (flugelhorn, piano, electric piano); Donald Porter, Phyllis Hyman (vocals); Grant Geissman (guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar); Gerald Vinci (violin); Ron Leonard (cello); Chris Vadala (flute, alto flute, piccolo, clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Jeff Tkazyik, Jeff Takzyck (trumpet, flugelhorn); George Stimpson, Brad Warner, Dick Decker, Jerry Peel, Brad Warnaar (French horn); Mayo Tiana, Dana Hughes, Hughes, Kai Winding, William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach Jr. (trombone); James Bradley, Jr. (drums, congas, timbales, timpani, percussion).


Chuck Mangione - An Evening of Magic, Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1978)

CD 1:
01. Feels So Good
02. The XIth Commandment
03. Chase The Clouds Away
04. Hill Where The Lord Hides
05. Doin' Everything With You
06. Love The Feelin'
07. I Get Crazy

CD 2:
01. Land Of Make Believe
02. Hide And Seek
03. The Day After (Our First Night Together)
04. Children Of Sanchez (Main Theme)
05. B'Bye
06. Children Of Sanchez (Finale)
07. Main Squeeze
08. Feels So Good (Encore)

Charles Meeks (Bass); James Bradley Jr. (Drums); Chuck Mangione (Flugelhorn); Grant Geissman (Guitar); Chris Vadala (Saxophone).


Chuck Mangione - 70 Miles Young (1978)

01. 70 Miles Young
02. Feels So Good
03. Cannonball Run Theme
04. Recuerdo
05. Lullaby For Nancy Carol

Chuck Mangione (Flugelhorn); Chris Vadala (Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, C Flute, Alto Flute); Don Grolnick (Acoustic and Electric Pianos); Charles Meeks, Tony Levin (Bass); David Spinozza, Larry Carlton, Carl Lockett, Bob Mann, John Tropea (Guitars); James Bradley Jr., Steve Gadd (Drums); Paulinho Da Costa, Ralph MacDonald, Rubins Bassini (Percussion); Don Potter (Vocal and Guitar); Ron Leonard (Cello); Gerry Vinci (Violin).


Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good (1977)

01. Feels So Good
02. Maui-Waui
03. Theme From 'Side Street'
04. Hide & Seek (Ready Or Not Here I Come) 
05. Last Dance
06. The XIth Commandment

Chuck Mangione (flugelhorn, horns, piano, electric piano, percussion); Grant Geissman (guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar); Chris Vadala (flute, alto flute, piccolo, saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); James Bradley, Jr. (drums, congas, timbales, percussion).


Chuck Mangione - Main Squeeze (1976)

01. (The Day After) Our First Night Together
02. If You Know Me Any Longer Than Tomorrow
03. Love The Feelin'
04. I Get Crazy (When Your Eyes Touch Mine)
05. Doin' Everything With You
06. Main Squeeze

Bob Mann, John Tropea (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar); Chuck Mangione (Flugelhorn, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes]); Steve Gadd (Drums, Percussion); Tony Levin (Electric Bass); Bob Carlisle, Fred Griffen, Jimmy Buffington, John Clark (French Horn); Richard Tee (Organ); Ralph MacDonald, Rubens Bassini (Percussion); Don Grolnick (Piano Acoustic, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes]); Bill Watrous, Dave Taylor, Tom Malone, Wayne Andre (Trombone); Alan Rubin, Jeff Tkazyik, John Faddis, Lew Soloff (Trumpet).


Chuck Mangione - Chase The Clouds Away (1975)

01. Song of the New Moon
02. Can't We Do This All Night
03. He Was a Friend of Mine
04. Echano
05. Chase the Clouds Away
06. Soft

Chuck Mangione (flugelhorn, Fender Rhodes piano); Esther Satterfield (vocals); Gerry Niewood (soprano & tenor saxophones, C flute, alto flute); Vincent DeRosa (French horn); Bill Reichenbach, Jr. (trombone); Kathy Moses (piccolo, flute); Edgar Lustgarten (cello); Chip Jackson (electric bass); Joe LaBarbera (drums).


Chuck Mangione - Bellavia (1975)

01. Come Take a Ride With Me
02. Listen to the Wind
03. Carousel
04. Bellavia
05. Dance of the Windup Toy
06. Torreano

Chuck Mangione (Celeste, Flugelhorn, Piano (Electric)), Lew Soloff (Trumpet), Joe La Barbera (Percussion, Drums), Kathryn Moses (Flute), Gerry Niewood (Flute, Piccolo, Sax Soprano & Tenor), Vincent DeRosa (French Horn), Charles "Chip" Jackson (Guitar Bass).


martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Greg Adams - East Bay Soul That's Life (2015)

01. Little Black Dress
02. Hush Hush
03. Come Together
04. Get Smart
05. Going in Circles
06. Didn't Wanna Do It
07. Grow Old With Me
08. Earth to Mars
09. Without You
10. Damned If You Do
11. Let's Stay Together


Greg Adams - East Bay Soul 2.0 (2012)

01. The Getaway
02. The Love of My Life
03. To Catch a Thief
04. Back to Oakland
05. Brassalicious
06. Once and for All
07. What's Goin' On
08. The Devil You Know
09. Carry On
10. I'm Comin' Home

Greg Adams (Trumpet and flugelhorn).


Greg Adams - East Bay Soul (2009)

01. Survival Of The Hippest
02. Be Bop
03. Reading Lips
04. Jump, Shout and Holler
05. Whats It Gonna Be
06. Always Take Two
07. iHope
08. Awaken
09. Stop
10. Five To Eleven
11. Someone New

Greg Adams (trumpet, flugelhorn); Lee Thornburg (trumpet, flugelhorn, and trombone); Michael Paulo (alto and tenor saxophones); Johnnie Bamont (tenor and baritone saxophones); James Wirrick (guitar); Carmen Grillo (guitar solo on "Stop");  Brian Allen (bass and cello); Nick Milo (piano); Evan Stone (drums); Johnny Sandoval (percussion); Steve Blacke (violin and viola); Greg Adams, Tom Bowes, Carmen Grillo, and Lee Thornburg (background vocals on "jump, Shout and Holler"); Tom Bowes Sean Holt, Lee Thornburg, and Darryl Walker( Lead Vocals).


Greg Adams - Cool To The Touch (2006)

01. Felix The Cat
02. It's Only Love, Love
03. Samba
04. Life In The Key Of Blue
05. Cool To The Touch
06. Hi-Fi
07. Hermosa
08. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
09. Bongo Baby
10. When The Party's Over

Greg Adams (trumpet and flugelhorn); Paul Jackson Jr (guitar);  Vinnie Colaiuta, Evan Stone (drums); Leland Sklar, Brian Allen (bass)); Nick Milo (keyboards, strings, bass, drums)); James Wirrick (guitar, harmonica, keyboards, bass, drums); Mindy Abair, Eric Marienthal (alto saxophones); Tom Scott, Richard Elliot, Boney James (tenor saxophones); Johnnie Bamont (baritone saxophone)); Johnny Sandoval (percussion); Ana Robles (vocal).


Greg Adams - Firefly (2004)

01. Firefly
02. Once Upon a Time
03. 5 North
04. Crossing, The
05. After Glow
06. Time Is of the Essence
07. Not So Long Ago
08. She Still Waits
09. Loco Motive
10. Just Like Breathing

Greg Adams (trumpet); James Wirrick (guitar, nylon-string guitar, piano, keyboards, bass synthesizer, drum programming); Mark Hollingsworth (flute, saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, programming); Johnny Bamont (tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); Ron King (trumpet, flugelhorn); Nick Milo (piano, bass synthesizer); Brian Allen (bass instrument); Evan Stone (drums); Johnny Sandoval (percussion); Ken Kessie (drum programming); Joey Navarro (piano, organ); Tal Bergman (drums).


Greg Adams - Midnight Morning (2002)

01. Crosstown
02. Breathe Again
03. Midnight Morning
04. Wrapped Around Your Finger  
05. 'Sup With That
06. Andrea  
07. Blondes & Bottles
08. Siena
09. Vendetta
10. Roadhouse

Greg Adams (trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards); Kelly Moneymaker (vocals); James Wirrick (guitar, mandolin, keyboards, synthesizer, drum programming); Ken Kessie, Marlon McClain (guitar, drum programming); Greg Dalton (guitar); Gary Herbig (tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); Nick Milo (keyboards, drum programming).


Greg Adams - Hidden Agenda (1995)

01. Metro
02. Moon Over Palmilla
03. Smooth Operator
04. Mahdi, The Expected One
05. Burma Road
06. 5 O'Clock Somewhere
07. Renaissance
08. Hidden Agenda
09. Tribeca
10. Yet In My Dreams
11. Amsterdam
12. Renaissance (Reprise)

Greg Adams (trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards, bass, drums); Danielle Altieri (vocals); Gary Herbig (alto, tenor & baritone saxophones, English horn, flute); Nick Lane (trombone); Jean Marinelli (French horn); Sid Page (concertmaster); James Wirrick (keyboards, guitar, bass, drums); Ken Kessie, Nick Milo (keyboards, bass, drums); Marion McClain (guitar); Leland Sklar (bass); Leon "Ndugu" Chancellor, Luis Conte (percussion).


Kyle Eastwood - Time Pieces (2015)

01. Caipirinha
02. Blowin' the Blues Away
03. Dolphin Dance
04. Prosecco Smile
05. Vista
06. Peace of Silver
07. Incantation
08. Letters From Iwo Jima
09. Nostalgique
10. Bullet Train

Kyle Eastwood (acoustic bass, electric bass, fretless bass); Brandon Allen (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Quentin Collins (trumpet, flugelhorn); Andrew McCormack (piano); Ernesto Simpson (drums).


lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Chaka Khan - Live In Malibu (2013)

01. Ain't Nobody
02. I Feel for You
03. You Got the Love
04. I'm Every Woman
05. Pack'd My Bags
06. Through the Fire
07. My Funny Valentine
08. Tell Me Something Good
09. Everlasting Love
10. Once You Get Started
11. Sweet Thing
12. Hollywood
13. Stay


Chaka Khan - Live and Direct (2012)

01. Everlasting Love
02. Pack My Bags
03. Hollywood
04. Tell Me Something Good
05. Ain't Nobody
06. Once You Get Started
07. Sweet Thang
08. Every Woman
09. Stay
10. Through the Fire
11. I Feel for You
12. Valentine
13. You Got the Love


Chaka Khan - All The Hits Live (2008)

01. I Feel For You
02. Ain't Nobody
03. Everlasting Love
04. Hollywood
05. Pack My Bags
06. Valentine
07. Through The Fire
08. Once You Get Started
09. Stay
10. You Got The Love
11. Tell Me Something Good
12. Sweet Thang
13. Every Woman


Chaka Khan - Funk This (2007)

01. Back in the Day
02. Foolish Fool
03. One for All Time
04. Angel
05. Will You Love Me
06. Castles Made of Sand
07. Disrespectful (featuring Mary J. Blige)
08. Sign 'O' the Times
09. Pack'd My Bags, You Got the Love
10. Ladies' Man
11. You Belong to Me (featuring Michael McDonald)
12. Hail to the Wrong
13. Super Life


Chaka Khan - Classikhan (2004)

01. Hey Big Spender
02. Hazels Hips
03. The Best Is Yet To Come
04. Crazy
05. I'm In The Mood For Love
06. Is That All There Is
07. Stormy Weather
08. 'Round Midnight
09. Teach Me Tonight
10. To Sir With Love
11. Diamonds Are Forever
12. Goldfinger
13. I Believe

Chaka Khan (vocals); Kevin Kuhn (electric guitar); Karen Vaughan (harp); Carmine Lauri, Tammy Se, Sarah Quinn, David Ballesteros, Claire Parfitt, Ginette Decuyper, Evgeny Grach, Lousie Shackelton, Caroline O'Neill, Nicole Wilson, Nicholas Wright, Ian Rhodes, Matthew Gardner, Richard Blayden, Harriet Rayfield, Silvain Vasseur, Colin Renwick, Norman Clarke, Belinda McFarlane, Ian McDonough, Paul Robson, Robin Brightman, Gordon McKay, Stephen Roslinson, Tiberiu Buta, Andrew Pollock, Maxine Kwok, Nigel Broadbent, Joyce Hammann, Michael "DJ Heat" Humphrey (violin); Elisabeth Varlow, Gina Zagni, Gillianne Haddow, P. Norriss, Duff Burns, Regina Beukes, Robert Turner , Paul Silverthorne, Jonathan Welch (viola); Noel Bradshaw, Francis Saunders, Hilary Jones, Ray Adams, Jennifer Brown, Nicolas Gethin, Moray Welsh, Rebecca Gilliver (cello); Timothy Ries (flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Dave Pietro (flute, alto saxophone); Charles Pillow (clarinet, oboe, alto saxophone); Dennis Anderson (clarinet, tenor saxophone); Roger Rosenberg (bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone saxophone); Dave Stahl, Anthony Kadleck, James Hynes (trumpet); John Clark , Chris Komer (French horn); M. Birch Johnson, Michael Davis (trombone); George Flynn (bass trombone); Eve Nelson, Lee Musiker (piano); Jay Anderson (acoustic bass); Ray Cervenka (electric bass); Dennis Mackrel (drums); Nigel Thomas (timpani); David P. Jackson (percussion); Andy Snitzer (clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Joe Sample (piano); Sheila E. (percussion); London Symphony Orchestra.


Chaka Khan - Live At The Jazz Channel (2000)

01. Dark Secret
02. Them There Eyes
03. My Funny Valentine
04. Man From Mars
05. High Wire (The Aerialist)
06. Soul Mates
07. I Loves You, Porgy
08. I'll Be Around
09. Reconsider
10. The End Of A Love Affair


Chaka Khan - Come 2 My House (1998)

01. Come 2 My House
02. Intro
03. This Crazy Life of Mine
04. Betcha
05. Spoon
06. Pop My Clutch
07. Journey 2 the Center of Your Heart
08. I'll Never B Another Fool
09. Democrazy
10. I Remember U
11. Reconsider (U Betta)
12. Don't Talk 2 Strangers
13. Hair
14. The Drama

Chaka Khan, Robert Palmer, Kirk A. Johnson (vocals); Queen Latifah (rap vocals); Prince (guitar, background vocals); Mike Scott (acoustic guitar); Kathy Jensen, Walter Chancellor, Jr. (saxophone); The Hornheadz (horns); David Jensen (trumpet); Ricky Peterson (keyboards); Larry Graham (bass, background vocals); Rhonda Smith (bass); Michael Bland (drums); Mayte (finger cymbals); Brother Jules (scratches); Chante Moore, Marva King (background vocals).


Chaka Khan - Epiphany - The Best Of Volume 1 (1996)

01. Ain't Nobody
02. Papillon (A.K.A. Hot Butterfly)
03. Tell Me Something Good [Live]
04. I Feel for You
05. I Know You, I Live You
06. I'm Every Woman
07. Love Me Still
08. The End of a Love Affair
09. And the Melody Still Lingers On (Night in Tunisia)
10. Through the Fire
11. What Cha' Gonna Do for Me
12. Everywhere
13. Never Miss the Water
14. Somethin' Deep
15. Your Love Is All I Know
16. Every Little Thing

Chaka Khan (vocals, background vocals); Meshell Ndegeocello (vocals); Chieli Minucci, Norman Brown , Oliver Leiber, Paul Jackson, Jr., Wah-Wah Watson (guitar); Larry Williams , Lawrence Feldman (flute); Derrick Edmondson (saxophone); Chris Botti (trumpet, flugelhorn); John Fumo (trumpet); Jerry Hey (flugelhorn); Steve Baxter (trombone); Federico Pena (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Raymond Chue (Fender Rhodes piano); Steve Skinner (keyboards, synthesizer); David Gamson (keyboards, drums, programming); Luis Conte (percussion); Mark Stevens, Howard McCrary (background vocals).


Chaka Khan - The Woman I Am (1992)

01. Everything Changes
02. Give Me All
03. Telephone
04. Keep Givin' Me Lovin'
05. Facts of Love
06. Love You All My Lifetime
07. I Want
08. You Can Make The Story Right
09. Be My Eyes
10. This Time
11. The Woman I Am
12. Love With No Strings
13. Don't Look At Me That Way

Chaka Khan (vocals); Ira Seigel, Jeff Pevar, Peter Weibe (guitar); Bobby Lyle (Fender Rhodes, clavinet); Katreese Barnes (keyboards, saxophone, background vocals); William Galison (harmonica); Dave Koz, Andy Snitzer, Everette Harp (saxophones); Peter Reiter (horns); Michael Bearden, Gary Haase (piano); George Whitty (keyboards, bass, drums); Abe Laboriel (bass); Marcus Miller (bass, keyboards, programming); Steve Ferrone, Poogie Bell (drums); Errol "Crusher" Bennett (percussion).


Chaka Khan - Life Is A Dance - The Remix Project (1989)

01. Life Is A Dance
02. I Know You, I Live You
03. This Is My Night
04. Eye To Eye
05. Slow Dancin'
06. Fate
07. I'm Every Woman
08. One Million Kisses
09. Ain't Nobody
10. Clouds
11. I Feel For You

Chaka Khan (vocals); Daniel Miller, David Morales , Winston Jones, Peter "Ski" Schwartz, Andre Booth, Marius de Vries, Marley Marl, Andy Marvel, Terry Burrus, Carlos Franzetti, Boyd Jarvis (percussion, keyboard programming).


Chaka Khan - C.K. (1988)

01. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
02. Soul Talkin'
03. It's My Party
04. Eternity
05. Sticky Wicked
06. The End Of A Love Affair
07. Baby Me
08. Make It Last
09. Where Are You Tonite
10. I'll Be Around

Chaka Khan (vocals); Cecil Womack (vocals, guitar); Miles Davis (vocals, trumpet); Bobby McFerrin (vocals, background vocals); Chris Jasper (guitar, keyboards, drum programming, background vocals); Eddie Martinez, George Benson , Jeff Mironov, John Tropea, Paul Pesco (guitar); Margaret Ross (harp); Stevie Wonder (harmonica); Eric Leeds (saxophone); Warren Hill (alto saxophone); Atlanta Bliss (trumpet); Dave Grusin (piano); David Frank, Steve Lindsey (keyboards, synthesizer, drum programming); Rob Mounsey (keyboards, string synthesizer); Ron Skies, Hawk (keyboards, drum programming); Bernard Wright (synthesizer); Omar Hakim, Steve Ferrone (drums); Carol Steele (congas, percussion); Chris Parker (cymbals); Russ Titelman (tambourine, drum programming); Jimmy Bralower (drum programming); Brenda Russell (background vocals).


Chaka Khan - Destiny (1986)

01. Love Of A Lifetime
02. Earth To Mickey  
03. Watching The World   
04. The Other Side Of The World  
05. My Destiny   
06. I Can't Be Loved  
07. It's You   
08. So Close  
09. Tight Fit  
10. Who's It Gonna Be  
11. Coltrane Dreams


Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (1984)

01. This Is My Night
02. Stronger Than Before
03. My Love Is Alive
04. Eye To Eye
05. La Flamme
06. I Feel For You
07. Hold Her
08. Through The Fire
09. Caught In The Act
10. Chinatown

Chaka Khan (Lead vocals, backing vocals); David Frank (Keyboards, synthesizer); Steve Ferrone, J.R. Robinson, Joe Mardin (Drums); Paul Pesco, Steve Lukather, Dan Huff, Michael Landau, Vadim Zilberstein (Guitars); Philippe Saisse, Robbie Buchanan, John Robie, Danny Sembello, Don Freeman, Steve Porcaro, James Newton Howard, Keith "Plex" Barnhart, David Foster (Keyboards); Nathan East (Bass); Tony Maiden (Rhythm guitar); Michael Sembello (Guitar solo, backing vocals); Rob Mounsey (Synclavier); Reggie Griffin (Guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizer); Stevie Wonder (Chromatic harmonica); Mic Murphy, Cruz Sembello, Hamish Stuart, Mark Stevens, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Alec Milstein (Backing vocals).


Chaka Khan - Echoes Of An Era (1982)

01. Them There Eyes
02. All Of Me
03. I Mean You
04. I Love You Porgy
05. Take The ''A'' Train
06. I Hear Music
07. Hire Wire - The Aerialist
08. All Of Me (Alt. Take)
09. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Stanley Clarke (acoustic bass); Chick Corea (piano, arrangements); Joe Henderson (tenor saxophone); Freddie Hubbard (flugelhorn & trumpet); Chaka Khan (vocals); Lenny White (drums).