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martes, 30 de junio de 2015

Max Sunyer Trio - Illa Imaginada (2015)

01. Ethernal Doubt (Max Sunyer)
02. Torrent de Pareis (Max Sunyer)
03. On dius què són els dofins (Max Sunyer)
04. Blue Light for My Baby (Max Sunyer)
05. Calaratjada (Max Sunyer)
06. Trinitats (Max Sunyer)
07. En familia (rewieved) (Max Sunyer / José Luis Santacruz)
08. El terreno de tempesta (Max Sunyer)

Max Sunyer (Guitarra); Toni Cuenca (Baix, contrabaix); Dan Arisa (Bateria).


Toni Solà - The Heart of Jazz (2015)

01. A Blakey’s Touche (Solà)
02. Lush Life (Strayhorn)
03. Impulsive (Hodges) 5:20
04. You Make Me Feel So Crazy (Baker)
05. Wabash (Adderley)
06. Rapid Shave (Burns)
07. Sharing a Cigarette (Solà)
08. Bell Bottoms (Solà)
09. Just an Excuse to Play the Blues (Solà)

Toni Sola (tenor sax); Ronald Baker (trumpet, vocals); Gerard Nieto (piano, organ); Ignasi Gonzalez (double bass, electric bass); Jean Pierre Derouard (drums).


Walter Beasley - Sax Meditations II (2014)

01. Almost paradise
02. New day
03. Heartfelt
04. As i look at you
05. Midnight meditation
06. Silver lining
07. Let go
08. Calm your storm
09. Autumn in boston
10. Acceptance


Walter Beasley - Live In The Club (2013)

01. Message to Mark / Free Your Mind
02. Let Go
03. Groove in You
04. Brother (the Band Feature)
05. Her Presence (Tribute to Webster Roach)
06. Rhea's Song
07. Mister Magic (Go-Go Style)

Walter Beasley (sax, vocals); Chad Selph (keys); Wayne Jones (guitar); Christopher "Biscuit" Bynum (drums); David Dyson (bass).


Walter Beasley - Live In The Groove (2010)

01. Go With The Flow
02. Do You Want To Dance
03. The Call
04. Her Presence
05. Be Thankful
06. Forgiveness
07. Free
08. The King Lives
09. Mr Magic Mt Airy Groove
10. Reprise


Walter Beasley - Backatcha! (2010)

01. Lovely Day
02. Expressway
03. Ellie's Theme
04. Ooh Child
05. Baby That's Backatcha
06. Find Your Love
07. Hurry Up This Way Again
08. The Call
09. Simply Put
10. When You Least Expect It


Walter Beasley - Free Your Mind (2009)

01. Steady As She Goes 
02. Love Calls 
03. Oh Yeah 
04. Message To Mark 
05. Shirlitta 
06. Free Your Mind 
07. Duke Zillia 
08. Just Breathe 
09. Barack's Groove 
10. She Can't Help It 
11. Miss Minnie

Walter Beasley (vocals, saxophone); Lynne Fiddmont (vocals, background vocals); Jeff Lockhart, Mark Strowbridge, Randall Bowland, Rick Watford (guitar); Tony Watson Jr. (saxophone); Derek Cannon (trumpet); James K. Lloyd (keyboards); Walter Barnes, Raymond McKinley, Craig Shaw, Sean Michael Ray, Sam Sims, Webster Roach (bass guitar); John Roberts (drums, percussion, background vocals); Rafael Pereira (percussion); Phil Davis (keyboard programming, drum programming); David "Pookie" Cole (drum programming).


Walter Beasley - Sax Meditations (2008)

01. Another Day 
02. Her Presence 
03. Oceanside 
04. Beyond Me 
05. Love is What We Do 
06. Forgiveness 
07. The Unknown 
08. Sunset in Southborough 
09. Quiet Journey 
10. Sounds of Jupiter 
11. Solace 


Walter Beasley - Ready For Love (2007)

01. Free
02. La Nina
03. Be Thankful For What You've Got
04. Ready For Love
05. Rhea's Song
06. She Moves Me
07. Miss You
08. Land of the Sun
09. Sugar Puddin'
10. Why Not You
11. Willa Mae's Place

Walter Beasley (vocals, saxophone); Tiffany Davis (vocals); Jeff Lockhart, Rick Walford (guitar); James Lloyd (keyboards, programming); Phil Davis (keyboards); Joel Powell (bass guitar); Lil' John Roberts (drums); David "Pookie" Cole (programming).


Walter Beasley - Greatest Hits (2007)

01. Nice And Easy
02. Won't You Let me Love You
03. I Feel You
04. Do You Wanna Dance
05. Tantam
06. I Wanna Know
07. Comin' Home
08. Slowly But Surely
09. Comin' At Cha
10. Sideshow
11. People Make The World Go Round
12. Freaknic


Walter Beasley - Live (2006)

01. Introduction
02. On the Black Side
03. My Oasis
04. Intro to 'Do You Wanna Dance'
05. Do You Wanna Dance
06. Intro to 'Freaknic'
07. Freaknic
08. Intro to 'What's My Name'
09. What's My Name
10. Intro to 'Never Can Say Goodbye'
11. Never Can Say Goodbye
12. Intro to 'I Feel You'
13. I Feel You
14. People Make the World Go Round

Walter Beasley (vocals, sopranino saxophone, alto saxophone); Tyrone Chase (guitar); Andrew Sherman (keyboards); Baron Browne (bass guitar); Mark Simmons (drums).

Recording information: Sculler's Jazz Club, Boston, Massachussetts (10/09/1998).


Walter Beasley - For Her (2005)

01. She's All That
02. For Her
03. Coolness
04. Good Morning
05. What Ya' Feelin'?
06. Don't Say Goodnight
07. Remember When
08. Grace
09. Let's Ride
10. Things Change
11. Playtime

Walter Beasley  (vocals, saxophone); Ra-Deon Kirkland (vocals); Chuck Loeb, Tyronne Chase (guitar); James Lloyd, Phil Davis (keyboards); Martin Walters, Webster Roach (bass instrument).


Walter Beasley - The Classic R&B Collection (2004)

01. Killing Me Softly  
02. People Make the World Go 'Round  
03. Rock With You
04. Never Can Say Goodbye
05. Let's Stay Together
06. Visions
07. Everything I Miss at Home  
08. Sideshow
09. Can This Be Real
10. My Girl

Walter Beasley (vocals, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Craig Glanville (vocals, percussion); Larry McClellan (trombone); Andrew Sherman, Mark Johnson (keyboards, programming); Mike Ricchiuti, Dow Brain (keyboards); Jeff Lockhart, Chuck Loeb (guitar); Ron Mahdi (acoustic bass); Ron Jerkins, Baron Browne (bass); David Cole, Brian Dunne (drums); Ricardo Monzone (percussion).


Walter Beasley - Midnight Love The Ultimate Collection (2003)

01. What's my name
02. Groove in you
03. Do you wanna dance
04. Sleep tight
05. For your pleasure
06. Sweetness
07. Rendezvous
08. Three way
09. Babygirl
10. From this moment on


lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

Walter Beasley - Go With The Flow (2003)

01. Go With the Flow
02. West Hamilton Groove
03. Precious Moments
04. Suddenly
05. All I Want
06. My Pleasure
07. Brother
08. Cross Your Mind, (Do I Ever)
09. Don't Know Why  
10. Let Me Watch (You)
11. Over and Over

Walter Beasley (vocals, alto saxophone); Phil Davis (keyboards, programming); Andy Georges (acoustic & nylon string guitars); Rick Watford, James L. Walker Jr. (acoustic guitar); Jeff Lockhart, Wayne Jones, Casey Smith (guitar); Ronnie Garrett, Webster Roach, Baron Browne (bass); Tiffany Davis, Ajara Ledford (background vocals).


Walter Beasley - Rendezvous (2002)

01. Coming Home
02. I Had a Dream
03. Things I Do For Love
04. Reflections
05. Sweet Nothings
06. Good Times
07. Can This Be Real
08. Three Way
09. Rendezvous
10. New Day New Way

Walter Beasley (vocals, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, keyboards, programming); Myron Davis (various instruments); Dow Brain (keyboards, programming); Jeff Lockhart, Tyrone Chase (guitar); Avery Johnson, Will Lee (bass); David Cole (drums); Ricardo Monzon (percussion). Larry McClellan (trombone); Chuck Loeb (keyboards, guitar, percussion, programming); Benjamin Love (Fender Rhodes piano).


Walter Beasley - Won't You Let Me Love You (2000)

01. Babygirl
02. Comin' at Cha
03. Sideshow
04. Theresa
05. Sleep Tight
06. Won't You Let Me Love You
07. Tantam
08. I Wanna Know
09. Groove in You
10. Visions

Walter Beasley (alto saxophone, saxophone, synthesizer); Michael Colina, Andrew Sherman, Phil Davis (keyboards, programming); Dow Brain (keyboards); Kevin Barry (acoustic guitar); Jeff Lockhart, Chuck Loeb, Tyrone Chase, Martin Estrada guitar); Baron Browne, Chris Loftlin (bass); Ron Mahdi (acoustic bass); Mark Simmons (drums); Ricardo Monzon (percussion); Rhea Dummett, Tiffany Davis (background vocals).


Walter Beasley - For Your Pleasure (1998)

01. I Feel You
02. Nice and Easy
03. For Your Pleasure
04. If You Knew
05. Do You Wanna Dance
06. It Might Be You
07. From This Moment On
08. Everything I Miss at Home  
09. Her Touch
10. Smoke

Walter Beasley (vocals, soprano & alto saxophones); Chuck Loeb (keyboards, guitar, programming); Andrew Sherman, Dow Brain (keyboards, programming); Mike Ricchiuti (keyboards); Jeff Lockhart, Tyrone Chase, Brian Monroney (guitar); Baron Browne, Ron Jenkins (bass); David Cole (drums, programming); Scott Rammer, Dino Esposito (programming); Karen Bell, Yuri Camino (background vocals).


Walter Beasley - Tonight We Love (1997)

01. Slowly But Surely
02. Lets Stay Together
03. My Oasis
04. Whats My Name
05. Killing Me Softly
06. Sweetness
07. People Make the World Go Round
08. Never Can Say Goodbye
09. My Girl
10. Tonight We Love

Walter Beasley (vocals, saxophone, keyboards, drum programming); Craig Glandville (vocals, percussion); Abria Smith (vocals); Mark Johnson keyboards, drum programming); Andrew Sherman, Dow Brain (keyboards); Jeff Lockhart (guitar); Baron Browne (bass); David Cole, Charles Haynes, Mark Simmons (drums).


Walter Beasley - Live and More (1996)

01. On the Blackside   
02. Night Crawler  
03. Love Is So Amazing (feat. Liz Withers) 
04. I Remember You
05. Freaknic  
06. Don't Say Goodbye
07. Straight to the Point  
08. For Love's Sake


Walter Beasley Project - Private Time (1995)

01. On The Blackside   
02. Calling To Me   
03. A Love Of Your Own   
04. Private Time   
05. If You Let Me In   
06. I Will Be The One   
07. As She Moves   
08. Freaknic   
09. Baby Can't You See   
10. Deep In My Soul   
11. Just Like Before

Walter Beasley (vocals, soprano & alto saxophones, keyboards, synthesizer, drum programming); Liz Withers, Kenya Hathaway (vocals); Craig Glanville (vocal percussion, drum programming); Orville Wright (synthesizer, keyboards); Earl R. Johnson, Jr. (keyboards, drum programming); Andrew Sherman (keyboards); Jeff Lockhart (guitar); Carl Carter (bass); Ricardo Rodriguez, Ricardo Monzon (percussion); Tom Waltz, Dave Cowan (drum programming); Monica Lynk, Brenda White King, Curtis King (background vocals).


Walter Beasley - Intimacy (1992)

01. Dianne   
02. Just Hold Me   
03. If You Ever Loved Someone And Lost   
04. In The Morning (En La Mañana)   
05. Sisters   
06. Lil Touch Of Jazz   
07. Night Time   
08. Don't Say Goodbye   
09. Alone   
10. Intimacy


Walter Beasley - Just Kickin' It (1989)

01. Just Kickin' It
02. Good Love
03. I Would Never Go
04. Get Loose
05. Don't Say Goodbye
06. You Are the One
07. Muriel's Lament
08. In Time
09. Have You Seen My Girl
10. Nancy


Walter Beasley - Walter Beasley (1987)

01. I'm So Happy
02. On The Edge
03. Call Me
04. Jump On It
05. Back In Love Again
06. Tenderness
07. Nothin' But A Thang
08. Where
09. I'm So Happy (12'' Mix)


domingo, 28 de junio de 2015

Tony Guerrero - Reunion (2014)

01. I Could Write a Book
02. Ain't Misbehavin'
03. Bye Bye Blackbird (feat. Gina Saputo)
04. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
05. Sweet Lorraine
06. When It's Time Down South
07. What Is Thing Called Love
08. Pennies From Heaven
09. Fat's Waltz
10. But Beautiful
11. Stella By Starlight
12. Everything Happens To Me


Tony Guerrero - Blue Room (2010)

01. It's Only A Paper Moon 
02. Just a Few
03. Black Orpheus   
04. Carumba
05. Body & Soul
06. Blue Room 
07. Dizzy Does It  
08. My Secret Love  
09. Flugel Bugle Blues 
10. Over the Rainbow   
11. Just Squeeze Me 
12. Candy (For Candice)
13. My Romance

Tony Guerrero (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn); Llew Matthews (piano); Matt Johnson (drums).


Tony Guerrero - Apasionado (2008)

01. Fire Dance  
02. Apasionado   
03. Little Flower   
04. Puerto Nuevo   
05. Gabriella  
06. Amando
07. What the Heart Dreams  
08. Song For Nico with Jeff Kashiwa   
09. Flutterbye  
10. Jacala  
11. Sunlight  
12. You Can Close Your Eyes with Sara Gazarek

Tony Guerrero (trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards); Sara Gazarek (vocals); Grant Geissman, Gannin Arnold (guitar); Robert Kyle (flute, alto flute, saxophone); Eric Marienthal, Jeff Kashiwa (saxophone); Bill Cantos (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards); Drew Hester (vibraphone); Mike Shapiro (drums, percussion); John "Hot Fat Reynolds" Ferraro (drums).


Tony Guerrero - Ballads (2002)

01. Heartbeat
02. Let's Fall In Love
03. Love's Gift
04. The Moment
05. Romance
06. Mysterie
07. When We Dance
08. All Night Long
09. Beautiful
10. First Love
11. Midnight
12. The Secret Garden


Tony Guerrero - Mysterie (1996)

01. For Your Love 
02. Mysterie
03. Webbcrawler 
04. All Night Long
05. Uptown 
06. 30th Street 
07. Beautiful (For Kelly)
08. The Vibe 
09. First Love
10. Is This Thing On?

Tony Guerrero (Guitar, Trumpet, Arranger, Flugelhorn, Keyboards); Rob Mullins (Percussion, Piano, Arranger, Drums, Keyboards, Programming); Alex Al (Bass); Bill Cantos (Vocals); Melissa "Missy" Hasin (Cello); Tom McCauley (Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing); Greg Vail (Saxophone); Del Atkins (Bass); Gannin Arnold (Guitar).


Tony Guerrero - Now & Then (1995)

01. Underground Society
02. When We Dance
03. L.A.'D [1995 Version]
04. Secret Garden
05. Amorado
06. Slam Shack
07. Midnight
08. This Isn't Love Anymore
09. Strut [Edited Version]
10. With You
11. Another Day, Another Dream
12. Rude Dude
13. One Last Time
14. Mangione [Edited Version]
15. Buckethead Shuffle

Tony Guerrero (harmonica, trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, drum programming); Brian Price (vocals, guitar); Bill Cantos (vocals, organ, keyboards); Kelly Rae Alcott, Michael Martin (vocals); Rick Zahariades, Norman Brown, Gannin Arnold (guitar); Greg Vail (alto flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Gary Gould (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Gerald Albright, Brandon Fields (alto saxophone); Bobby Medina (trumpet); George Thatcher, Jerry Wheeler (trombone); Tom Zink (keyboards, drum programming); Herman Jackson (keyboards); Brian Bromberg (bass synthesizer); Lee Venters (drums, hi-hat); Tony Shogren (cymbals); Steve Reid , Brian Kilgore (percussion); Cobb Bussinger, George Nishigomi, James Raymond, Marc Hugenberger (keyboard programming).


Tony Guerrero - Another Day, Another Dream (1991)

01. Midnight Prelude   
02. Midnight   
03. Another Day, Another Dream  
04. Amorado 
05. This Isn't Love Anymore   
06. Freedom
07. Rude Dude
08. The Secret Garden    
09. Lu's Blues   
10. Daydream  
11. El Corazon 
12. Closing Time

Tony Guerrero - Tiara (1989)

01. Preachin'   
02. Freckles   
03. It Was Good While It Lasted   
04. With You 
05. Tiara   
06. Attitude   
07. La'd   
08. Tightrope   
09. In His Hands


Tony Guerrero - Different Places (1989)

01. Slam Shack (feat. Brian Bromberg)
02. Mangione
03. If You're Gonna Stay
04. One Last Time (feat. Brandon Fields)
05. Hi-Tops
06. Pancho (feat. Bill Cantos)
07. Different Places (feat. Richard Smith)
08. Strut (feat. Norman Brown)
09. Little One (feat. Brian Bromberg & Bill Cantos)
10. The Buckethead Shuffle


sábado, 27 de junio de 2015

T-Square - Solitude (1994)

01 Heaven Knows -- Hiroyuki Noritake
02 Solitude -- Masahiro Andoh
03 No End Run -- Masato Honda
04 Salamander -- Hirotaka Izumi
05 Quiet Oment-- Mitsuru Sutoh
06 Goodbye Hero -- Masahiro Andoh
07 Faces (1994 Re-mix Version) -- Masahiro Andoh
08 Heaven Knows (Reprise)-- Hiroyuki Noritake

Chiharu Mikuzuki (Bass); Hiroshi Okamoto (Piano , Keyboards); Hirotaka Izumi (Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer Programming); Hiroyuki Noritake (Drums, Percussion); Isamu Ohashi (Electric Guitar); Jin Saitoh (Synthesizer Programming); Masaharu Ishikawa (Drums); Masahiro Andoh (Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer Programming); Masahiro Inaba (Acoustic & Electric Guitar); Masaki Matsubara (Electric Guitar); Masato Honda (EWI, Soprano Saxophone, Keyboards, Synthesizer Programming); Mitsuru Sutoh (Bass); Motoya Hamaguchi (Percussion); Shigeaki Hashimoto (Synthesizer Programming); Tadashi Namba (Piano, Keyboards); Tetsuo Sakurai, Toshimi Nagai (Bass); Yoshihiro Tomonari (Piano); Yoshiyuki Sahashi (Acoustic & Electric Guitars).


T-Square - Natsu No Wakusei (Summer Planet) (1994)

01. Venus in the morning
02. Copacabana
03. Mirage in the summer
04. No More Tears
05. Season
06. Bad Moon
07. Sentimental Reason
08. Sweet Sorrow

Hirotaka Izumi (Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer Programming); Hiroyuki Noritake (Drums, Percussion, Computer Programming); Masahiro Andoh (Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Computer Programming); Masahiro Kobayashi (Trumpet); Masashi Shinozaki Group (Strings); Masato Honda (All Woodwind and Brass Instruments, EWI, Voice, Keyboards, Computer Programming); Mitsuru Sutoh (5-Strings Bass, 6-Strings Fretless Bass); Takuo Yamamoto (Tenor Saxophone); Toshio Araki (Trumpet); Yohichi Murata (Trombone, Bass Trombone).


T-Square - Megalith (1994)

01. Your Restless Eyes
02. Midnight Circle
03. The Summer of '68
04. Megalith
05. Mr. Mellow
06. Miss You
07. Nab That Chap!!
08. Romantic City
09. Route 405
10. Gerty's Dream


T-Square - Human (1993)



T-Square - Live The Nissin Power Station (1992)

01. Romantic City
02. In The Grid
03. Rise
04. Amaranth
05. A Feel Deep Inside
06. Nab That Chap!!
07. Little League Star
08. Control (encore)
09. Faces (encore)


Ty Causey - Cause & Effect (2015)

01. Testify
02. It's Gotta Be Love (feat. Igor Gerzina)
03. Just Another Love Affair
04. If We Got Love (feat. Igor Gerzina)
05. Don't Rush the Flow
06. So Beautiful
07. Don't Cha Judge Me
08. Missin' You
09. This Is My Prayer (feat. Igor Gerzina)
10. Leave the Drama


Ty Causey - Cool In My Skin (2013)

01. Bad Boy
02. Step N2 Love
03. Love Me That Way
04. Keep Your Head Up
05. Other Side of Town
06. Ordinary Guy
07. No More Broken Hearts
08. Hold On, Don't Let Go
09. Free Ride
10. Cool in My Skin
11. Payin' My Dues
12. Slide
13. Good Old Fashion Love


Ty Causey - The Gospel Truth (2012)

01. Be Thankful
02. Only the Strong Will Survive
03. Sweet Jesus (How Can I Repay)
04. Thank You for Your Beautiul
05. Spritual Overflow
06. Purpose in My Life
07. Praise His Name
08. The Eyes of Love
09. Sweet Jesus (How Can I Repay) [Remix]
10. Think On These Things


Ty Causey - False Faces (2012)

01. Must Be Magic   
02. Too Much Baggage   
03. Tap Into This Chemistry   
04. I'll Wait For You   
05. You'll Never Be Lonely   
06. False Faces   
07. Love Call   
08. Reason Why   
09. Creepin' (Showdown)   
10. Hot 2 Night   
11. Limit of Love   
12. Bold and Beautiful


Ty Causey - Live - Yours Truly (2010)

01. Love's Messin' With Me
02. Everything About Cha
03. So Addicted
04. True Love In Motion 
05. Life On Track
06. Settle Down
07. Wishing You Were Mine
08. The Way You Are
09. Heartbreak Paradise
10. Don't Change


Ty Causey - Down 2 Earth (2010)

01. Rocket II The Moon
02. A Place In Your Heart
03. Down II Earth
04. Any Means Necessary
05. Recognize
06. Deep Inside
07. Livin' On The Borderline
08. Start Again
09. Love II The Bone
10. I Wanna Know About Love


Ty Causey - True Love In Motion (2009)

01. Chill Tonight  
02. Closer To Your Love  
03. Set You Free  
04. Your Love  
05. Gotta Be  
06. Sounds Of Music  
07. True Love In Motion  
08. Be For Real  
09. I Still Get Butterflies e 
10. The Love Of My Life  
11. Golden Girl   
12. Turn Him Loose  
13. Make This Moment Last


Ty Causey - Body Language (2008)

01. Body Language  
02. It's Just a Fantasy  
03. Hot Tonight  
04. Set You Free  
05. When You're in Love  
06. You'll Never Be Lonely  
07. Dinner, Wine,candlelight  
08. Lovin' You Ain't So Easy  
09. Are We Vibin  
10. Nice and Slow  
11. You're the Love of My Life


Ty Causey - Expressions (2007)

01. Got Love  
02. Heartbreak Paradise  
03. So Addicted  
04. Pick Up The Pieces  
05. No Need To Rush  
06. Dark Cloud
07. Back To Loving You  
08. Without You  
09. The Way You Are  
10. Wishing You Were Mine  
11. Expressions (Outro)


Ty Causey - N-Tysing Rekindled (2006)

01. Keep It Smooth  
02. Lifetime Friend  
03. I Feel Her Shadow 
04. Reminisce in the Moonlight  
05. Everything About Cha  
06. Sands of Love 
07. Yours Love's a Mystery  
08. Until Sunrise  
09. Sweet Talking  
10. Vibin'  
11. Love Light  
12. Rise Up  
13. Marvelous Love  
14. It's Probably Me


Ty Causey - Love Notes (2005)

01. Life On Track
02. Don't Change
03. I Miss You
04. Step Out Tonight
05. Breathless
06. Love's Messin' With Me
07. Keep On Lovin Me
08. Visions Of Love
09. Falling For You
1O. Part Time Lover
11. Heart To Heart Forevermore
12. Settle Down


viernes, 26 de junio de 2015

Alex De Grassi, David Torn, Michael Hedges, Michael Manring & Tuck Andress - Windham Hill Records Guitar Sampler Volume II (1991)

01. A Momentary Change Of Heart - Alex De Grassi
02. Deep At Night - Alex De Grassi
03. Sunday On The Violet Sea - David Torn
04. Lion Of Boaz - David Torn
05. Ritual Dance - Michael Hedges
06. If I Need Someone - Michael Hedges
07. Selene - Michael Manring
08. Red Right Returning - Michael Manring
09. Sweet P - Tuck Andress
10. Betcha By Golly, Wow - Tuck Andress