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miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

Lenny White, Jamey Haddad, Mark Sherman - Explorations In Space And Time (2013)

01. Stank [Binaural]
02 Wood and Metal [Binaural]
03. War [Binaural]
04. The Wind [Binaural]
05. Seven [Binaural]
06. Tranquility [Binaural]
07. Groove [Binaural]
08. Phrases [Binaural]
09. Long Distance [Binaural]

10. Stank [SoundField]
11. Wood and Metal [SoundField]
12. War [SoundField]
13. The Wind [SoundField]
14. Seven [SoundField]
15. Tranquility [SoundField]
16. Groove [SoundField]
17. Phrases [SoundField]
18. Long Distance [SoundField]
19. Rhythm [Binaural bonus track]
20. Roots [Binaural bonus track]

Two albums in one: Binaural & Soundfield

Jamey Haddad (kanjira, djembe, shaker, caxixi, percussion); Lenny White (vibraphone, drums, drum set, gong); Mark Sherman (vibraphone, cymbals, shaker, triangle).


Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke & Lenny White - Forever (2011)

CD 1:
01. On Green Dolphin Street
02. Waltz for Debby
03. Bud Powell
04. La Cancion de Sofia
05. Windows
06. Hackensack
07. No Mystery
08. Senor Mouse

CD 2:
01. Captain Marvel
02. Senor Mouse
03. Crescent
04. Armando's Rhumba
05. Renaissance
06. High Wire - The Aerialist
07. I Love You Porgy
08. After The Cosmic Rain
09. Space Circus
10. 500 Miles High

Chick Corea (Piano & keyboards); Stanley Clarke (Acoustic & Electric Bass); Lenny White (Drums); Bill Connors (Guitar); Jean-Luc Ponty (Violin); Chaka Khan (Vocals).


Lenny White - Anomaly (2010)

01. Drum Boogie
02. We Know
03. Forever
04. Drum Moon
05. Gazelle
06. If You Dare
07. Election Day
08. Coming Down
09. Cat Lett Out of the Bag
10. Water Changes Everything.
11. Anthem
12.The Wait has lifted the weight

Lenny White (Drums); Nick Moroch (Guitar) ; David Gilmore (Guitar); Tom Guarna (Guitar); Jimmy Herring(Guitar); David Bendeth (Guitar); George Colligan (Keyboards); Bernard Wright (Keyboards); Donald Blackman((Keyboards) ); Vince Evans (Keyboards); Victor Bailey (Bass); Richie Goods (Bass); Charles Fambrough (Bass); Stanley Clarke (Bass).


Lenny White, Buster Williams, George Colligan, Steve Wilson - Hancock Island (2008)

01. Cantaloupe Island
02. Fat Alberta Rotunda
03. Butterfly
04. Finger Painting
05. Chameleon
06. Rockit
07. Watermelon Man
08. Maiden Voyage

Lenny White (Drums); Buster Williams (Bass); George Colligan (Piano, keyboards); Steve Wilson (Sax).


Lenny White, Victor Bailey, Larry Coryell - Traffic (2006)

01. Judith Loves Jazz
02. Manic Depression
03. Door #3
04. Joyce's Favorite
05. Misterioso
06. Dedication
07. Drums & Bass
08. Jake's Lullaby
09. Overruled
10. Electric Jam

Larry Coryell (Electric and acoustic guitars); Victor Bailey (Electric bass); Lenny White (Drums).


Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey, Lenny White - Electric (2005)

01. Wolfbane
02. BB Blues
03. So What
04. Sex Machine
05. Black Dog
06. Footprints
07. Born Under a Bad Sign
08. Low Blow
09. Rhapsody and Blues

Victor Bailey (Bass Electric, Guitar Bass); Larry Coryell (Guitar, Guitar Electric); Lenny White (Drums).


The Lenny White Project - The Love Has Never Gone (2004)

01. Evil
02. Fantasy
03. Earth, Wind & Fire
04. After the love has gone
05. See the Light
06. Runnin'
07. Spirit
08. Getaway 

Lenny White (drums); Vanessa Rubin (vocals); Biréli Lagrène (guitar); Antoine Roney (saxophone); Wallace Roney (trumpet). Arrangers: Lenny White; Patrice Rushen; Kelvin Sholar Love Has Never Gone: Tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire songs.


Lenny White - The Lenny White Collection (2002)

01. Who Do You Love
02. Little Sunflower
03. Tanya
04. Dr. Jackle / Africa Talks To You
05. Uno Dos Adios
06. Jive Samba
07. Sack O' Woe
08. It Was A Very Good Year
09. By Any Means Necessary
10. Pick Pocket
11. True Blue


Lenny White - Edge (1999)

01. Raiders in the Temple of Doom
02. Big D
03. Exit
04. Kashmir
05. Mr. Depriest
06. No Man's Land
07. It was a very good Year
08. Truth - The Breath of Life
09. If six was four?
10. Chatter
11.  Semi-Five

Lenny White (Drums, percussion, programming, synthesizers); Victor Bailey (Bass); Foley (Lead bass, bass, lead vocals, keyboards); Patrice Rushen (Piano, synthesizers, keyboards, organ); Danny Walsh (Saxophones); Benny Maupin (Saxophones, bass clarinet); Nick Moroch (Guitar); Kevin Sholar (Keyboards); Donald Blackman (Organ, keyboards); Vince Evans (Keyboards); Pete Levin (Synthesizers); Dianne Reeves (Vocals).


Lenny White - Renderers Of Spirit (1996)

01. Whew! What A Dream (White)
02. Ho-Cake (White)
03. Walk On By (Bacharach, David)
04. Pick Pocket (Bailey)
05. Savant (White)
06. Sailing (Cross)
07. The Abyss (White, Dryden)
08. Swing Time (White)
09. Beggin' (White, Ledford, Lesley)
10. Countdown 2000 (White, Irvine)
11. Dr. Jackle/Africa Talks To You (McLean, Stewart)

Lenny White (organ, keyboards, drums, programming); Mark Ledford (vocals, trumpet, guitar); Audrey Northington, Elyse Johnson, Weldon Irvine, Nikki Richards (vocals); Bennie Maupin (soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet); Danny Walsh (alto saxophone); Javon Jackson (tenor saxophone); Michael Brecker (saxophone); Michael "Patches" Stewart (trumpet); Chris Howes (violin); Bernard Wright (piano, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, synthesizer); Vince Evans (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, synthesizer); Patrice Rushen (piano, synthesizer); Pete Levin (keyboards, synthesizer, programming); Donald Blackman, Jon Dryden (keyboards, synthesizer); Dechtown Jenkins, Dean Brown (guitar); Victor Bailey, Foley, Daryl Jones (bass).


Lenny White - Present Tense (1995)

01. Thick (White)
02. East St. Louis (White)
03. Who Do You Love (White, Wright)
04. Door #3 (White, Getter)
05. Sweet Tooth (Bailey)
06. Wolfbane (White)
07. Tea In The Sahara (Sting)
08. Dark (White, Purrone)
09. And Then You'll Know (White, Getter)
10. By Any Means Necessary (White, McClean, Bell, Harris)
11. Two Weeks In Another Town (White)
12. The Shadow Of Lo (White)
13. Caprice (Corea)

Lenny White (keyboards, drums, percussion, programming); Mark Ledford, Nicki Richards, Jean McClain, Chaka Khan (vocals); Muckhead (rap vocals); Dean Brown , Tony Purrone, John Scofield (guitar); Michal Urbaniak (violin); Michael Brecker (saxophone, tenor saxophone); Kenny Garrett (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Danny Walsh (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Rick Margitza (tenor saxophone); Michael Stewart (trumpet, flugelhorn); Bernard Wright (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, organ, keyboards, synthesizer); Chick Corea (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, organ, synthesizer); Mulgrew Miller (piano); Adam Holzman, Pete Levin (synthesizer, programming); George Whitty, Gil Goldstein, Jon Dryden (synthesizer); Stephanie McKay, Sybil, Charvoni (background vocals).


Lenny White - Attitude (1983)

01. Attitude
02. You Bring Out The Best In Me
03. Just Say The Word
04. The Ride
05. My Turn To Love You
06. Didn't Know About Love (Til I Found You)
07. Fascination
08. Tell Him (Fala Para Ele)

Lenny White (Drums, Percussion, Moog Synthesizer, Clapping, Prophet Synthesizer, Oberheim, Linn Drum); Bernard Fowler, Michael Murphy (Vocals); Carol Brooks, John Palmer (Vocals, Background Vocals); Bernard Wright (Piano, Keyboards, Clapping, Fender Rhodes, Oberheim, Memory Moog, Mini Moog); David Frank (Keyboards, Vocoder, Oberheim, Memory Moog); Alan Palanker (Keyboards, Prophet Synthesizer); Bobby Lee Jones (Clavinet, Moog Synthesizer, Oberheim); Leon Pendarvis (Piano, Arranger, Fender Rhodes); Michael Beinhorn (Synthesizer); Nick Moroch, John Pati (Guitar); Ray Gomez (Rhythm Guitar); Carla Vaughn (Banjo); Bill Laswell, Marcus Miller (Bass Guitar); Jimmy Maelen, Steve Thornton (Percussion); Tom Coppola (Steel Drums, Oberheim, Mini Moog); Keith Foley (Clapping, Mini Moog); Angela Cappelli, Rachele Cappelli, Kevin Palmer, Arturo Palmer, Eltesa Weathersby (Background Vocals).


Twennynine With Lenny White - Just Like Dreamin' (1981)

01. Rhythm
02. Twennynine (The Rap)
03. Movin' On
04. Don't Look Back
05. Just Like Dreamin'
06. Need You
07. All Over Again
08. Find A Love
09. All I Want

Lenny White (Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer); Skip Anderson (Keyboards, Vocals); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Barry Sonjohn Johnson (Bass, Vocals); Eddie Martinez (Guitar, Vocals); Denzil A. Miller Jr. (Keyboards); Carla Vaughn (Vocals); Steve "Syco Steve" Williams (Guitar, Vocals).


Twennynine With Lenny White - Twennynine With Lenny White (1980)

01. Just right for me
02. It's music,it's magic
03. My melody
04. Kid stuff
05. Fancy dancer
06. Love and be loved
07. Back to you
08. Slip away
09. We had to break away
10. The ll th fanfare

Lenny White (Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer, Vocals); Carla Vaughn, Judy Jones, Sylvia Cox, Sylvia St. James, Yolande Howard (Backing Vocals); Barry "Sonjon" Johnson (Bass, Lead Vocals); Nick Moroch (Guitar); Eddie Martinez (Guitar, Vocals); Denzil "Broadway" Miller (Keyboards, Synthesizer); John "Skip" Anderson (Keyboards, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals); Tanya Willoughby (Lead Vocals); Paulinho da Costa (Percussion); Eddie Martinez (Guitar); Denzil "Broadway" Miller (Piano); Larry Dunn (Synthesizer).


Twennynine Featuring Lenny White - Best Of Friends (1979)

01. Citi Dancin'
02. Take Me Or Leave Me
03. Best Of Friends
04. Peanut Butter
05. Betta
06. Morning Sunrise
07. Oh, Sylvie
08. Tropical Nights

Lenny White (Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer); Barry Johnson, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Donald Blackman, Googie Coppola, Lynn Davis (Backing Vocals); Barry Sonjohn (Bass); Donald Blackman (Clavinet, Electric Piano, Organ, Piano Acoustic, Synthesizer); Eddie Martinez (Guitar); Andres Woolfolk, Robert Bryant, Don Myrick, Elmer Brown, Garnett Brown, George Bohanon, Louis Satterfield, Marilyn Robinson, Michael Davis, Sidney Muldrow (Horns); Denzil Miller (Keyboards); Nick Moroch (Lead Guitar, Glockenspiel); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Barry Sonjohn, Donald Blackman (Vocals).


Lenny White - Streamline (1978)

01. Struttin'
02. Lady Madonna
03. 12 Bars From Mars
04. Earthlings
05. Spazmo Strikes Again
06. Time
07. Pooh Bear
08. Lockie's Inspiration
09. I'll See You Soon
10. Night Games
11. Cosmic Indigo

Lenny White (Drums, Percussion); Marcus Miller (Bass); Don "Captain Keyboards" Blackman (Vocals, Keyboards); Nick Moroch, Jamie Glazer (Guitar); Denzil "Broadway" Miller (Keyboards);
Chaka Khan (Lead Vocals on "Lady Madonna"); Diane Reeves (Background Vocals); Larry Dunn (Programming)


Lenny White - The Adventures Of The Astral Pirates (1977)

01. Prelude: Theme For Astral Pirates
02. Pursuit
03. Mandarin Warlords
04. The Great Pyramid
05. Universal Love
06. Remenbering
07. Revelation
08. Stew, Cabbage And Galactic Beans
09. Heavy Metal Monster
10. Assault
11. Climax: Theme For Astral Pirates

Alex Blake (Bass); Lenny White (Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer); Nick Moroch (Guitar); Jeff Sigman (Guitar Rhythm); Don Blackman (Keyboards, Vocals); Patrick Gleeson (Synthesizer).


Lenny White - Big City (1976)

01. Big City
02. Sweet Dreamer
03. Interludes (Egypt)
04. Interludes (Nocture)
05. Rapid Transit
06. Ritmo Loco
07. Dreams Come And Go Away
08. Enchanted Pool Suite (Prelude:Part 1, Part 2)
09. And We Meet Again

Lenny White (Drums, percussions, congas, timbales, piano, ARP synthesizer); Herbie Hancock (Piano, keyboards); Marcus Miller (Bass); Miroslav Vitous (Acoustic bass); Onaje Allan Gumbs (Keyboards); Verdine White (Bass); Jan Hammer (Piano, keyboards); Alex Blake (Bass); Brian Auger (Piano, organ); Gary King (Bass); Ray Gomez (Guitar); Linda Tillery (Vocals); Neal Schon (Guitar); Michael Gibbs (Piano, keyboards); Paul Jackson (Bass); Pat Gleeson (Synthesizer); Bennie Maupin (Saxophone); Jerry Goodman (Violin); Tower Of Power (Horn Section).


Lenny White - Venusian Summer (1975)

01. Chicken-Fried Steak
02. Away Go Troubles Down The Drain
03. The Venusian Summer Suite
04. Prelude To Rainbow Delta
05. Mating Drive
06. Prince Of The Sea

Lenny White (piano, Clavinet, keyboards, synthesizer, mini-Moog synthesizer, marimba, drums, snare drum, timpani, wood block, gong); Al di Meola, Larry Coryell (guitar, electric guitar); Douglas Rodriguez, Ray Gomez (guitar); Hubert Laws (flute); Onaje Allan Gumbs (piano, electric piano, Clavinet, organ, Mellotron, keyboards); Peter Manning Robinson (Clavinet, synthesizer, mini-Moog synthesizer); David Sancious (organ, keyboards, mini-Moog synthesizer, Moog synthesizer); Weldon Irvine (organ, keyboards); Jimmy Smith , Larry Young (organ); Patrick Gleeson (keyboards, synthesizer, mini-Moog synthesizer, Moog synthesizer, Oberheim synthesizer); Don Blackman (keyboards, synthesizer); Tom Harrell (Moog synthesizer); Dennis MacKay (percussion, gong).


martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Jakob Magnusson - Time Zone (1986)

01. Time zone
02. Sunburn
03. Two sisters
04. Rough water
05. Bangkok
06. Footprints
07. Caribbean rhapsody

Jakob Magnusson (Keyboards); Steve Tavaglione (Saxophones); Mike Landau (Guitar); Steve Anderson (Bass); Jeff Berlin (Bass); Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums); Mike Fisher, Steve Forman (Percussion).
With guests: Stanley Clarke (Bass); Freddie Hubbard (Trumpet).


Mike Ricchiuti - The Way I See It (2003)

01. Forward Motion
02. Up All Night
03. Embrace
04. The Way I See It
05. Still Standing
06. Just So You Know
07. Dogs in the Neighborhood
08. Changes
09. Slow Roller
10. And Then Peace


Therese Ulvan - Love True (2014)

01. 100 Yard Dash
02. Everything Happens for a Reason
03. Love True
04. Monkey See Monkey Do
05. Best Kept Secret
06. Ideal World
07. I'm Just A Man
08. Life Of A Broken Heart
09. Soap
10. Mother Earth

Therese Ulvan (Vocals); Jimmy Haslip (Bass); Jeff Lorber (Keyboards & guitar); Michael Landau, Michael Thompson, Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar); Sten Frode Solvang (Acoustic guitar); Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Novak, Oscar Seaton, Little John (Drums); Dave Mann (Sax, horn arrangement); Trevor Neumann (Trumpet); Jeff Pescetto, Brenda Russell, Sharon Perry (Backing vocals).


Jeff Kashiwa - Let It Ride (2012)

01. Let It Ride
02. Stomp (feat. Chuck Loeb)
03. The Name Game
04. Up (feat. Russ Freeman)
05. One Of These Days
06. Hot Tin Roof (feat. Tom Schuman)
07. When Will I Know?
08. One More Day (feat. Russ Freeman & David Benoit)
09. Follow Your Heart (feat. Russ Freeman & David Benoit)
10. Sundance (feat. Tom Schuman)
11. Blue Child

Jeff Kashiwa (Flute, Keyboards, Mixing, Sax Alto, Soprano & Tenor); Rico Belled, André Berry, Melvin Davis (Bass); David Benoit (Piano); Nicholas Cole (Keyboards); Russ Freeman (Guitar, Guitar Classical); Allen Hinds (Guitar, Guitar Acoustic, Electric & Nylon String); Gerey Johnson, Chuck Loeb (Guitar); Ronnie Gutierrez (Percussion); Bill Heller (Keyboards); Dave Hooper, Ricky Lawson (Drums); Tom Schuman (Organ, Piano).


Jeff Kashiwa - The Very Best Of (2009)

01. Hyde Park (The 'Ah, Oooh' Song)   
02. Voices   
03. Changes   
04. Stay With Me 
05. The Power Of Midnight   
06. Around The World   
07. A Quiet Goodbye  
08. Mediterranean Nights   
09. New View  
10. Simple Truth   
11. Ecstasy   
12. The Lucky One   
13. Wait And See

Jeff Kashiwa (Saxophones, Alto Flute, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Sequencing, Keyboard Programming); Barry Danielian, Tony Guerrero (Trumpet); Michael Davis (Trombone); David Andrew Mann (Tenor Saxophone); Russell Ferrante (Piano); Jeff Lorber (Piano, Keyboards); Mike Ricchiuti (Piano, Fender Rhodes); Dave Kochanski (Keyboards, Keyboard Programming, Moog Bass); Chuck Loeb, Greg Carmichael, Allen Hinds, Timmy Stewart (Guitar); Brian Bromberg (Electric & Acoustic Bass, Piccolo Bass, Drum Programming, Background Vocals); Alex Al, Melvin Davis (Bass); Teddy Campbell, Brian Dunne, Dave Hooper, Will Kennedy, Ricky Lawson (Drums); Roger Burns (Vibraphone); Lenny Castro, Steve Reid (Percussion); Steve Oliver (Background Vocals).


Jeff Kashiwa - Back In The Day (2009)

01. When It Feels Good
02. You're The One
03. Creepin'
04. Free Flyer
05. Somethin' Real
06. Meet You There
07. The Attraction
08. Baby, Come Over
09. Back In The Day
10. Honesty

Jeff Kashiwa (Tenor, alto and soprano saxophones); Kim Waters (Keyboards and programming (1, 6); Melvin Davis (Bass); Allen Hinds (Guitar); Dave Kochanski (Keyboards and programming (2, 10); Chris Parks (Bass, guitar, keyboards and programming (3-5 ,8, 9); Rodney Lee (Keyboards and programming (7); John James (lead and backing vocals in 5); Vivian Sessions (backing vocals in 5); Bruce Flowers (wurlitzer and organ).


Jeff Kashiwa - Play (2007)

01. Play! - (Prologue)
02. Lucky One, The
03. Movin' Up
04. Changes
05. Blue Jeans
06. New View
07. Forever
08. Fall
09. One Good Turn
10. Way Out West
11. Once Again
12. Remember When
13. So Many Ways
14. Play! - (Epilogue)

Jeff Kashiwa (keyboard programming); Allen Hinds, Miles Gilderdale (acoustic guitar); Tim Stewart (electric guitar); Greg Charmichael (nylon-string guitar); David Mann (tenor saxophone); Barry Danielian (trumpet); Michael Davis (trombone); Russell Ferrante (Fender Rhodes piano); Mike Ricchiuti (Hammond b-3 organ); Roger Burn (vibraphone); Melvin Davis, Alex Al (bass guitar); Dave Hooper, Teddy Campbell (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion); Dave Kochanski (keyboard programming); Rob DeBoer, Tony Grace (drum programming).


Jeff Kashiwa - Peace of Mind (2004)

01. Wait And See
02. Here and Now
03. Ecstasy
04. Homeward Bound
05. Peace of Mind
06. My Fantasy
07. Stay With Me
08. Deep Blue
09. Stride
10. Falling
11. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) (Bonus Track)

Jeff Kashiwa (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Dave Kochanski (guitar, keyboards, programming); Allen Hinds (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, steel guitar, dobro); Chuck Loeb (electric guitar); Russ Freeman (nylon-string guitar); Kim Waters (alto saxophone); Steve Cole (tenor saxophone); Mike Ricchiuti (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, programming); Dan Siegel (piano); Mark Stephens (Fender Rhodes piano, Moog synthesizer); Greg Mathieson (Hammond b-3 organ); James Lloyd, Jeff Lorber (keyboards, programming); Brian Bromberg (bass instrument, double bass, drum programming); Melvin Davis (bass guitar); Brian Dunne (drums, percussion); Dave Hooper (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion). 


Jeff Kashiwa - Simple Truth (2002)

Cd 1:
01. Day Weekend
02. Voices
03. Show Me Love
04. A Quiet Goodbye
05. The Good Life
06. Simple Truth
07. Mediterranean Nights Intro
08. Mediterranean Nights
09. Something about You
10. Thanks to You

Cd 2:
01. Morning Light [Jeff Kashiwa]
02. Show You Love [instrumental] [Steve Oliver]
03. Off the Cuff [Theo Bishop]
04. If I Could Have It All [Tony Guerrero]
05. Big City [Joe Sherbanee]


Jeff Kashiwa - Another Door Opens (2000)

01. Hyde Park (The "Ah, Oooh" Song)
02. Every Now & Then
03. Because of You
04. Power of Midnight, The
05. Back to Love
06. Around the World
07. Introduction
08. Another Door Opens
09. It's up to You
10. Dream Within a Dream
11. Best of Times

Jeff Kashiwa (flute, saxophone); Steve Oliver (vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, background vocals); Jeff Lorber (guitar, keyboards); Allen Hinds (guitar); Marc Antoine (acoustic guitar); Brian Bromberg (piccolo); Tony Guerro, Tony Guerrero (trumpet); Dave Kochanski (piano, keyboards, drum programming); Russell Ferrante (piano); Nick Manson, Mark Ellis Stephens (keyboards); Ricky Lawson, Will Kennedy , Dave Hooper (drums); Ramon Islas, Ray Yslas, Steve Reid (percussion).


Jeff Kashiwa - Walk A Mile (1996)

01. Givin' In  
02. Saratoga  
03. August Moon  
04. Slide  
05. I See It In Your Eyes  
06. Rise  
07. Walk A Mile  
08. After The Rain  
09. New Day  
10. Our Cry, Our Prayer

Jeff Kashiwa (soprano, alto & tenor saxophone, alto flute, programming, loops); Dave Kochanski (piano, keyboards, synthesizers, programming); Russ Freeman (acoustic & 12-string guitar); Marc Antoine (acoustic guitar); Allen Hinds (guitar); Melvin Davis (bass, contrabass); Dave Hooper (drums); Eddie Drayton, Steve Reid (percussion).


Jeff Kashiwa - Remember Catalina (1995)

01. Coastal Access  
02. Street Smart  
03. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love?  
04. I Will Come Back To You  
05. Asian Persuasion, The
06. Remember Catalina 
07. Autumn Ride 
08. You Gotta Believe!  
09. Mardi Gras  
10. King Of The Gypsies  
11. Familiar Place, A

Jeff Kashiwa (saxophone, alto flute); Dave Samuels (vibraphone, marimba). Personnel: Jeff Kashiwa (alto flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, programming); Allen Hinds (guitar, steel guitar); Tom Boomer Bevan (guitar); Matt Fronke (trumpet); Wendell Kelly (trombone); David Benoit (piano); Dave Kouchanski (keyboards, programming); Dave Kochanski, Mark Ellis Stephens, Rob Mullins (keyboards); Dave Samuels (vibraphone, marimba); Steve Bailey (fretless bass); Dave Hooper (drums, drum programming); Gary Gardner (snare drum, percussion); Evan Stone (snare drum); Eddie Drayton (percussion); Tom Hooper (programming, drum programming).


domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015

Carol Duboc - Colored Glasses (2015)

01 Hypnotic
02 Every Shade Of Blue
03 Celestial Skies
04 Wavelength
05 Breathing
06 Trajectory
07 Spinning
08 Colored Glasses
09 Walking In My Sleep
10 Code Red


Carol Duboc - Smile (2013)

01. Elephant
02. Smile
03. Unpredictable
04. Telepathy (Feat. Hubert Laws)
05. Atmosphere
06. Parachute (Feat. Hubert Laws)
07. Behind A Kiss
08. Gliding (Feat. Hubert Laws)
09. Nobody Knows
10. Mythological

Carol Duboc (vocals); Hubert Laws (flute); Jeff Lorber (keyboards, Moog synthesizer); Brian Bromberg (upright bass); Jimmy Haslip (electric bass); Vinnie Colaiuta (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).


Carol Duboc - Burt Bacharach Songbook (with Hubert Laws) (2009)

01. What the World Needs Now
02. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
03. Wives and Lovers
04. My Melody
05. Anyone Who Had a Heart
06. Walk on By
07. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
08. The Look of Love
09. A House Is Not a Home
10. Close to You
11. Always Something There to Remind Me
12. Say a Little Prayer

Carol Duboc (vocals); Danny Embrey (guitar); Hubert Laws (flute); Joe Cartwright (piano); Luis Conte (percussion).


Carol Duboc - Songs for Lovers (2008)

01. My Valentine  
02. Sexual Healing
03. Baby Talk  
04. Longing
05. Around You
06. Night Moods
07. Feel Like Making Love   
08. Brownies and Wine
09. Songs for Lovers
10. Passion 
11. My Valentine

Carol Duboc (vocals, piano); Dennis Dodd, Agape Jerry (guitar); Hubert Laws (flute); Tim Carmon (keyboards, drum programming).


Carol Duboc - All of You (2004)

01. All of You
02. Sunny 
03. Ain't No Sunshine  
04. Empty 
05. Drowning 
06. I Underestimated You
07. Every Breath You Take  
08. Use Me 
09. Spirits In The Material World
10. My Luck Is Gonna Change
11. Blackbird
12. Dream's Not Over
13. Love You More Than Life Itself

Carol Duboc (vocals); John Leftwich, Tony Dumas (double bass, upright bass); Darrell Crooks (guitar); Hubert Laws (flute); Tim Carmon (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Land Richards (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).


Carol Duboc - Carol Duboc (2002)

01. Away  
02. This Is No Ordinary Love  
03. If You Want To
04. It's a Feeling
05. Anyone Who Had A Heart 
06. You're All I Ever Needed
07. Gaucho, El   
08. Walk On By
09. I Wanna Love Someone    
10. Love Letter
11. When I'm Close to You 
12. Secrets

Carol Duboc (vocals, keyboards, programming, background vocals); Paul Pesco (guitar); Wayne Johnson (acoustic guitar); Darrell Crooks (electric guitar); Hubert Laws (flute); Gerald Albright (saxophone); Oscar Brashear (trumpet); Darrell Smith, Patrice Rushen (piano, keyboards); Patrick Moten (piano); Jeff Lorber (keyboards); Tony Dumas (acoustic bass); Enzo Todesco, Land Richards (drums); Luis Conte (percussion); John Mitchell , Reggie Turner (programming).


Carol Duboc - With All That I Am (2001)

01. Second Nature  
02. My Inspiration
03. All I Need  
04. With All That I Am
05. I Wanna Know
06. Promise 
07. For You
08. Moody   
09. Get Around
10. Soon
11. Back There   
12. Open My Heart

Carol Duboc (vocals); Freddy Ramos (guitar); Ralph Jones (flute); Gerald Albright (saxophone); Michael "Patches" Stewart, Charles Moore (trumpet); Patrick Moten (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Land Richards (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).


Samuel Torres Group - Forced Displacement (2015)

01. Overture
02. Las Cantaoras (The Female Singers)
03. Velada de Tambores (Drums Soiree)
04. Narrador de Espejismos (Narrator of Mirages)
05. Niño Pensante (The Thinking Child)
06. El Silencio Desplazador (Displacing Silence)
07. Lluvia, Luna y Voz (Rain, Moon and Voice)
08. Emilsen, El Hijo de San Juan (Emilsen The Son of San Juan)
09. El Orgullo del Tambor (Drum’s Pride)
10. Finale

Samuel Torres (Congas, claps); Michael Rodriguez (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Yosvany Terry (Alto, soprano saxophone); Marshall Gilkes (Trombone, claps); Luis Perdomo (Piano); Ricky Rodriguez (Acoustic bass); Obed Calvaire (Drums); Jonathan Gómez (Colombian percussion (Tambor Alegre, Tambora Costeña, Maracón, Tambor Llamador, Calabaza); Edmar Castañeda (Claps).


Samuel Torres - Yaoundé (2010)

01. Un Atardecer en Cartagena de Indias
02. Oye
03. Yaoundé
04. Tumaco
05. Bambuco (To Santa Fe de Bogota)
06. Cosita Rica – The Richness of Small Things
07. La NiÑa en el Agua – The Girl in the Water (To my love Larita)
08. Macondo (Para Lucho Bermúdez)
09. Ronca el Canalete
10. Lincoln Tunnel
11. Rio Magdalena
12. A Rose (To my grandmother)
13. Chia – The Moon Goddess (La diosa Luna)
14. Camino del Barrio (To my uncle Edy Martinez and all the Musicians from the Golden Era of Salsa in NY).

Samuel Torres (vongas, kalimba, cajon, Mexican Llaneras, udu, djembe, tambor alegre, guache, Colombian tambora, talking drum, shakers, shakere, cowbell, Brasilian caxixis, African Ago-go, LP lu-bar chimes, percussion effects); Joel Frahm (Tenor, soprano saxophones); Michael Rodriguez (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Manuel Valera (Piano, Fender Rhodes, Nord Keyboards); John Benitez (Acoustic, electric basses); Ernesto Simpson (Drums); Anat Cohen(Clarinet); Ralph Irizarry (Timbal); Sofia Rei Koutsovitis (Vocal); Andres Garcia (Colombian Tiple).


Samuel Torres - Skin Tones (2005)

01. Crazy Montuno 
02. Interlude One
03. Saying Goodbye 
04. Interlude Two
05. Observatory 
06. Rumba Con Maria 
07. Ajiaco (Colombia Potato Soup) 
08. The Key 
09. Skintones 
10. October 22nd   
11. Express To Queens  
12. Fairy Tale 
13. Interlude Three   
14. Ajiaco (Radio Version)
15. Observatory (Radio Version) 
16 Crazy Montuno (Radio Version) 
17 The Key (Radio Version)

Samuel (Torres Congas, Percussion, Piano); Hector Martignon (Piano); Ralph Irrizary (Timbales); Julia Dollison (Vocals).


Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Live At The Baked Potato (2005)

CD 1:
01. Introduction
02. Truth
03. Freedom Jazz Dance
04. Straight Ahead
05. Season of the Witch
06. Indian Rope Man
07. Bumpin´ on Sunset
08. Brain Damage

CD 2:
01. Introduction to Set Two
02. Don't Look Away, Look Around
03. Whenever You're Ready
04. Light My Fire
05. Happiness Is Just Around The Bend
06. Happy Birthday Brian
07. Compared to What
08. Splatch

Savannah Auger (Vocals); Brian Auger (Keys); Karma D. Auger (Drums); Derek Frank (Bass).


sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2015

Jack Prybylski - Out Of The Box (2010)

01. Headhunter
02. Do You Think I'm Sexy?
03. Ice Cream
04. Out of the Box
05. Hoodoo
06. Save a Prayer
07. Down To It
08. Valley of the Dry Bones
09. Saints & Sinners
10. Sax in a Box

Jack Prybylski (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Rob DeBoer (guitar, keyboards, programming); Tony Grace (drums, percussion, programming).


Jack Prybylski - Window Shopping (2006)

01. Night Flyer   
02. Bright Spot   
03. Window Shopping   
04. 3 Cats   
05. Santa Faustina   
06. I Need You   
07. I Wish   
08. Don't Say No   
09. Space Lion


Jack Prybylski - Soho Strut (2002)

01. Timelock   
02. Crosswind   
03. Mandalay Bay   
04. Nickelcity Shuffle   
05. Soho Strut   
06. You Are My Lady   
07. Rainmaker   
08. Carnival   
09. Time Flies


Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers - Live In Seattle (2015)

01. Here She Comes
02. Wild Heart
03. Haute Sauce
04. I Can’t Lose
05. Bring Him On
06. Ball And Chain
07. Be Beautiful
08. Gone
09. Make It Happen
10. Bloom
11. I’ll Be Your Home
12. Summertime
13. Flirt
14. Cold Sweat


Herb Alpert - Come Fly With Me (2015)

01. Come Fly With Me
02. Blue Skies
03. Got A Lot Of Livin’ To Do
04. Cheeky
05. Take The
06. Love Affair
07. Windy City
08. Sweet And Lovely
09. Walkin’ Tall
10. Night Ride
11. Something
12. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
13. Danny Boy


The Jeff Lorber Fusion - Step It Up (2015)

01. Get Up 
02. Up On This 
03. Mustang 
04. Fire Spirit (feat. Bob Mintzer) 
05. Arecibo (feat. Robben Ford) 
06. Right On Time 
07. Starfish 
08. Tenth Victim 
09. Deep Green 
10. Soul Party 
11. Step It Up


jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015

Steps Ahead - Holding Together (2002)

Cd 1:
01. Bowing to Bud (Elias)
02. Copland (Mainieri)
03. Autumn Rose (Erskine)
04. Pools (Grolnick) 10:03
05. All the Things You Are/Soul Eyes (Hammerstein/Kern)
06. Uncle Bob (Grolnick)

Cd 2:
01. Dee Minor (Mainieri)
02. The Time Is Now (Wlias)
03. In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington)
04. Friday Night at the Cadillac Clab (Berg)

Bob Berg (saxophone); Eliane Elias (piano); Mike Mainieri (vibraphone); Marc Johnson (double bass); Peter Erskine (drums).


Steps Ahead - Vibe (1995)

01. Buzz
02. From Light to Light
03. Penn Station
04. Vibe
05. Green Dolphin Street
06. Miles Away
07. Staircase
08. Rendezvous
09. Crunch
10. Waxing & Waning
11. Miles Away (The Gentle Giant) (Reprise)

Steps Ahead: Donny McCaslin (soprano & tenor saxophones); Aaron Helck (alto saxophone); Tim Hagans (trumpet); Mike Mainieri (vibraphone, piano); Rachel Z., Michael Cain (piano, synthesizer); Adam Holtzman (organ, Clavinet, synthesizer, programming); Victor Bailey, James Genus, Reggie Washington (bass); Clarence Penn (drums).