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lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Dave Stryker - Messin With Mister T (2015)

01. La Place Street (Stanley Turrentine) w/ Houston Person
02. Pieces of Dreams (Michel Legrand) w/ Mike Lee
03. Don’t Mess With Mister T (Marvin Gaye) w/ Don Braden
04. In a Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington) w/ Jimmy Heath
05. Impressions (John Coltrane) w/ Chris Potter
06. Gibraltar (Freddie Hubbard) w/ Bob Mintzer
07. Salt Song (Milton Nascimento) w/ Eric Alexander
08. Sugar (Stanley Turrentine) w/ Javon Jackson
09. Sidesteppin’ (Dave Stryker) w/ Steve Slagle
10. Let it Go (Stanley Turrentine) w/ Tivon Pennicott

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Jared Gold (Hammond B3 organ); McClenty Hunter (Drums); Mayra Casales (Percussion 2, 6-10); Houston Person (Tenor saxophone (1); Mike Lee (Tenor saxophone (2); Don Braden (Tenor saxophone (3); Jimmy Heath (Tenor saxophone (4); Chris Potter (Tenor saxophone (5); Bob Mintzer (Tenor saxophone (6); Eric Alexander (Tenor saxophone (7); Javon Jackson (Tenor saxophone (8); Steve Slagle (Tenor saxophone (9); Tivon Pennicott (Tenor saxophone (10).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Eight Track (2014)

01. I’ll Be Around
02. Pusherman / Superfly
03. Wichita Lineman
04. Aquarius
05. Never My Love
06. Superwoman
07. Never Can Say Goodbye
08. Make It With You
09. Money
10. That’s The Way Of The World

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Stefon Harris (Vibraphone); Jared Gold (Organ); McClenty Hunter (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Blue To The Bone IV (2013)

01. Blues Strut
02. Workin’
03. For the Love of You
04. Come On In My Kitchen
05. Big Foot
06. Blue’s For Brother Jack
07. Shades Ahead
08. Fun
09. Soul Power

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Freddie Hendrix (Trumpet); Steve Slagle (Alto sax); Vincent Gardner (Trombone); Gary Smulyan (Baritone sax); Jared Gold (Hammond B3 organ); McClenty Hunter (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Blue Strike (2011)

01. Joy Spring
02. Billie Jean
03. Different Worlds
04. Daahoud
05. Pursuit
06. Blue Strike
07. Jordu
08. The Crusher
09. Jabalí

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Freddie Hendrix (Trumpet); Stephen Riley (Tenor sax); Jared Gold (Hammond B3 organ); Billy Hart (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker Organ Quartet - Keystone (2010)

01. Keystone
02. Can't Buy Me Love
03. Sentinelese
04. Lady Sings The Blues
05. The Rose
06. First Strike
07. Tenderly
08. Watch What Happens

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Stephen Riley (Tenor sax); Jared Gold (B3 Hammond organ); Steve Williams (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


The Stryker / Slagle Band - The Scene (2008)

01. Skee
02. The Scene
03. Six Four Teo
04. Two Sense
05. Kindred Spirits
06. Hopewell’s Last
07. Brighter Days
08. Fingers In The Wind
09. Strikology

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Steve Slagle (Alto sax); Joe Lovano (Tenor sax); Jat Anderson (Bass); Victor Lewis (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


The Stryker / Slagle Band - Latest Outlook (2007)

01. Knew Hold
02. Latest Outlook
03. Bird Flew
04. Hartland
05. Dear Mr. Hicks
06. Self-Portrait In Three Colors
07. Turning Point
08. In Just Time

Steve Slagle (Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone); Jay Anderson (Bass); Billy Hart (Drums); Dave Stryker (Guitar); Joe Lovano (Tenor Saxophone on 3 & 4).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - The Chaser (2006)

01. The Great Divide
02. Brighter Days
03. I Wish You Love
04. Close To You
05. The Chaser
06. Katmandu
07. Mode J.W. (For James Williams)
08. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
09. Our Miss Brooks

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Jared Gold (Organ); Tony Reedus (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


The Stryker / Slagle Band - Live At The Jazz Standard (2005)

01. Mozone
02. Boogaloo 7
03. Doubleblue
04. I Loves You Porgy
05. The Great Divide
06. Baba Marta
07. Muddy Waters
08. The Chaser
09. Passing Giant (for Elvin Jones)

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Steve Slagle (Alto and soprano saxophones); Ed Howard (Bass); Victor Lewis (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Big City (2006)

01. Big City
02. All Night Long
03. Feel' Good
04. Every Time We Say Goodbye
05. It Was A Very Good Year
06. If Ever I Would Leave You
07. Biddy Fleet

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Dave Kikoski (Piano); Ed Howard (Bass); Victor Lewis (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Shades Beyond (2004)

01. Easy Does It 
02. Petals   
03. Persimmon 
04. Two Twenty 
05. Magenta
06. Shades Beyond
07. Apparition 
08. Maze

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Steve Slagle (Alto, soprano sax; clarinet); David Berkman (Fender Rhodes, organ); Terry Burns (Bass); Lenny White (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Blue To The Bone III (2001)

01. Stan's shuffle (Stanley Turrentine)
02. Complicity (Dave Stryker)
03. Crazy house (Steve Slagle)
04. If 6 was 9 (Jimi Hendrix)
05. For Jack & T (Dave Stryker)
06. Going home (Dave Stryker)
07. So long Eric (Charles Mingus)
08. Soulful Mr. Timmons (James Williams)
09. Doin' the bone (Dave Stryker)

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Brian Lynch (Trumpet); Clark Gayton (Trombone); Steve Slagle (Alto sax); Bob Parsons (Baritone sax); James Williams (Piano); Jay Anderson (Bass); Tim Horner (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Blue To The Bone II (2000)

01. Rockin’ in Rhythm
02. Goin’ to New Orleans
03. Sittin’ on Top of the World
04. 24 for Elvin
05. Mystery St.
06. The Squeeze
07. Mood
08. Mugshot

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Brian Lynch (Trumpet); Clark Gayton (Trombone); Steve Slagle (Alto
Saxophone, Flute); Bob Parsons (Baritone Saxophone); Bruce Barth (Piano, Organ); Jay Anderson (Bass); Adam Nussbaum (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker Quintet - Changing Times (1999)

01. Changing times
02. Big mouth
03. Different worlds
04. Capetown
05. Julia
06. Circular scene
07. Invocation
08. Rhythm method

Manolo Badrena (Percussion); Dave Stryker (Guitar); Bill Moring (Bass); Steve Slagle (Soprano & alto saxophones); Tim Horner (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Shades Of Miles (1998)

01. Topaz
02. Sienna
03. Orchid
04. Jade
05. Cobalt
06. Fuchsia

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Brian Lynch (Trumpet); Steve Slagle (Soprano, Alto Sax); Billy Drewes (Soprano, Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet); Marc Copland (Fender Rhodes); Larry Goldings (Organ, Fender Rhodes); Terry Burns (Bass); Billy Hart (Drums); Manolo Badrena (Percussion).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - All The Way (1997)

01. I Got Rhythm
02. All the Way
03. All of Nothing at All
04. God Bless the Child
05. Dearly Beloved
06. Brother Can You Spare a Dime
07. Lazy Afternoon
08. The Touch of Your Lips

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Scott Colley (Bass); Bill Stewart (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker Quartet - Blue To The Bone (1996)

01. Blues Revisited
02. Messenger
03. Blue to the Bone
04. Swamp Thing
05. Bayou Blues
06. Tchoupitoulas St.
07. Muddy Waters
08. One for Mogie

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Brian Lynch (Trumpet); Conrad Herwig (Trombone); Rich Perry (Tenor Saxophone); Bob Parsons (Baritone Saxophone); Bruce Barth (Piano, organ); Jay Anderson (Bass); Billy Drummond (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Big Room (1996)

01. Big Boom
02. Nascimento
03. Hymn
04. Jabali
05. Mood
06. Arrival
07. Hymn (Reprise)

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Rich Perry (Tenor saxophone); Ed Howard (Bass); Billy Hart (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - The Greeting (1995)

01. Armageddon
02. The Greeting
03. Song For Lesley
04. Serengeti
05. Spirit In The Wind
06. One For Will
07. Azzaro
08. Requiem / As We Used To Sing

Scott Colley (Bass); Tony Reedus (Drums); Dave Stryker (Guitar); Daniel Sadownick (Percussion); Bruce Barth (Piano).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Stardust (1994)

01. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
02. You Go To My Head
03. I'll Take Romance
04. Stardust
05. Eastern Standard Time
06. Blues On 45th
07. You And The Night And The Music
08. Nancy With The Laughing Face

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Joey DeFrancesco (Hammond B3); Adam Nussbaum (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Nomad (W. Bill Warfield Big Band) (1994)

01. Blues For Brother Jack
02. Nomad
03. Matthew’s Waltz
04. Victor Strikes
05. Listen To Your Heart
06. 24 For Elvin
07. Dangerous
08. First Strike

Dave Stryker (guitar); Bill Warfield (arranger, trumpet); Steve Slagle (alto saxophone); Andy Fusco, Bill Hanlon, Bob Parsons, Alex Stewart, Walt Weiskopf (saxophone); John Eckert, Randy Brecker, Tony Kadleck, Bob Millikan, Bud Burridge (trumpet); Jeff Nelson, Tim Sessions (trombone); Joel Weiskopf (piano); Scott Colley, Lynn Seaton (bass); Jeff Hirshfield, Grisha Alexiev (drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker Quintet - Passage (1993)

01. In The Now
02. Kalahari
03. Passage
04. It's You Or No One
05. Jungle
06. Violation
07. I Fall In Love Too Easily
08. Minor Jones
09. Pursuit

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Steve Slagle (Alto saxophone); Joey Calderazzo (Piano); Jay Anderson (Bass); Adam Nussbaum (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Full Moon (1993)

01. The Sphinx
02. I Mean You
03. Wise One
04. Leadbelly Sez
05. Bayou Blues
06. Deluge
07. Monk's Mood
08. The Disguise
09. Full Moon

Jay Anderson (Bass); Dave Stryker (Guitar); Jeff Hirshfield (Drums); Steve Slagle (Soprano & alto saxophones).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Blue Degrees (1992)

01. Blues Degrees
02. Scorpion Dance
03. Alfie
04. Out of Bounds
05. Spirit in the Wind
06. Talkin’ bout JC
07. Stella by Starlight
08. Blues for Brother Jack

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Rick Margitza (Tenor Sax); Larry Goldings (Organ); Jeff Hirshfield (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Dave Stryker - Strike Zone (1990)

01. Strikezone
02. Who Can I Turn To
03. I Wish I Knew
04. Tewnty One
05. Undercurrent
06. Evidence
07. Some Other Time
08. Going Home
09. Muddy Waters
10. My Shining Hour

Dave Stryker (Guitar); Steve Slagle (Soprano & alto saxophone); Marc Copland (Piano); Ron McClure (Bass); Ronnie Burrage (Drums).

Gracias al amigo y "maestro" M. de Casas por compartir este archivo ☺!!


Rush / R40 Live (3CD) (2015)

Cd 1:
01. The World is .. The World is ..
02. The Anarchist
03. Headlong Flight
04. Far Cry
05. The Main Monkey Business
06. How It Is
07. Animate
08. Roll the Bones
09. Between the Wheels
10. Losing It (with Ben Mink)
11. Subdivisions

Cd 2:
01. Tom Sawyer
02. YYZ
03. The Spirit of Radio
04. Natural Science
05. Jacob's Ladder
06. Hemispheres: Prelude
07. Cygnus X-1 / The Story So Far (Drum Solo)
08. Closer to the Heart
09. Xanadu
10. 2112

Cd 3:
01. Mel's Rockpile (with Eugene Levy)
02. Lakeside Park / Anthem
03. What You're Doing / Working Man
04. One Little Victory
05. Distant Early Warning
06. Red Barchetta
07. Clockwork Angels
08. The Wreckers
09. The Camera Eye
10. Losing It (with Jonathan Dinklage)

Geddy Lee (Vocals, bass); Alex Lifeson (Guitar, vocals); Neil Pert (Drums)


domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

Joey DeFrancesco - Trip Mode (2015)

01. Trip Mode
02. Who Shot John?
03. Arizona Sunrise
04. In That Order
05. Cuz U No
06. On Georgian Bay
07. The Touch of Your Lips
08. Traffic Jam
09. What's Your Organ Player's Name?

Joey DeFrancesco (Organ, Piano, Keyboard, Trumpet, Vocal); Jason Brown (Drums); Dan Wilson (Guitar); Mike Boone (Bass).

Aporte gentileza del amigo Domi ;)


Lyle Mays Trio - Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1992)

01. Close to Home
02. Chorinho
03. Fictionary
04. Lincoln Review His Notes
05. Unidentified standard

Lyle Mays (Piano); Peter Erskine (Drums); Marc Johnson (Bass).

Gentileza del amigo Juan I. (el "flaco") ☺


The Philadelphia Experiment - The Philadelphia Experiment (2001)

01. Philadelphia Experiment
02. Grover
03. Lesson #4
04. Call For All Demons
05. Trouble Man Theme
06. Ain't It The Truth
07. IIe Ife
08. The Miles Hit
09. (Re)Moved
10. Philadelphia Freedom
11. Mister Magic

Christian McBride (Acoustic & electric basses); Ahmir Thompson (Drums); Uri Caine (Piano & keyboards); Pat Martino (Guitar on 1,2,4); Jon Swana (Trumpet on 1 & 5); Larry Gold (Cello & arranger on 10); Aaron Luis Levinson (Handclaps & SFX on 2 and 9). 


The Detroit Experiment - The Detroit Experiment (2003)

01. Space odyssey
02. Think twice
03. Revelation
04. Baby needs new shoes
05. There is a god
06. Church
07. Enterluud
08. Vernors
09. Too high
10. Highest
11. Midnight at the twenty grand
12. A taste of tribe
13. The way we make music
14. Revelation reprise

Amp Fiddler (vocals, Fender Rhodes piano, Clavinet, organ, keyboards, synthesizer); Athletic Mic League, Invincible (rap vocals); Carl Craig (guitar, synthesizer, bass guitar, programming); Perry Hughes (guitar); Regina Carter (violin); Allan Barnes (flute, alto saxophone); Bennie Maupin (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone); Marcus Belgrave (trumpet); Geri Allen (piano); Jeremy Ellis (Fender Rhodes piano); Jaribu Shahid, Al Turner (bass guitar); Karriem Riggins (drums, tambourine, percussion); Ron Otis (drums); Francisco Mora Catlett (percussion).


Isaias Elpes - Isaias Elpes (2014)

01. Fusca 78
02. Born in Brazil
03. TW
04. Forro De Paia
05.  Holy Land
06. 58
07. Seheven
08. Pround Latino


Lew Soloff - Rainbow Mountain (1999)

01. Frog Legs
02. Rainbow Mountain
03. Don't Speak
04. Up from the Skies
05. Quiero No Puedo
06. Suzie Q
07. Starmaker
08. Born on the Bayou
09. Stairway to Heaven
10. Tout Va Lews

Lew Soloff (Trumpet); Lou Marini (Saxophones, flute); Joe Beck (Guitar); Mark Egan (Acoustic bass, electric bass); Danny Gottlieb (Drums).
With special guests on #2 only: Delmar Brown (Synthesizer); Hiram Bullock (Guitar); Will Lee & Chulo (Bass); Jeff "Tain" Watts (Drums); Miles Evans (Trumpet); Paul Shaffer (Hammond B-3 organ).


Lew Soloff - With a Song in My Heart (1998)

01. Come Rain or Come Shine
02. Andantino from Tchaikovsky Symphony No.4 (2nd Movement)
03. The Way You Look Tonight
04. I'm a Fool to Want You
05. Mea Culpa
06. Deguello
07. Istanbul
08. One for Emily
09. With a Song in My Heart

Lew Soloff (Trumpet); Mulgrew Miller (Piano); George Mraz (Bass); Victor Lewis (Drums); Emily Mitchell (Harp in 2,6).


Lew Soloff - Little Wing (1991)

01. La Toalla
02. True Confessions
03. Alligatory Crocodile
04. Healing Power
05. Para Los Papines
06. Coral Canyon
07. Tapajack
08. Little Wing

Lew Soloff (Trumpet); Ray Anderson (Trombone); Gil Goldstein (Piano, synthesizer, accordion); Pete Levin (Organ, synthesizer, vocoder); Mark Egan (Bass); Kenwood Dennard (Drums); Manolo Badrena (Percussion).


Lew Soloff - Speak Low (1987)

01. Marilyn
02. Duty Blues
03. Speak Low
04. Raunchy Rita
05. Reincarnation of a Lovebird
06. But Beautiful
07. Stella by Starlight

Lew Soloff (Trumpet); Kenny Kirkland (Piano); Richard Davis (Bass); Elvin Jones (Drums).


Lew Soloff - But Beautiful (1987)

01. Marilyn
02. Duty Blues (Blues For Kawa)
03. Speak Low
04. Raunchy Rita
05. Reincarnation Of A Lovebird
06. But Beautiful
07. Stella by Starlight

Lew Soloff (Trumpet); Richard Davis (Bass); Elvin Jones (Drums); Kenny Kirkland (Piano).


Lew Soloff - Yesterdays (1986)

01. Yesterdays
02. Barbara
03. Beautiful Mimi
04. All Blues
05. Thaddeus
06. Little Laura
07. Antigua

Lew Soloff (Trumpet); Mike Stern (Guitar); Charnett Moffett (Bass); Elvin Jones (Drums).


Lew Soloff - Hanalei Bay (1985)

01. Salazar
02. My Buddy
03. Hanalei Bay
04. A Felicidade
05. La Toalla
06. Emily
07. Well You Needn't
08. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Lew Soloff (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Gil Evans (Electric piano); Pete Levin (Synthesizer); Hiram Bullock (Guitars); Mark Egan (Bass); Adam Nussbaum (Drums); Manolo Badrena (Percussion).


jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2015

Novecento - Through The Years [2 Cd's] (2013)

Cd 1: From 1984 To 1995

01. Movin' On  
02. Excessive Love   
03. Broadway   
04. Heart On The Line   
05. Dreamland Paradise   
06. Ooh Baby (Nothing Like Love)  
07. Secret Lover   
08. Mama Say Ye 
09. Day And Night   
10. Necessary   
11. Smile   
12. Shine   
13. Take A Chance   
14. The Only One   
15. I Need Love   
16. Sweet Talk  
17. Head It Off   
18. Walking On Ceilings

Cd 2: From 2002 To 2012

01. Leaving Now (feat. Billy Cobham And Eddie Gomez)  
02. Tell Me Something   
03. My Heart (feat. Dominic Miller And Manu Katche)  
04. Living So Fast (feat. Danny Gottlieb And Dave Liebman)   
05. After All (feat. Jeff Berlin And Toots Thielemans)   
06. You Are So Beautiful (feat. Billy Preston)   
07. Like A Dream  
08. I Want You More (feat. Al Jarreau And Eumir Deodato)  
09. Softly (feat. Dominic Miller And Mike Del Ferro)  
10. Ice (feat. Dominic Miller)  
11. Cry   
12. Stop The Time   
13. Let Me Love You   
14. Let Me Breathe (feat. Billy Cobham)     


Novecento - Surrender (feat. Dominic Miller) (2009)

01. Air   
02. Swing Time   
03. The Dream  
04. Shape Of My Heart  
05. Ice   
06. People   
07. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets  
08. Softly  
09. Me Heart  


Novecento - Secret (2008)

01. Stop The Time  
02. Dangerous Game   
03. Let Me Love You    
04. My Heart  
05. Cry   
06. Like A Dream   
07. Sunday   
08. My Knight Of Love   
09. Take Your Time  
10. A Simple Word  
11. Tell Me Something  
12. Late 


Novecento - Featuring (2007)

01. Truth Is
02. Living So Fast
03. Let Me Breathe
04. Flying On The Sky
05. After All
06. Vision
07. You Are So Beautiful
08. Now That You've Gone
09. Leaving Now
10. Ozone (part 2)
11. Tell Me Something
12. Tell Me Something (Instrumental Version)

Dora Nicolosi (Vocals); Lino Nicolosi (Hammond b-3 organ); Rossana Nicolosi (bass guitar).
Additional personnel: Lino Nicolosi, Dominic Miller, John Tropea, Stanley Jordan (Guitar); Riccardo Marino, Giorgia Simbula, Giorgio Molteni (Violin); Gabriele Carpani (bass violin); Lorenzo Ravazzani (Viola); Valentina Turati (Cello); Trio Solista & Friends (Strings); Toots Thielemans (Harmonica); Michael Brecker (Saxophone); Emanuele Cisi (Soprano saxophone); David Liebman (Tenor saxophone); Guy Barker (Flugelhorn); Billy Preston (Piano); Jan Hammer (Synthesizer); Maurizio Quintavalle, Eddie Gomez , Wayne Dockery (Double bass); Jeff Berlin (Bass guitar); Mimmo Campanale, Danny Gottlieb, Billy Cobham (Drums); Marco Fadda, Airto Moreira (Percussion).


Novecento - Gregg Kofi Brown And Novecento - Together As One (2005)

01. Lullaby To An Anxious Child (with Sting)  
02. Live As One   
03. World Spirit   
04. Wake Up The Morning (with Des'Ree And Gabrielle)  
05. Sky Flower (with Stanley Jordan)   
06. Aya A (with Airto Moreira)   
07. Midnight Flyer   
08. Tender Eyes (with Dominic Miller)   
09. Shadow (with Billy Cobham)  
10. Je Fre Me Kofi   


Novecento - Dreams Of Peace (feat. Stanley Jordan) (2004)

01. Tell Me Something  
02. Flying On The Sky   
03. Too Close To The Sun  
04. Sky Flower   
05. Destination Of My Heart  
06. Spring  
07. Dreams Of Peace   
08. Easy Love   
09. I Can Show You Something 


Novecento - C'è Un Mondo Che (1997)

01. C'è Un Mondo Che...   
02. Atmosfere   
03. Non Esiste  
04. Siamo Pensieri   
05. Svegliarsi Adesso  
06. Immagini   
07. Liberi   
08. Una Nuova Realtà   
09. Questa Notte  


Novecento - Necessary (1992)

01. Necessary   
02. Day And Night 
03. Love Is   
04. Love The Feeling   
05. Gemini   
06. Secret  
07. Movin' On   
08. In The Summertime   
09. I Will Never Let You Down (Remix by Tom Makute)   
10. Love The Feeling (Remix by Tom Makute)   
11. Personality   
12. On A Magic Carpet Ride 


Novecento - Leaving Now (1991)

01. Leaving Now   
02. Ooh Baby (Nothing Like Love)   
03. Heart On The Line 
04. In The Rain   
05. Jan And Joe  
06. Set Me Free  
07. I Need Love  
08. Tell Somebody 


Novecento - The Best (1990)

01. Movin' on   
02. The only one   
03. Why me  
04. Broadway   
05. Execessive love  
06. Dreamland Paradise   
07. I need love   
08. Darei   
09. Smile  
10. Another day in paradise  
11. The night  
12. Changes  


Novecento - Shine (1989)

01. Tabu   
02. Shine   
03. Sottovoce  
04. Wild Life  
05. Broadway  
06. Secret Lover  
07. Sweet Talk  
08. Mama Say Ye


Novecento - Dreamland (1988)

01. Changes  
02. Excessive Love   
03. Head It Off   
04. Walking On Ceilings   
05. Smile   
06. Don't Look Back   
07. Dreamland Paradise   
08. Love Is Gonna Get Cha   
09. Near Me