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lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

Eddie Gomez - Per Sempre (2012)

01. Arianna
02. Bologna d’Inverno
03. Why Cry?
04. Forever
05. Pops & Alma
06. Stella by Starlight
07. Homesick
08. Epilogue

Eddie Gomez (Bass); Matt Marvuglio (Flute); Marco Pignataro (Soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Teo Ciavarella (Piano); Massimo Manzi (Drums).


Eddie Gomez - Beautiful Love (2008)

01. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise (Sigmund Romberg)
02. Missing Moments (Yutaka Kobayashi)
03. Beautiful Love (Wayne King / Egbert VanAlstyne / Victor Young)
04. Captain Marvel (Chick Corea)
05. Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter)
06. Crossing Memories (Yutaka Kobayashi)
07. I'll Close My Eyes (Billy Reid)
08. Sundry Waltz No. 9 (Yutaka Kobayashi)
09. Chiquilin de Bachin (Astor Piazzolla)

Eddie Gomez (Bass); Al Di Meola (Guitar); Billy Drummond (Drums); Yutaka Kobayashi (Piano).


Eddie Gomez - Palermo (2007)

01. Palermo (Gomez)
02. Illusion (Karlsson)
03. Missing You (Gomez)
04. On Green Dolphin Street (Washington)
05. Smillin’ Eyes (Karlsson)
06. We Will Meet Again (Bill Evans)
07. If I Should Lose You (Grainger)
08. My Foolish Heart (Young)

Eddie Gomez (Contrabajo); Stefan Karlsson (Piano); Nasheet Waits (Batería).


Eddie Gomez - Dedication (1998)

01. On Green Dolphin Street
02. Nardis
03. Spartacus Love Theme
04. Spider Song
05. When You Wish upon a Star
06. Autumn Leaves
07. Just Friends
08. Footprints
09. Dedication

Eddie Gomez (Bass); Jeremy Steig (Flute); Stefan Karlsson (Piano); Jimmy Cobb (Drums).


Eddie Gomez - Next Future (1993)

01. Next Future (Intro)
02. Next Future (Body)
03. Dreaming of You
04. North Moore St.
05. Lost Tango (for Astor Piazzola)
06. Tenderly
07. Cheeks (Dedicated to Dizzy Gillespie)
08. Love Letter (To My Father)
09. Basic Trane-ing
10. Walter (Pigeon)

Eddie Gomez (Bass); Rick Margitza (Tenor & soprano saxophones); Jeremy Steig (Flute); James Williams (Piano); Chick Corea (Synthesizer, piano); Lenny White (Drums).


Eddie Gomez - Street Smart (1989)

01. Street Smart
02. Lorenzo (For Lorenzo Homar)
03. I' Caramba
04. It Was You All Along
05. Blues Period
06. Bella Horizonte
07. Carmen's Song
08. Double Entendre
09. Besame Mucho

Eddie Gomez (Basses); Steve Gadd (Drums, Percussion); Dick Oatts (Saxophones and Flute); Kenny Werner (Keyboards); Nicky Marrero (Percussion); Barry Rogers (Trombone); Hugh McCracken (Guitar); Steve Thornton (Percussion); Randy Brecker (Trumpet & Fluegelhorn); Richard Tee (Rhodes Piano); Jack McDuff (B3 Hammond Organ).


Eddie Gomez - Power Play (1988)

01. Power Play
02. Loco Motive
03. Mel
04. Spanish Flower
05. Mr. Go
06. Amethyst
07. W. 110th St.
08. Forever

Eddie Gomez (Bass); Michael Brecker (Tenor sax); Dick Oatts (Tenor & soprano sax); Lee Ann Ledgerwood (Keyboards); Michael Cochrane (Keyboards & piano); Jeremy Steig (Flute); Jim Hall (Guitar); Al Foster, Steve Gadd (Drums); Ann Bristol, Kimiko Itoh (Back vocal).


Eddie Gomez - Gomez (1984)

01. Dabble Vision
02. Snacture
03. A Japanese Waltze
04. Zimmermann
05. Mez-Ga
06. Ginkakuji
07. Pops And Alma
08. Row, Row Your Tones
09. We Will Meet Again

Chick Corea (Piano, keyboards); Steve Gadd (Drums); Eddie Gomez (Bass); YYasuraki Shimizu (Tenor sax); Kazumi Watanabe (Electric & acoustic guitar).


Eddie Gomez - Down Stretch (1976)

01. Blues E
02. Caprice
03. Half Life
04. Down Stretch
05. Starry Night
06. Dream Passage

Eddie Gomez (Bass); Eliot Zigmund (Drums); Takehiro Honda (Piano).


viernes, 26 de febrero de 2016

Kim Waters - My Gift to You (2015)

01. My Gift to You
02. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
03. Christmas Day (feat. Kayla Waters)
04. It's Christmas (feat. Dana Waters)
05. I'll Be Home for Christmas
06. Christmas Time Is Here
07. Mary Did You Know (feat. Dana Waters)
08. My Christmas Wish
09. I Love New York at Christmas
10. A Song for Dana
11. Silent Night (feat. Kayla Waters)


Kim Waters - Sweet and Sexy (2014)

01. You Know that I Love You
02. I Want You Tonight
03. A Love Like This
04. One More… [feat. Kenny Lattimore]
05. Hudson River Nights
06. All I Wanna Do (Is Please You)
07. You are My Lady
08. Easy Going
09. Come with Me
10. All for Love
11. Slow Role
12. Heart Seeker


Kim Waters - Silver Soul (2014)

01. Dreaming Of You (featuring Kayla Waters)  
02. On a Mission   
03. Stay Together   
04. Go-Go Smooth   
05. Anything You Need (featuring Dana Pope)  
06. Cruising Round Rock   
07. All Of Me   
08. Fireflies (featuring Zendaya)   
09. Let's Make Love   
10. High Stride   
11. Song for Dana   
12. Laying Beside Me (featuring Eric Roberson)

Allen Hinds (Guitar); Dana Pope (Vocals, Vocals Background); Eric Roberson (Vocals, Vocals Background); Kayla Waters (Piano); Kim Waters (Saxophone, Vocals Background); Zendaya (Vocals, Vocals Background).


Kim Waters - My Loves (2013)

01. It's a Party in Here
02. I Wanna Love You
03. Watching the Sunset
04. High Steppin'
05. My Loves (Kayla and Kimberly)
06. Flamenco Nights
07. My Love Is All I Have
08. The Groove Sensation
09. Loving You
10. Sunny Days
11. Red Wine and You


Kim Waters - This Heart of Mine (2011)

01. Heart Seeker
02. Free Fall
03. Am I A Fool (Feat. Calvin Richardson)
04. Empire State Of Mine
05. The Groove's Alright
06. Step To This 
07. I Love My Girl
08. Love Letter
09. Stay With Me Tonight
10. Running To Love
11. Double Two Love


Kim Waters - Love Stories (2010)

01. Love Story
02. For Lovers Only
03. Song Of Passion
04. One More... - (featuring Kenny Lattimore)
05. Reaching Out
06. This Is It
07. Hangin' Out
08. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
09. Beyond The Horizon
10. Deep In Love

Allen Hinds, Bernd Shoenhardt (Guitar); Brian Dunne (Drums); Dana Pope (Vocals Background); Derek Allen (Bass); Kenny Lattimore (Vocals); Kim Waters (Saxophone, Vocals Background).


Kim Waters - I Want You - Love In The Spirit Of Marvin (2008)

01. Groove With Me
02. I Want You - (featuring Vivian Green)
03. Take Me Away
04. Come With Me
05. Some Dreams Come True
06. Distant Lover
07. Let's Get On It
08. She's The One
09. Cosmic Love
10. Thank You
11. Smooth Sailing

Kim Waters (various instruments, saxophone, background vocals); Vivian Green (vocals, background vocals); Chris Davis (various instruments); Randy Bowland (guitar); Rohn Lawrence (guitars); Timmy Maia (background vocals).


Kim Waters - You Are My Lady (2007)

01. So Sick
02. Got to Give It Up
03. Closer I Get to You, The - (with Lisa Fischer)
04. Flying High
05. Two Keys to My Heart
06. Secret Romance
07. You Are My Lady
08. East Coast Strollin'
09. Inseparable
10. I Want You Tonight

Kim Waters (vocals, saxophone); Kim Waters; Chris "Big Dog" Davis (various instruments); 'Wa Wa' LeGrand (guitar); Selena Gibbs, Timmy Maia, Timmy Maia (background vocals); Wayne Bruce, Rhon Lawrence (guitar). Additional personnel: Lisa Fischer.


Kim Waters - In the Groove (2006)

01. For the Groove in You
03. The Ride
04. Easy Going
05. In the House
06. All I Want to Do (Is Please You)
07. Waterfall
08. In the Groove [remix]
09. Over the Rainbow

Kim Waters (Saxophone); James Waters Jr. (Bass guitar); Gregory Grainger (Drums); Allen Smith (Keyboards).


Kim Waters - All For Love (2005)

01. She's My Baby - (featuring Maysa)
02. Hot Tub
03. Day Dreaming - (with Maysa)
04. Steppin' Out
05. All For Love
06. Dream Machine
07. Nature Walk
08. Happy Feeling
09. Good To Go
10. Sideways

Kim Waters (saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, keyboards); Kim Waters; Chris Davis (various instruments, programming); Chuck Loeb (guitar, keyboards, programming, drum programming, percussion programming); Robert Legrand, Bernd Schoenhart (guitar); David Mann (saxophone, keyboards, drum programming); James Waters, Jr., James Waters (bass guitar); Davy D, Chris "Big Dog" Davis (programming); Davy D (drum programming); Lori Williams, Vanessa Williams (background vocals); Maysa (vocals); Wayne Bruce, Carl Burnett (guitar).


Kim Waters - In The Name Of Love (2004)

01. Step In The Name Of Love
02. Sunset
03. In Deep
04. Tell Me So
05. Love's Theme
06. All I Wanna Do (Is Please You)
07. For The Groove In You
08. Cross My Heart
09. Alone With You
10. The Ride

Kim Waters (vocals, various instruments, saxophone, keyboards); Chuck Loeb (guitar, keyboards, drum programming, percussion programming); Wayne Bruce, Carl Burnett (guitar); Dave Darlington (keyboards, drum programming).


Kim Waters, Marion Meadows & Alex Simms - Negril Chill (2003)

01. Jamming
02. It Wasn't Me
03. Can't Help Falling in Love
04. No Letting Go
05. Now That We Found Love
06. Red Wine Red
07. Is This Love
08. Pass the Kutchie
09. Baby I Love Your Way

Alex Simms, Tracy Hamlin (vocals); Jon Herington, Wayne Bruce (guitar); David Mann (saxophone, keyboards, drum programming); Marion Meadows (saxophone); Barry Danielian (trumpet); Chip Shearin, Mike Broening, Kim Waters (keyboards).


Kim Waters - Someone To Love You (2002)

01. You Know That I Love You
02. Waterfall
03. Heaven Sent
04. Ride, The
05. Someone to Love You
06. Riverside Drive
07. In the Mood
08. You Are the One For Me
09. Strollin'
10. In the House - (Davey D's Penthouse remix, bonus track)

Kim Waters (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, keyboards, programming); Erica Wilson, Eric Sanders (vocals); Harry Bell El (flugelhorn); Dave Darlington (keyboards, programming); Chuck Loeb, Wayne Bruce, Bubba Jones (guitar); Gregory Grainger (drums).


Kim Waters - The Best of (2001)

01. It's Time for Love
02. End of the Road
03. Just Be My Lady
04. Sax Appeal
05. Where Can She Be
06. Soul Serenade
07. One Last Cry
08. Save the Best for Last
09. Sweet and Saxy
10. Back to Bassax


Kim Waters - From The Heart (2001)

01. Until Dawn
02. Love Like This, A
03. Slow Role
04. In the House
05. Love Don't Love Nobody
06. From the Heart
07. After Midnight
08. Peace of Mind
09. Royal Groove
10. Sweet Desire

Kim Waters (saxophone, keyboards, programming); Larry "Jazz" Anthony (vocals); Walter Beasley (keyboards, synthesizers); Chuck Loeb (keyboards, guitar, drums, programming); Michael Colina (keyboards, programming); Dow Brain (synthesizers); Nick Moroch, Tyrone Chase, Wayne Bruce (guitar); James Waters, Jr. (bass).


Kim Waters - One Special Moment (1999)

01. Hudson River Nights
02. Secrets Told
03. In the Groove
04. Fortunate
05. Come to Me
06. One Special Moment
07. Am I the Same Girl (Soulful Strut)
08. Mr. Smooth
09. Up All Night
10. Love's Calling

Kim Waters (saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, keyboards, drum programming); Meli'sa Morgan (vocals, background vocals); Chuck Loeb (guitar, keyboards, drum programming, percussion programming); Paul Livant, Robert Legrand (guitar); Larry Saltzman (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Andy Snitzer (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Jim Hynes (flugelhorn); Gregg Karukas (keyboards, programming); David Mann (keyboards, drum programming); Mike Ricchiuti (keyboards); Brian Dunne (cymbals, hi-hat, tom tom); Ronnie Holland, Brian Bromberg (programming, drum programming).


Kim Waters - Love's Melody (1998)

01. Nightfall
02. Sunny
03. Possession
04. Easy Going
05. Water's Edge
06. Love's Melody
07. Midnight at the Oasis
08. 95 North
09. Two Hearts of Mine (Song For My Twins)
10. Wonderama
11. Let's Do This

Kim Waters (soprano & alto saxophone, various instruments, keyboards, programming); Dante Winslow (flugelhorn); Chuck Loeb (keyboards, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, programming); James Lloyd (keyboards); Scot Rammer, David Mann, Dino Esposito (keyboards, programming); Wayne Bruce, Mike Campbell, Brian Monroney (guitar); James Waters Jr. (bass); Ron Holland (programming); Alex Simms (background vocals).


Kim Waters - You Are Not Alone (1996)

01. You Are Not Alone
02. I Want To groove With You
03. The Story of Love
04. Here We Go Go
05. True to You
06. Blues for Mickey
07. I Apologize
08. Spend Some Time
09. I Can make you move
10. Joyride
11. Feel It

Kim Waters (saxophone, keyboards, drum programming); James Waters, Jr. (electric bass); Greg Grainger (drums); Ray Peña (background vocals).


Kim Waters - It's Time For Love (1994)

01. Love Introduction
02. It's Time For Love
03. Come Into My World
04. Lost in the Storm
05. Heartbreaker
06. One Last Cry
07. About Face
08. Loving Feeling, The
09. Share My Love
10. Take It Easy

Kim Waters (soprano & alto saxophones, piano, keyboards, drum programming); Alex Simms (vocals); Allen Thomas (guitar); Moe Daniels (keyboards); James Waters, Jr. (bass).


Kim Waters - Home For Christmas (1994)

01. Christmas Song, The
02. Christ Was Born (On Christmas Day)
03. White Christmas
04. Silent Night
05. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - (with Alex Simms)
06. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
07. Jingle Bells
08. Winter Wonderland
09. Oh Christmas Tree
10. Away in the Manger

Kim Waters (soprano & alto saxophones, piano, keyboards, drum programming, background vocals); Alex Simms (vocals); Allen Thomas (guitar); Moe Daniels (piano); James Waters (bass); Ron Palmer (drums).


Kim Waters - Peaceful Journey (1993)

01. End Of The Road
02. Peaceful Journey
03. Late Night Hour
04. K & R's Funk Party
05. Never Leave Me
06. Silky Smooth
07. Be My Lover
08. Easy Does It
09. Save The Best For Last
10. Kick It

Kim Waters (Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals, Vocals Background); Leslie Tanner (Vocals Background); Miles Jaye (Vocals); Ray Chew (Keyboards).


Kim Waters - Tribute (1992)

01. Twilight Time
02. If I Didn't Care - (featuring O.C. Smith)
03. I'm Sorry
04. Harbor Lights
05. Great Pretender
06. Magic Touch, (You've Got) The
07. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - (featuring O.C Smith)
08. My Prayer
09. Only You
10. You'll Never Know

Kim Waters (saxophone); O.C.  Smith (vocals); Cyrus Chestnut (keyboards, programming); Byrd Presley (background vocals).


Kim Waters - Sax Appeal (1991)

01. Sax Appeal
02. Bring the Troops Back Home
03. Vision of Love
04. Springtime
05. Twin Magic
06. You're Still on My Mind
07. Back to Bassax
08. For the Love of You
09. Night Time Lady
10. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
11. My Favorite Love Song
12. Song For My Mother

Kim Waters (Saxophone, Vocals Background, Multi Instruments); Debbie Poole (Vocals); James Waters Jr., Jr. Waters (Guitar Bass).


Kim Waters - All Because Of You (1990)

01. After the Romance 
02. All Because of You 
03. On the Move 
04. Nikita 
05. Just Be My Lady 
06. Pleasure Interlude 
07. Pleasure 
08. Baby, Say You Love Me 
09. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay 
10. Captive Moments 
11. I Never Think of You

Kim Waters (Sax Soprano, Vocals, Producer, Drum Machine, Drum Programming); James Waters, Jr. (Bass, Vocal); Moe Daniels (Keyboards, Programming, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Engineer, Drum Machine, Drum Programming); Danielle Griffin, Toni Griffin, Isaac Hayes, Kim Kent, William Langley, Edward Anderson, Michael Chas (Vocals).


Kim Waters - Sweet and Saxy (1989)

01. Crusin'
02. Giving You The Best That I Got
03. Sweet & Saxy
04. Soul Serenade
05. Love Mode
06. Where Can She Be
07. Stand by Me
08. Stay
09. If I Could See inside My Mind
10. Don't Stop Now

Kim Waters (Keyboards, Sax Soprano, Vocals Background); Cyrus Chestnut (Keyboards, Vocals Background); Jackie Jackson (Vocals); James Waters Jr. (Bass); Joyce Waters (Talking, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part); Juanita Dailey (Vocals); Lisa Waters (Talking, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part); Marianne Tutalo (Vocals Background); Penny Waters (Talking, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part); Ronald Palmer (Drums).


miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

V.A. - Blue Note Live At The Roxy [2 Cds] (1976)

01. New York City (Alphonse Mouzon)
02. Just Like The Sun (Alphonse Mouzon)
03. Without A Reason (Alphonse Mouzon)
04. Captain Midnight (Ronnie Laws)
05. Night Breeze (Ronnie Laws)
06. Piano Interlude (Ronnie Laws)
07. Always There (Ronnie Laws)
08. Places And Spaces (Donald Byrd)
09. (Fallin' Like) Dominoes (Donald Byrd)

01. Music (Carmen McRae)
02. Paint Your Pretty Picture (Carmen McRae)
03. Them There Eyes (Carmen McRae)
04. T'ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do (Carmen McRae)
05. You're Everything (Carmen McRae)
06. Presentation of Proclamation (Councilman Dave Cunningham)
07. Medley: Like A Lover~A Felicidade~Manha De Carnaval~Samba De Orfeu (Earl Klugh)
08. Blue Note '76 (Blue Note All-Stars)


Sarah McKenzie - We Could Be Lovers (2015)

01. I Was Doing Alright
02. That's It, I Quit!
03. We Could Be Lovers
04. Tight
05. At Long Last Love
06. I Won't Dance
07. Love You Madly
08. Quoi, Quoi, Qoui
09. The Music Is The Magic
10. Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)
11. Moon River

Sarah McKenzie (voz, piano); Hugh Stuckey (guitarra); Alex Boneham (bajo); Ingrid Jensen (trompeta), Warren Wolf (vibrafono); Marco Valeri (batería, percusión); Yosvany Terry 8saxo alto); Troy Roberts (saxo tenor).


Sarah McKenzie - Close Your Eyes (2012)

01. Close Your Eyes
02. Too Young
03. The Way You Look Tonight
04. The Lovers Tune
05. Big Yellow Taxi
06. Got To Be This Way
07. I Remember You
08. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
09. At Last
10. Blue Skies
11. I Should Care

Sarah McKenzie (vocals, piano); Hugh Stuckey (guitar); Julien Wilson (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Lachlan Davidson (tenor saxophone); Shane Gillard, Eamon McNelis (trumpet); Ian Bell (trombone); Craig Simon (drums); Javier Fredes (percussion).


Sarah McKenzie - Don't Tempt Me (2011)

01. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
02. Love Me Or Leave Me
03. I Won't Dance
04. Love Me Tender
05. Bye Bye Blackbird
06. Don't Tempt Me
07. Dindi
08. I've Got The Blues Tonight
09. Summertime
10. St. James Infirmary Blues

Sarah McKenzie (Vocals, piano); Eamon McNelis (Trumpet); Carlo Barbaro (SaxoTenor); Andrew Murray (Trombone); Hugh Stuckey (Guitar); Alex Boneham (Bass); Craig Simon (Drums)
Guests: James Morrison (Trumpet); Julien Wilson (Saxo tenor); Phil Binotto (Percussion).


Sherry Reeves - Sherry Reeves (2014)

01. 5 A.M.
02. Wish I Was in Philly
03. Love Ballad (feat. Sherry Reeves)
04. Keep It Real
05. Life On the Flip Side
06. Love Won't Let Me Wait
07. Aqua Verde
08. Let's Go for a Ride
09. Must Be the Moonlight
10. Time for Love
11. Nightlife
12. Winding Down
13. Love Ballad (Instrumental)


Manteca! Jazz Trío - Otro Mundo Perfecto (2012)

01. Pijama Party
02. Chef Guevara
03. So What Garcia
04. The Inspector Theme
05. (Psalm) Footprints - (Berimbau) Stolen Moments

Marcelo Camisay (Batería); Ariel Brusa (Piano, teclados); Lucas de Araujo E Sá (Bajo eléctrico).


Manteca! Jazz Trío - Dinámica (2011)

01. Ascensor en Picada
02. Darle Una Oportunidad a la Piel
03. T&T Trance-Dance
04. Grandes Expectativas
05. Te Enojaste
06. The Funky-Byte Invasion
07. We Will Meet Again
08. Catch'n Theo
09. Stolen Moments
10. Better Days Ahead
11. Piano Bar

Marcelo Camisay (Batería); Ariel Brusa (Piano, teclados); Lucas de Araujo E Sá (Bajo eléctrico).


George Robert Jazztet - Remember The Sound (2009)

01. Burn
02. Silver Spheres
03. In Step, Out Ahead
04. Bumps
05. Into Thy Hands
06. Hudson Funkshon
07. Remember The Sound

George Robert (Alto Saxophone); Robert Bonisolo (Tenor Saxophone); Matthieu Michel (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Rene Mosele (Trombone); Mathieu Schneider (Flute); Laurent Wolf (Soprano, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones); Vinz Vonlanthen (Guitar); Emil Spanyi (Piano & Keyboards); Jean-Pierre Schaller (Electric Bass); Marcel Papaux (Drums).
Randy Brecker - Special Guest


George Robert - Soul Searching (2005)

01. Namely You (Mercer / DePaul)
02. Soul Searching (George Robert)
03. Nostalgie (George Robert)
04. African Village (George Robert)
05. Blues for Trane (George Robert)
06. Peace (George Robert)
07. I’ve Never Been in Love Before (Frank Loesser)
08. Here’s That Rainy Day (Burke / Van Heusen)

George Robert (Alto & Soprano Saxes); Rufus Reid (Bass); Kenny Barron (Piano); Billy Hart (Drums).


George Robert & Kenny Barron - Peace (2003)

01. Peace
02. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
03. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
04. Soul Eyes
05. Tristeza
06. Blue Monk
07. Round Midnight
08. A Day In Paris
09. Song For Abdullah
George Robert (Alto saxophone); Kenny Barron (Piano).


Clark Terry and George Robert - The Good Things In Life (1993)

01. Somebody Done Stole My Blues
02. Perdido
03. Secret Love
04. Dôle
05. Salt peanuts
06. I don't want to be kissed
07. Steppin' On The Roaches

Clark Terry (Flugelhorn); George Robert (Alto saxophone); Dado Moroni (Piano); Isla Eckinger (Bass); Peter Schmidlin (Drums).


Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit (Deluxe Edition) (2014)

01. No Love Dying (Gregory Porter)
02. Liquid Spirit (Porter)
03. Lonesome Lover (Abbey Lincoln/Max Roach)
04. Water Under Bridges (Porter)
05. Hey Laura (Porter)
06. Musical Genocide (Porter)
07. Wolfcry (Porter)
08. Free (Gregory Porter/Zak Najor)
09. Brown Grass (Porter)
10. Wind Song (Porter)
11. The "In" Crowd (Ramsey Lewis/Billy Page)
12. Movin' (Porter)
13. When Love Was King (Porter)
14. I Fall In Love Too Easily (Sammy Cahn/Jule Styne)
15. Water under bridges feat. Laura Mvula (bonus track)
16. Don't le me be misunderstood feat. Jamie Cullum (bonus track)
17. Grandma's Hands feat. Ben L'Oncle Soul (bonus track)
18. Liquid Spirit - 20Syl remix (bonus track)

Gregory Porter (Vocals); Yosuke Sato (Alto saxophone); Tivon Pennicott (Tenor saxophone); Chip Crawford (Piano); Glenn Patscha (Hammond B3); Aaron James (Double bass); Emanuel Harold (Drums).


Gregory Porter - Be Good (2012)

01. Painted on Canvas
02. Be Good (Lion's Song)
03. On My Way to Harlem
04. Real Good Hands
05. The Way You Want to Live
06. When Did You Learn
07. Imitation of Life
08. Mother's Song
09. Our Love
10. Bling Bling
11. Work Song
12. God Bless the Child

Gregory Porter (Vocals); Tivon Pennicott, Yosuke Sato (Saxophone); Keyon Harrold, Kamau Kenyatta (Horns); Chip Crawford (Piano); Emanuel Harrold (Drums).


Gregory Porter - Water (2010)

01. Illusion
02. Pretty
03. Magic Cup
04. Skylark
05. Black Nile
06. Wisdom
07. 1960 What ?
08. But Beautiful
09. Lonely One
10. Water
11. Feeling Good

Gregory Porter (Voice); Chip Crawford (Piano); Aaron James (Bass); Emanuel Harold, Chuck Mcpherson (Drums); Melvin Vines, Curtis Taylor (Trumpet); Yoske Sato, James Spaulding (Alto Sax); Kafele Bandale (Trumpet); Robert Stringer (Trombone).


Esperanza Spalding - Emily's D+Evolution (2016)

01. Good Lava
02. Unconditional Love
03. Judas
04. Earth To Heaven
05. One
06. Rest In Pleasure
07. Ebony And Ivy
08. Noble Nobles
09. Farewell Dolly
10. Elevate Or Operate
11. Funk The Fear
12. I Want It Now