viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

Take 6 - Believe (2016)

01. Beautiful Day
02. Reset
03. You Know You’re in Love (feat. Stevie Wonder)
04. When Angels Cry
05. Here in L.A.
06. Walk Away (feat. Dtoxx)
07. Statistic
08. You Make Me Happy
09. On Your Side
10. Keep the Faith (feat. Dtoxx)
11. You’re All I Need
12. Song for You
13. 5 Minutes with God
14. When Angels Cry (Acapella)

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  1. Ross Vannelli, Glenn Jones
    Rockwood Music (BMI), GJones Music (ASCAP)
    Produced & Arranged by Ross Vannelli
    Vocal Arrangement: Ross Vannelli, Mark Kibble, David Thomas, Glenn Jones
    Keyboards: Ross Vannelli
    Guitar: James Harrah
    Bass Guitar: Rickey Minor
    Drums & Percussion: Teddy Campbell
    Programing: Ross Vannelli
    Piano / Guitar: Ross Vannelli
    Engineered by Ross Vannelli, Mikal Blue, Allan Sides
    Recorded at: Studio 99, Revolver Studios, Red Lotus Studio