domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

Marion Meadows - Secrets (2009)

01. Secrets
02. Let The Top Down
03. You Lift My Heart
04. Soul Sugar
05. The Child In Me
06. Sand Dancers
07. Playtime
08. Flirt
09. Friends
10. Urban Angels
11. The Shade Tree
12. Here To Stay

Marion Meadows (clarinet, saxophone); Johnny Britt (vocals, trumpet); Brian Chartrand, Sean Patrick Thomas, Charlie Karp (vocals); Will Brock (guitar, keyboards, drum programming); Perry Hughes, Freddie Fox (guitar); Brian Keane (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboards, drum programming); Anthony Church (saxophone); Jesse McGuire (trumpet); Chip Shearin (piano, keyboards); Jay Rowe (piano); Rachel Eckroth (Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer organ); Mike Broening (keyboards, programming); Tony Verdejo (percussion).

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