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lunes, 31 de octubre de 2016

Pablo Zapata - Latidos (2016)

01. Latidos   
02. Assejazz Nights  
03. Un nuevo día  
04. Maese Pedro   
05. Gandul   
06. Love Moments  
07. My friend Morillo   
08. Quinteño   
09. Que no se entere Randy  
10. Guadalquivir

Pablo Zapata (Electric bass, keyboards, composition and arrangements); Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, Jimmy González (Drums); Rafael Garcés (Tenor and alto sax); Javier Ortí (Tenor and soprano sax); Pedro Cortejosa (Tenor sax); Guillermo Trujillo, Trujiz (Trumpet); Manuel Morillo (Transverse flute); Álvaro Gandul (Piano); David Montoya (Keyboards); Manuel Soldán (Electric guitar); Sine León (Percussion); Víctor Pérez, Vitiko (Percussion).


Pablo Zapata - Dream Come True (2013)

01. Asere    
02. Algo de swing   
03. Barbateño    
04. Bolero a Carmen   
05. Muchachón Garcés   
06. Jaconieto 
07. Estación Amate   
08. Marzo    
09. La Amistad   
10. Servalabari
Pablo Zapata (Bajo, Teclados); Jimmy González (Drums); Rafael Garcés (Saxo tenor y soprano); Álvaro Gandul (Piano); Jesús Amante (Acordeón); Manuel Nieto (Solo bass); Jesús Lavilla (Solo sintetizador).


domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

Incognito - Play Jazz Funk Classics (2016)

01. To Prove My Love
02. Feel the Real
03. Love Has Come Around
04. Zaius (Ski Okenfull Mix)

Gracies Jordi per compartirlo ☻ II*II


Patrick Lamb & Patsy Meyer - Don't Get No Better (2007)

01. Hands of Passion
02. Don't Get No Better
03. Birdland
04. Something Feels So Good
05. You'll Never Know
06. Give Me More Lovin
07. Without Your Love
08. Don't Get No Better (Vocal Version)
09. Bon Voyage
10. Cup of Coffee

Patrick Lamb (vocals, saxophone); Patsy Meyer (vocals, percussion); Christian Ebner, Tyana Parr (vocals); Michael O'Neill (guitar); Jay Flippin (piano); Daniel Ho, Greg Whelchel, Herman Jackson (keyboards); Dave Carpenter, Abraham Laboriel, Sr. , Keith Jones, Nathan East (bass instrument); John Henry Kreitler (programming); Grant Geissman, Paul Jackson, Jr. , Kerry Marx (guitar); Nick Lane (trombone, horns); Steve Madaio, Tom Saviano (horns); Bill Cunliffe (piano, keyboards); Gregg Karukas (keyboards, programming); Curt Bisquera, Ricky Lawson, Dave Hooper (drums); Quincy McCrary, Lauren Evans (background vocals).


La Noche - Blue Limbo (1987)

01. Heavy
02. Tiempo interior
03. Dulce despertar 
04. La sombra de tu duda
05. Zubi 
06. Blue limbo
07. Que baile la fea
08. Esquizofrenia (Live) [Bonus Track]
09. El farmacéutico (Live) [Bonus Track]
10. Luballade (Live) [Bonus Track]

Angel Celada (Bateria); Jose Antonio Guereñu (Bajo); Esteban Coll (Teclados); Thierry Farrugia (Saxo); Jean Marie Ecay (Guitarra).


Ray Gomez - Volume (1980)

01. Make Your Move
02. U. S. A.
03. Waiting For The Big Time
04. West Side Boogie
05. Summer In The City
06. Love At First Sight
07. The World Will Keep On Turning
08. Blues For Mez

ULLANDA McCULLOUGH (Vocals); NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN (Drums); CHRIS PALMARO (Keyboards, background vocals); DAVID SANCIOUS (Keyboards); RAY GOMEZ (Bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, piano); JIMMY HASLIP (Bass); RANDY BRECKER (Saxophone); RAFAEL CRUZ (Percussion); DIVA GRAY,  LANI GROVES (Vocals); WILL LEE (Bass); GEORGE YOUNG (Saxophone).


Eugene Uvarov - Flashback (2016)

01. Old Senses
02. Forbid
03. Last Day On The Ship
04. Crash Test
05. Come to replace
06. New Day
07. Flashback
08. Plan B
09. Faith


sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016

The Mahavishnu Project - Return to the Emerald Beyond (2CD) (2007)

CD 1:
01. Eternity's Breath
02. Lila's Dance
03. Can't Stand Your Funk
04. Pastoral
05. Faith
06. Cosmic Strut
07. If I Could See
08. Be Happy

CD 2:
01. Earth Ship
02. Pegasus
03. Opus 1
04. On the Way Home to Earth
05. Smile of the Beyond
06. Vital Transformation
07. Sister Andrea

Glenn Alexander (Guitar Acoustic, Electric, Vocals); Gregg Bendian (Drums, Dumbek); Zach Brock, Katherine Fong (Violin); Adam Holzman (Keyboards); David Johnson (Bass); Premik Russell Tubbs (Flute, Saxophone).


The Mahavishnu Project - Phase 2 (2003)

01. Resolution
02. Meeting Of The Spirits
03. You Know, You Know
04. A Lotus On Irish Streams
05. Sanctuary
06. Awakening
07. Birds Of Fire
08. Noonward Race
09. Lila's Dance / The Dance Of Maya
10. Miles Beyond
11. Within The Womb Of Night
12. One Word
13. Hope

Stephan Crump (Bass); Gregg Bendian (Drums); Pete McCann (Guitar); Steve Hunt (Keyboards); Rob Thomas (Violin).


Cuong Vu Trio (with Pat Metheny) - Cuong Vu Trio meets Pat Metheny (2016)

01. Acid Kiss
02. Not Crazy (Just Giddy Upping) (For Vina)
03. Seeds Of Doubt
04. Tiny Little Pieces
05. Telescope
06. Let's Get Back (For Liduvina)
07. Tune Blues

Cuong Vu (Trumpet); Stomu Takeishi (Bass); Ted Poor (Drums); Pat Metheny (Guitar).


Sebastiaan Cornelissen & Frank Vollink - One Spirit (2005)

01. Me And Freddie
02. Straight
03. Official Noisemaker
04. Bramcote Road
05. Face To Face
06. What's In Store
07. Wrong Format
08. One Spirit
09. Dirty Gilly
10. Wise Man From The East
11. Suse's Song


Rod Williams - The Journey (2011)

01. With Loving Eyes
02. Alsadura
03. Portside
04. Nightfall
05. A Rainy Night In Jersey
06. The Journey
07. Smooth Touch
08. Up Late
09. Funky Friday
10. Sweet & Spicy
11. Things I Do For You
12. Journey Reprise


Anthony Wonsey - The Thang (2005)

01. All The Things You Are
02. The Thang
03. Pamela
04. Hey Jimmy
05. The Paper Chase
06. Speak Low
07. Overjoyed
08. Billy Boy

Anthony Wonsey (Piano); Eric Alexander (Tenor sax); Nat Reeves (Bass); Joe Farnsworth (Drums).


V.A. - Jazz & Strings Vol. VII (by SJAZZ4EVER)

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016

Peter White - Groovin (2016)

01. Groovin’
02. Do I Do
03. (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay
04. How Long
05. I Can See Clearly Now
06. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
07. Never Knew Love Like This Before
08. Sleepwalk
09. When Will I See You Again
10. Here, There and Everywhere


jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

Nicholas Payton - The Egyptian Second Line (2016)

01. The Egyptian Second Line
02. The Egyptian Second Line (Instrumental)

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet, spoken word, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B-3, Clavinet); Kevin Hays (Fender Rhodes); Vicente Archer (Acoustic bass); Joe Dyson (Drums); Daniel Sadownick (Percussion); DJ Lady Fingaz (Turntable, sampler); Yolanda Robinson, Jolynda Phillips, Christina Machado (Background vocals).


Nicholas Payton - Letters (2015)

01. A 
02. B   
03. C   
04. D for Dario Payton  
05. E   
06. F for Axel Foley  
07. G   
08. H   
09. I Just Want 2 B With U  
10. J 
11. K 
12. L for Melvin Lastie
13. M for Donald Bailey 
14. N for the Piano Players 
15. O   
16. P for Bud Powell
17. Q for Quincy Jones 
18. R 
19. S 
20. T for Wilson Turbinton 
21. U 
22. V 
23. W 
24. X for Patrice Rushen 
25. Y Miss Me If U Don't Have 2   
26. Z End 


Nicholas Payton - Numbers (2014)

01. Two
02. Three
03. Four
04. Five
05. Six
06. Seven
07. Eight
08. Nine
09. Ten
10. Eleven
11. Twelve
12. Thirteen

Keith Askey (Guitar); Corey Fonville (Drums); Devonne Harris (Bass, Juno, Mixing, Organ, Piano); Nicholas Payton (Fender Rhodes, Trumpet); Andrew Randazzo (Bass).


Nicholas Payton - Sketches Of Spain (2013)

01. Concierto De Aranjuez
02. Will O' The Wisp
03. The Pan Piper
04. Saeta
05. Solea

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet); Vicente Archer (Bass); Marcus Gilmore (Drums); Daniel Sadownick (Percussion); Sinfonieorchester Basel (Conductor: Dennis Russell Davies).


Nicholas Payton - #BAM. Live At Bohemian Caverns (2013)

01. The Backward Step
02. Drad Dog
03. Catlett Out Of The Bag
04. Pannonica
05. The African Tinge
06. The Return Of The African Tinge
07. Frankie And Johnny

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet, Fender Rhodes); Vicente Archer (Bass); Lenny White (Drums).


Nicholas Payton - Live At The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (2012)

01. The Backward Step
02. Days Of Wine And Roses
03. Track03
04. Track04
05. Track05
06. Track06

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet, Fender Rhodes, Vocals); Vicente Archer (Bass); Jaff "Tain" Watts (Drums).


Nicholas Payton - Bitches (2011)

01. By My Side (Ildeth's Blues)
02. Freesia
03. Shades Of Hue
04. Truth Or Dare
05. Togetherness Foreverness
06. Indigo
07. You Are The Spark
08. The Second Show (Adam's Plea)
09. Flip The Script
10. Love And Faith
11. Don't I Love You Good
12. iStole Your iPhone
13. You Take Me Places I've Never Been Before
14. Give Light, Live Life, Love
15. Bitches

Nicholas Payton (Bass, Castanets, Composer, Drum Machine, Drums, Drums (Bass), Engineer, Finger Cymbals, Flugelhorn, Hammond B3, Keyboards, Liner Notes, Piano, Primary Artist, Producer, Shaker, Synthesizer, Tambourine, Trumpet, Various Instruments, Vocals); China Blac, N'Dambi, Saunders Sermons, Esperanza Spalding, Cassandra Wilson (Vocals).


Nicholas Payton - Into The Blue (2008)

01. Drucilla
02. Let It Ride
03. Triptych
04. Chinatown
05. The Crimson Touch
06. The Backward Step
07. Nida
08. Blue
09. Fleur De Lis
10. The Charleston Hop (The Blue Steps)

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet, Synthesizer, Vocals); Kevin Hays (Piano, Electric Piano, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes); Vicente Archer (Acoustic Bass); Marcus Gilmore (Drums); Daniel Sadownick (Percussion).


Nicholas Payton, Bob Belden, Sam Yahel, John Hart, Billy Drummond - Mysterious Shorter (2006)

01. Montezuma
02. Tom Thumb
03. Footprints
04. Teru
05. Witch Hunt
06. Masqalero
07. Beauty And The Beast
08. Miyako
Nicholas Payton (Trumpet); Bob Belden (Soprano & Tenor Saxophones); Sam Yahel (Hammond B-3 Organ); Billy Drummond (Drums); John Hart (Guitar).

Nicholas Payton & Sonic Trance - Live In New York (2004)

01. Intro
02. Seance
03. Fela
04. Cannabis Leaf Rag
05. Concentric Circles
06. Go Round
07. Blu Hays
08. Two Mexicans On The Wall
09. I'm Trying To Swing As Little As Possible
10. Stardust
11. Silence

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet); Tim Warfield (Saxophone); Scott Kinsey (Piano, Keyboards); Vicente Archer (Bass); Adonis Rose (Drums); Daniel Sadownick (Percussion).


Nicholas Payton - Sonic Trance (2003)

01. Praalude (Sonic Trance)
02. Fela 1
03. Velvet Handcuffs
04. Cannabis Leaf Rag 1
05. Séance
06. Tantric (Lewd Interlewd)
07. Shabba Unranked
08. Séance (Romantic Reprise)
09. Fela 2
10. Tantric
11. Blu Hays
12. Stinkie Twinkie [Remix]
13. Spiral
14. Peeping Tim
15. Cannabis Leaf Rag 2
16. Two Mexicans On The Wall
17. Exorcism
18. Toys In Babeland

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Vocals); Tim Warfield (Soprano & Tenor Saxophones); Kevin Hays (Piano, Keyboards, Effects, Sampling, Vocals); Karriem Riggins (Synthesizer, Sampling); Vicente Archer (Bass); Adonis Rose (Drums); Daniel Sadownick (Percussion).


Nicholas Payton - Dear Louis (2001)

01. Potato Head Blues
02. Hello Dolly
03. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead
04. Tight Like This
05. Interlude (St. James Infirmary)
06. On the Sunny Side of the Street
07. Dear Louis
08. Blues In the Night
09. The Peanut Vendor
10. Mack the Knife
11. Tiger Rag
12. I'll Never Be the Same
13. West End Blues

Nicholas Payton (vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, drums, vibraslap); Dr. John, Dianne Reeves (vocals); Tim Warfield (soprano & tenor saxophones, flute); Bill Easley (alto saxophone, flute, clarinet); Scott Robinson (baritone & contrabass saxophones, flute, bass clarinet); Ray Vega (trumpet, flugelhorn, guira); Paul Stephens (trumpet, flugelhorn); Vincent Gardner (trombone); Bob Stewart (tuba); Anthony Wonsey (piano); Melvin Rhyne (organ); Peter Bernstein (guitar); Reuben Rogers, Walter Payton (bass); Adonis Rose (drums, clave); Kenyatta Simon (triangle, percussion).


Nicholas Payton - Nick@Night (2000)

01. Beyond The Stars
02. Captain Crunch (Meets The Cereal Killer)
03. Faith > For Faith Evans
04. Pleasant Dreams
05. Interlude #1 (Turn Up The Funk)
06. Nick@Night
07. Somnia
08. Interlude #2 (Turn Out The Burn Out)
09. Prince Of The Night
10. Blacker Black's Revenge
11. Little Angel > For Christopher
12. Exquisite Tenderness
13. Sun Goddess

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Tim Warfield (Tenor & Soprano Saxophones); Anthony Wonsey (Piano, Harpsichord, Celeste); Reuben Rogers (Bass); Adonis Rose (Drums).


Tom Harrell, Eddie Henderson, Nicholas Payton, Lew Soloff - Trumpet Legacy (1998)

01 So What
02 Jordu
03 My Funny Valentine
04 Lotus blossom
05 The Sidewinder
06 There's No You
07 Fire Waltz
08 Nostalgia
09 That's Earl, Brother

Nicholas Payton, Lew Soloff, Tom Harrell, Eddie Henderson (Trumpet); Mulgrew Miller (Piano); Carl Allen (Drums), Mulgrew Miller (Piano); Peter Washington (Bass); Carl Allen (Drums)


Nicholas Payton - Payton's Place (1998)

01. Zigaboogaloo
02. The Three Trumpeteers
03. Back To The Source
04. A Touch Of Silver
05. Concentric Circles
06. Li'l Duke's Strut
07. Time Traveling
08. With A Song In My Heart
09. Paraphernalia
10. Brownie A La Mode
11. People Make The World Go Round
12. The Last Goodbye

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet); Joshua Redman, Tim Warfield (Tenor saxophone); Roy Hargrove, Wynton Marsalis (Trumpet); Anthony Wonsey (Piano); Adonis Rose (Drums); Reuben Rogers (Bass).


Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton (1997)

01. How Deep Is The Ocean?
02. Jeepers Creepers
03. Stardust
04. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
05. Dinah
06. Save It Pretty Mama
07. Do You Believe In Love At Sight?
08. Jada
09. I Cover The Waterfront
10. Maybe
11. Black And Blue (Aka What Did I Do To Be So Black And Blue?)
12. Out Of Nowhere
13. She's Funny That Way
14. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

Doc Cheatham (Trumpet, Vocals); Nicholas Payton (Trumpet); Tom Ebbert (Trombone); Lucien Barbarin (Trombone); Jack Maheu (Clarinet); Butch Thompson (Piano); Les Muscutt (Guitar); Bill Huntington (Bass).


Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton, Mark Whitfield - Fingerpainting: The Music of Herbie Hancock (1987)

01. Fingerpainting
02. Driftin'
03. Chameleon
04. Tell Me a Bedtime Story
05. Eye of the Hurricane
06. The Kiss
07. Speak Like a Child
08. The Sorcerer
09. Dolphin Dance
10. Chan's Song
11. One Finger Snap
12. Sly
13. Oliloqui Valley
14. Jane's Theme

Christian McBride (Bass); Nicholas Payton (Trumpet and flugelhorn); Mark Whitfield (Electric and acoustic guitars).


Nicholas Payton - Gumbo Nouveau (1996)

01. Whoopin' Blues
02. When The Saints Go Marching In
03. Wild Man Blues
04. After You've Gone
05. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
06. Down In Honky Tonk Town
07. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
08. Li'l Liza Jane
09. Weather Bird
10. St. James Infirmary

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet); Jesse Davis (Alto Saxophone); Tim Warfield (Tenor Saxophone); Anthony Wonsey (Piano); Reuben Rogers (Bass); Adonis Rose (Drums).


Nicholas Payton - From This Moment (1995)

01. In The Beginning
02. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
03. Fair Weather
04. Maria's Melody
05. It Could Happen To You
06. Little Re-Re
07. From This Moment On
08. Rhonda's Smile
09. The Sleepwalker
10. Blues For My Brother
11. Taking A Chance On Love
12. To The Essential One

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet); Mulgrew Miller (Piano); Mark Whitfield (Guitar); Monte Croft (Vibes); Reginald Veal (Bass); Lewis Nash (Drums).


Nicholas Payton, Wessell Anderson, Peter Martin, Christopher Thomas, Brian Blade - New Orleans Collective (1992)

01. Rhonda Mile
02. Profile Of A Beautiful Woman
03. Country Crescent
04. Go Slow For Mo'
05. Newt
06. New Orleans Revival
07. Four Of Five Times
08. He Was A Good Man, Oh Yes He Was

Nicholas Payton (Trumpet); Wessell Anderson (Alto Saxophone, Sopranino); Peter Martin (Piano); Christopher Thomas (Bass); Brian Blade (Drums).


miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Cee Cee James - Seriously Raw (Live at Sunbanks) (2010)

01. Crossroad Blues 
02. I Ain't Superstitious 
03. Make It To The Other Side 
04. I Got A Right To Sing The Blues 
05. Give Me Back My Wig 
06. Done Love Wrong 
07. Mercedes Benz 
08. Me And Bobbie McGee 
09. I Just Want To Make Love To You 
10. Rock Me Baby 
11. Nutbush City Limits 
12. Living In The House Of The Blues 
13. Going Down 
14. Out takes

Cee Cee James (Vocals); Dan Mohler (Bass Guitar); Chris Leighton (Drums); Jason Childs (Lead Guitar); Rob "SlideBoy" Andrews (Slide Guitar, Rhythm Guitar).


Al DeGregoris - Time and a Half (2016)

01. Everyday People (feat. Steve Cole)
02. All over the Place (feat. Eric Marienthal)
03. No Holding Back (feat. Nils)
04. Mac's Groove (feat. Steve Cole)
05. Time and a Half
06. It's Time
07. Abacaba (feat. Jeff Lorber)
08. South Shore
09. Further Out (feat. Andy Snitzer)
10. Resolutions


Al DeGregoris - All in Good Time (2014)

01. JD's Groove (feat. Nils)
02. Into the Night (feat. Nils)
03. Sunnyside (feat. Nils)
04. Hey You (feat. Jeff Lorber & Eric Marienthal)
05. Autumn Chill (feat. Nils)
06. All in Good Time (feat. Nils)
07. Absolute (feat. Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber & Jimmy Haslip)
08. After a Rain (feat. Nils)
09. Tranquility (feat. Nils)
10. Connect the Dots (feat. Nils)


Al DeGregoris - Times And Travels (2012)

01. Follow Your Dreams
02. Drive Time (feat. Chieli Minucci)
03. Prelude
04. Times and Travels (feat. Chieli Minucci)
05. We Don't Do That Here (feat. Jeff Kashiwa)
06. Bamboo Forest (feat. Chris Standring)
07. Dr. Groove
08. 4 X 4 (feat. Jeff Kashiwa & Joel Rosenblatt)
09. Smooth It Out (feat. Jeff Kashiwa)
10. East 86th (feat. Eric Marienthal)
11. My Father's House


Al DeGregoris - Three Before Midnight (2008)

01. ''J'' Walkin'
02. Day Dreams
03. Hot Potato
04. Three Before Midnight
05. Here to Jersey
06. Into the Light
07. Shark Dance
08. Bc's Bounce
09. Finding Forever
10. North Shore Sunset
11. Three Before Midnight (Ext)
12. Into the Light (Ext)


Paul Jackson - Funk on a Stick (2005)

01. Warning!
02. Funk on a Stick
03. Hey Lou
04. Funky Fingers!
05. Everything You Got
06. In God We Funk
07. Prelude to Pain
08. Pain
09. Hawk
10. Pop It
11. It's All a Groove
12. People Cry
13. Funk on a Stick (Part 2)

Paul Jackson (bass guitar); Jorge Guerrero (rap vocals); Jerry Stucker, Vernon "Ice" Black, Carl Lockett, Patrick Brady, Char (guitar); John L. Funk On A Stick buy CD music (didjeridu); Ernie Watts (saxophone); Rodney Franklin (piano); Harkom Graaf, Kei Shibata, Herbie Hancock (keyboards); Mike Clark , Paul van Wageningen, Jim Copley (drums); Jon Bendich (congas); Bill Summers (percussion); Maizon (drum programming); Malcolm Marshall (turntables); Big Boy (unknown instrument); Sandy Griffith, Paula Johnson, Shakara, Janet Herzenberg, Connie Bailey, Babe Hanna, Fred Hughes (background vocals); The Tokyo Shock Boys.
Additional personnel: Tony Adamo (unknown instrument); James Levi (background vocals).


La Otra Musica - Programa nº 93 (21.10.2016)

Smooth Collection 94 (2016) (By Dj Mark)

01. George Jinda and World News - With A Message (1992)
02. Herb Alpert - Mystery Man (2016)
03. The Rippingtons featuring Russ Freeman - Into You (2005)
04. Konstantin Klashtorni - Touch the Sky (2016)
05. Grover Washington Jr - I'm All Yours (1981)
06. Stacey Knights - When I'm Dancin' With You (2002)
07. George Howard - Jade's World (1987)
08. U-Nam - This Is Just 4 U (2009)
09. Armik - Only for You (2016)
10. Jay Rowe - The Reunion (feat. Marion Meadows) (2016)
11. Brian Culbertson - Hey Girl (2016)
12. The Sax Pack - Here To Stay (2009)

Enjoy !!!


V.A. - Jazz & Strings Vol. VI (by SJAZZ4EVER)

martes, 25 de octubre de 2016

Bluey - Life Between The Notes (2015)

01. Dance To My Drums   
02. Life Between The Notes  
03. Hold On   
04. Saints And Sinners  
05. Trippin' On This Feelin'   
06. I've Got A Weakness For You Love  
07. Tomorrow Never Lies   
08. Columbus Avenue  
09. Caught Up In The Grey  
10. Been There Before   
11. More Than Getting By   
12. The Poetry Of Life   
13. Sunships On The Shores Of Mars


Bluey - Leap Of Faith (2013)

01. Stronger
02. Got To Let My Feelings Show
03. Ain't Nobody's Business 
04. Take A Chance On Me 
05. If You Really Wanna
06. Live Like A Millionaire
07. Keep Myself Together
08. Sky 
09. Why Did I Let You Go
10. Leap Of Faith


Bluey & Tony Remy - First Protocol (2008)

01. Beyond Jupiter
02. First Protocol
03. See No Evil
04. Other Side Of Me
05. Where Did You Go
06. Only Child
07. Box
08. Transceiver
09. Dans La Mancha
10. Between My Finger And My Thumb

Tony Remy (guitar, vocoder); Bluey (vocals, percussion); Kevin Robinson (trumpet, flugelhorn); Ski Oakenfull (keyboards, drum programming, percussion programming); Graham Harvey, Jamie Odell, Amp Fiddler (keyboards); Neville Malcolm (upright bass, electric bass); Chris Taylor , Julian Crampton, Francis Hylton (electric bass); Andy Gangadeen (drums); Simon Richmond (percussion).


domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

Citrus Sun - People Of Tomorrow (2014)

01. Mais Uma Vez (One More Time)
02. Tonight We Dance
03. What's Going On
04. What Color Is Love
05. Cooking With Walter
06. You're So Far Away
07. Yesterday Detroit
08. People Of Tomorrow
09. As Night Falls
10. Micia

Dominic Glover (trumpet, trombone); Jim Mullen, Chris Robinson (guitar); Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick (guitar, producer); Randy Hope-Taylor (bass); Francis Hylton (bass, drum programming, guitar, keyboards, piano); Valerie Etienne (vocals); Richard Bull (drums, acoustic guitar, keyboards, organ, percussion, percussion programming); João Caetano (percussion); Matt Cooper (drums, Fender Rhodes, keyboards, piano); Pete Ray Biggin, Francesco Mendolia (drums).