lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2016

Jeff Cascaro - The soul of Jeff Cascaro (2010)

01. I Feel Fine
02. Soul of a Singer
03. Love is in the air
04. The sun is shining for our love
05. Love will find a Way
06. Follow You, Follow Me
07. Try
08. When she sings to me
09. Holler / I'm Talking To You Baby (Live)
10. Tripping Out (Live)

Jeff Cascaro (vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn); Bruno Müller (guitar); Ulf Kleiner (keyboards); Christian von Kaphengst (bass); Flo Dauner (drums); Peter Lübke (drums); Roland Peil (percussion).
Horn Section: Frank Lauber (flute, alto sax); Tobias Weidinger (trumpet, flugelhorn); Michael Theissing-Tegeler (trombone); Susanne Heitmann (baritone sax).

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