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miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

Lee Ritenour - World of Brazil (2005)

01.  Water to Drink (Agua de Beber)
02. Latin Lovers (Incompatibilidada de Ginios)
03. Linda (Voce e Linda)
04. Dindi
05. Stone Flower
06. San Ysidro
07. Harlequin (Arlequim Desconhecido)
08. Bahia Funk
09. Asa
10. Windmill
11. E (Yeah!)

Lee Ritenour (guitar, keyboards, synthesizer); Lee Ritenour (bass instrument); Djavan (vocals, guitar); El DeBarge, Gonzaguinha, Kevyn Lettau (vocals); Oscar Castro-Neves, Paul Jackson, Jr. (guitar); Dan Higgins (flute); Larry E. Williams (tenor saxophone, keyboards, synthesizer); Jerry Hey (trumpet, horns); Russell Ferrante (keyboards, synthesizer); David Witham, Greg Phillinganes (keyboards); Barnaby Finch (midi piano); John Patitucci, Anthony Jackson (bass instrument); Gary Novak, Omar Hakim, Carlos Vega (drums); Alex Acuña (percussion); Marietta Waters, Kate Markowitz (background vocals); Joao Bosco (vocals, guitar); Ivan Lins, Caetano Veloso (vocals); Art Porter (soprano saxophone); Ernie Watts (tenor saxophone); Dave Grusin (piano, keyboards); Herbie Hancock (piano); Carlinhos Brown (djembe); Paulinho Da Costa, Cassio Duarte (percussion); Gracinha Leporace (background vocals).


Lee Ritenour - Overtime (2005) [Audio DVDRip]

Disc 1:
01. Party Time
02. Blue in Green
03. Mizrab
04. Sugarloaf Express
05. Harlequin
06. Beyond the Storm
07. Dinorah Dinorah
08. P.A.L.S.

Disc 2:
01. Captain Fingers
02. Morning Glory
03. Captain Caribe
04. Nigh Rhythms
05. A Little Bumpin'
06. Water to Drink
07. Possibilities
08. Papa Was a Rolling Stone
09. Is It You?
10. Thirteen
11. She Walks This Earth

Lee Ritenour (Guitar Acoustic, Electric); Eric Marienthal (Flute, Sax Alto, Sax Tenor); Ernie Watts (Sax Soprano, Sax Tenor); Chris Botti (Trumpet); Harvey Mason Sr. (Drums); Oscar Seaton (Drums); Alex Acuña (Percussion); Keith Albright (Piano Tuner); Dave Grusin (Piano, Fender Rhodes); Barnaby Finch (Keyboards); Patrice Rushen (Synthesizer, Piano, Fender Rhodes); Dave Carpenter (Bass Acoustic); Melvin Davis (Bass Electric); Anthony Jackson (Bass); Ivan Lins (Composer, Vocals, Fender Rhodes); Grady Harrell, Kenya Hathaway (Vocals).


Lee Ritenour - Overtime (2005)

01. Boss City
02. Blue in Green
03. Ocean Ave.
04. She Walks This Earth
05. Sugarloaf Express
06. Possibilities
07. Papa Was a Rollin' Stone
08. Morning Glory
09. Captain Fingers
10. P.A.L.S.
11. Night Rhythms
12. Lil' Bumpin'
13. Is It You?

Lee Ritenour (Guitar); Chris Botti (Trumpet); Tim Carmen (Programming, Vocal Arrangement); Dave Carpenter (Double Bass, Bass Acoustic); Anthony Jackson, Melvin Davis (Bass, Guitar Bass); Barnaby Finch (Keyboards); Dave Grusin (Piano, Arranger, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes); Ivan Lins (Vocals, Fender Rhodes); Eric Marienthal (Flute, Saxophone, Sax Soprano, Sax Tenor); Patrice Rushen (Synthesizer, Piano, Fender Rhodes); Ernie Watts (Sax Tenor); Steve Forman, Alex Acuña (Percussion); Harvey Mason Sr., Oscar Seaton (Drums); Jochem van der Saag (Programming); Grady Harrell (Vocals).


Lee Ritenour - A Twist of Motown (2003)

01. Inner City Blues
02. Papa Was a Rolling Stone
03. Never Can Say Goodbye
04. Just My Imagination
05. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
06. The Tracks of My Tears
07. You Haven't Done Nothin'
08. Creepin'
09. Medley: War/What's Going On?
10. All This Love
11. Got to Be There

Lisa Fischer, Will Downing, Brenda Russell (vocals); Lee Ritenour (guitar, acoustic guitar, strings, Wurlitzer organ, keyboards, synthesizer, programming, sampler); George Benson , Peter White (guitar); Peter "Fifi" White (acoustic guitar, keyboards); Dan Higgins (flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Gerald Albright (flute, tenor saxophone); Mindi Abair (soprano saxophone); Richard Elliot (tenor saxophone); Jerry Hey (trumpet, flugelhorn); Chris Botti (trumpet); Dave Grusin (piano, keyboards, synthesizer); Bob James (Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, synthesizer); Jochem van der Saag (keyboards, synthesizer, drums, percussion, programming, sampler); Greg Phillinganes, Russell Ferrante (keyboards, synthesizer); Steve Tavaglione (EWI); Ricky Lawson (drums); Lori Perry, Darlene Perry, Sharon Perry (background vocals).


Lee Ritenour - Rit's House (2002)

01. Module 105
02. "13"
03. Mizrab
04. 78th & 3rd
05. Rit's House
06. A Little Dolphin Dreamin'
07. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
08. Condor
09. Olinda
10. Night Owl
11. Party Time
12. Just Listen

Lee Ritenour (Guitar); Mitch Holder (Guitar Acoustic); George Duke (Fender Rhodes); John Beasley (Piano, Organ (Hammond), Fender Rhodes); Alan Pasqua (Piano, Organ (Hammond)); Gary Grant (Trumpet); Dave Carpenter (Bass Acoustic); Marcus Miller, Melvin Davis (Bass); Joey DeFrancesco (Organ (Hammond)); Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Arranger, Flugelhorn, Horn Arrangements, Synthesizer Arrangements); Dan Higgins (Flute, Flute Alto, Sax Tenor, Indian Flute); Randy Kerber (Synthesizer, Strings); Bill Reichenbach Jr. (Trombone); Ernie Watts (Sax Tenor); Peter Erskine, Vinnie Colaiuta, Will Kennedy, Byron Landham (Drums); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Michael MacDonald (Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)).


Lee Ritenour - Vocal Collection (2007)

01 - Dream Away (feat.Phil Perry)
02 - Turn The Heat Up (feat.Phil Perry & Eric Tagg)
03 - Dreamwalkin' (feat.Eric Tagg)
04 - Isn't She Lovely (feat.Bill Champlin)
05 - Cross My Heart (feat.Eric Tagg)
06 - I Can't Let Go (feat.Phil Perry)
07 - Promises Promises (feat.Eric Tagg)
08 - Keep It Alive (feat.Eric Tagg)
09 - Malibu (feat.Phil Perry)
10 - Morning Glory (feat.Bill Champlin)
11 - Mr Briefcase (feat.Eric Tagg)
12 - Tell Me Pretty Lies (feat.Eric Tagg)
13 - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (feat.Michael McDonald)
14 - No Sympathy  (feat.Eric Tagg)
15 - Is It You (feat.Eric Tagg)
16 - All The Same Tonight (feat. Phil Perry)
17 - Sunset Drivers (feat Eric Tagg)
18 - Possibilities (feat.Kenya Hathaway)


Lee Ritenour - A Twist of Marley (2001)

01. Exodus
02. I Shot the Sheriff
03. Get Up Stand Up
04. No Woman No Cry
05. Is This Love
06. Redemption Song
07. Jamming
08. Waiting in Vain
09. Turn Your Lights Down Low
10. So Much Trouble
11. Could You Be Loved
12. Stir It Up
13. Get Up Stand Up

Lee Ritenour (Guitar); Gerald Albright (Alto Saxophone); Marc Antoine (Acoustic Guitar); Patti Austin (Vocal); Dave Grusin (Piano); Richard Bona (Percussion, Vocal); Michael Brecker (Tenor Saxophone); Rick Braun (Trumpet); Jonathan Butler (Vocal, Guitar); Melvin Davis (Digz Vocal); Will Downing (Vocal); Sonny Emory (Drums); Lisa Fischer (Vocals); Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Dan Higgins (Flute, Tenor Saxophone); Will Kennedy (Drums); Kate Markowitz (Background Vocals); Phil Perry (Vocal); Maxi Priest (Vocal); Bill Reichenbach (Trombone); Jochem Van der Saag (Bass, Synthesizer, Vocal, Programming, Keyboards); Steve Tavaglione (Soprano Saxophone, EWI); Carmen Twillie (Background Vocals); Larry Williams (Synthesizer).


Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin - Two Worlds (1999)

01. Concerto in A Minor for Four Keyboards and Strings, BWV1065 - Movement 1
02. Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 Aria (Cantilena) [feat. Renee Fleming]
03. Sonatina: Andante II
04. Elegia (A Henri) [feat. Gil Shaham]
05. Suite Popular Espanola No.3 Cancion [feat. James Walker]
06. Lagrima
07. River Songs: The Water is Wide/Shenandoah
08. Romanian Folk Dances: Stick Dance / Sash Dance / Horn Dance / Romanian Polka / Fast Dance
09. Suite Compostelana III Cuna
10. Suite Popular Española No.1 el Pano Moruno [feat. James Walker]
11. Siciliana [feat. Julian Lloyd Webber]
12. Canto Invierno
13. Bachianas Brasileiras No.4 Preludio

Alex Acuña (Percussion, Drums); Luis Conte (Percussion); Renee Fleming (Soprano); Ed Meares, Tom Kennedy (Bass); Julian Lloyd Webber (Cello); Stephen Erdody, Cecilia Tsan, Christina Soule, Paula Hochhalter (Celli); Renita Koven, Roland Kato, Carrie Holzman-Little, Scott Haupert, Jennie Hansen, Keith Green, Carole Castillo (Viola); Richard Altenbach, Mario Diaz de Leon, Julie Gigante, Gary Kuo, Ralph Morrison, Natalie Leggett, Michelle Kim, Liane Mautner, Gil Shaham, Mark Sazer, Susan Rishik, Rachel Purkin, Sara Parkins. Margaret Wooten, Roger Wilkie, Lesa Terry, Lisa Sutton (Violin).


Lee Ritenour - Live in Montreal, Canada (1991) [Audio DVDRip]

01. Night Rhythms
02. 24th Street Blues
03. Solo Flute
04. Zephyr
05. Rio Sol
06. Etude
07. Uptown
08. Rio Funk
09. End Credits

Lee Ritenour (Guitars); David Benoit (Keyboards); Don Grusin (Keyboards); Ernie Watts (Sax); Dave Valentin (Flute); Abraham Laboriel (Bass); Gary Novak (Drums).


Steve Campbell - Ocean Blue (2016)

01. Sweet Tea
02. Ocean Blue
03. Today
04. Set Sail
05. Figi
06. This Side Up
07. R&R
08. South Town
09. As Beautiful as You
10. J Song


martes, 28 de junio de 2016

Steve Watson - Heat it up (2015)

01. Remembering
02. Heat It Up
03. The Big White Dog
04. Mary Anna
05. Wistful
06. Havin' Fun
07. Shrimp And Grits
08. Left Turn in Space
09. Back to the Meade
10. American Frontier


sábado, 25 de junio de 2016

Steve Watson - Playtime (2016)

01. Playtime
02. Stones Throw
03. Pear Bear
04. Reflections
05. Happy Evenings
06. Maria
07. Top Cat
08. Playtime (Bonus Track)


Bob Baldwin - The Brazilian-American Soundtrack (2016)

CD 1:
01. Funky Rio
02. Ipanema Fusion
03. Teardrop (Feat. Ragan Whiteside)
04. Caipirinha (Feat. Torcuato Mariano)
05. Corcovado - The Redeemer (Feat. Torcuato Mariano)
06. Greatest Lover (Feat. Zoiea)
07. Boa Noite
08. Looking At Me (Feat. Gigi)
09. Anjo De Mim
10. The Island (Feat. Leo Gandelman)
11. Eu Te Devoro
12. Oasis
13. Love Dance - May I Have This Dance

CD 2:
01. Children Of The Sun (Feat. Cafe Da Silva)
02. Home From Work
03. The Sound Of His Voice (For Maurice White)
04. My Soul
05. For You (Feat. Porter Carroll)
06. Summer Madness (Feat. James Crab Robinson) (Remix 3000)
07. Yesterday
08. South Of The Border
09. Mobile And Global (Feat. Mark Gabriel Hasselbach)
10. Summer's Over
11. I Need The Air (You Breathe)
12. State Of Mind
13. The Message (A Maurice White Dedication)


The Rippingtons - True Stories (2016)

01. Wild Tales
02. Sundance
03. Flamenco Beach
04. My Promise featuring Jeffrey Osborne
05. Reach Higher
06. Dream Catcher
07. Wonderland
08. Kings Road
09. Golden Child
10. True Stories


Incognito - In Search of Better Days (2016)

01 - Love Born in Flames (feat. Imaani & Stuart Zender) 
02 - Just Say Nothing (feat. Vanessa Haynes)
03 - Everyday Grind (feat. Maysa)
04 - Racing Through the Bends (feat. Maysa)
05 - Love's Revival (feat. Tony Momrelle)
06 - Selfishly (feat. Maysa)  
07 - Love Be the Messenger (feat. Vanessa Haynes)
08 - I See the Light (feat. Avery Sunshine)
09 - Echoes of Utopia (feat. Stuart Zender)
10 - Move It Up (feat. Vanessa Haynes)  
11 - Crystal Walls (feat. Katie Leone)  
12 - Bridges of Fire (feat. Tomoyasu Hotei)
13 - All I Ever Wanted (feat. Maysa)
14 - Better Days feat. (Vula Malinga)


Smooth Collection 81 (2016) (By Dj Mark)

01. Sam Hankins - Smooth Breeze (2016)
02. Chris Standring - Soul Vibration (2016)
03. Grover Washington, Jr. - I Can't Help It (1980)
04. Tim Watson - Is it the End (Instrumental) (2002)
05. Yu - Arrowhead (2016)
06. El DeBarge - You Are My Dream (1994)
07. Otis Hayes III - Morning Light (2005)
08. Dan Cipriano - Jasmin Marie (2016)
09. Seawind - Lovin' You (1977)
10. Andre Ferreri - Remark You Made (2015)
11. Leon Ware - Let Go (2001)
12. Sez Zion Jazz Band - In His Arms (Instrumental) (2016)



Jeremy Monteiro & Jazz Brasileiro - Brazilian Dreams (2016)

01. Desafinado
02. Meditation (Feat. Juliana Da Silva)
03. Samba Apaxionado (Feat. Juliana Da Silva)
04. Quiet Nights & Quiet Stars (Feat. Melissa Tham)
05. Triste
06. The Girl From Ipanema (Feat. Juliana Da Silva)
07. Chega De Saudade (Feat. Juliana Da Silva)
08. The Dolphin
09. Soliloquio (Feat. Juliana Da Silva)
10. Black Orpheus
11. Wave (Vou Te Contar) (Feat. Juliana Da Silva)
12. Brigas Nunca Mais
13. Brazilian Dreams (Feat. Melissa Tham)


Waldino - Smile (2016)

01. Smile
02. If You Want Me
03. Just Hold On
04. Koolin' It
05. No Limits
06. Dreamin' of You
07. In the Moment
08. Ease Your Body
09. Mojo Man
10. Cruisin'
11. Turn Me Around
12. You Know You Got It
13. Move It Up


La Otra Musica - Junio (2016)

Programa nº 80 (24.06.2016)


Programa nº 79 (17.06.2016)


Programa nº 78 (10.06.2016)


Programa nº 77 (03.06.2016)


Lee Ritenour - This is Love (1998)

01. This is Love
02. Mr. Papa
03. Can You Feel It?
04. Dream Away
05. Alfie's Theme
06. And You Know What... I Love You
07. Baltimore
08. Jjh-Yeah
09. Street Runner
10. Dreamwalk
11. Pavane
12. The Blue Line

Lee Ritenour (Synthesizer, Guitar Acoustic, Bass, Guitar, Arranger, Guitar Electric, Producer, Engineer, Executive Producer, Vocal Arrangement, Drum Programming, Adaptation); Paulinho da Costa (Percussion, Timbales); Dave Weckl, Sonny Emory (Drums); Melvin Davis (Bass, Bass Programming); Gary Grant (Trumpet); Bill Evans (Sax Soprano, Sax Tenor); Lisa Fischer (Vocals); Ronnie Foster (Organ, Bass, Organ Hammond); James Genus (Bass Electric, Bass Acoustic); Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Arranger, Flugelhorn, Horn Arrangements); Hilary James (Fender Rhodes); Johnny Mandel (String Arrangements); Ralph Morrison (Violin); Alan Pasqua (Piano, Organ Hammond, Fender Rhodes); Phil Perry (Vocals, Vocal Arrangement); Bill Reichenbach Jr. (Trombone); Ernie Watts (Sax Tenor); Larry Williams (Synthesizer, Flute, Keyboards, Saxophone, Sax Alto, Vibraphone);  Frank Becker (Synthesizer, Arranger, Programming, Saxophone).


Lee Ritenour - Alive in L.A. (1997)

01. A Little Bumpin'
02. Night Rhythms
03. Boss City
04. San Juan Sunset
05. Uptown
06. Waltz for Carmen
07. Wes Bound
08. Pacific Nights
09. Rio Funk
10. 4 on 6

Lee Ritenour (Guitar, Arranger, Producer); Melvin Davis (Bass); Sonny Emory (Drums); Bill Evans (Sax Soprano, Sax Tenor); Barnaby Finch (Keyboards); Alan Pasqua (Piano, Organ Hammond, Fender Rhodes).


Lee Ritenour - A Twist of Jobim (1997)

01. Water to Drink (Agua de Beber) [Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin]
02. Captain Bacardi [Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin & Eric Marienthal]
03. Dindi [El DeBarge & Art Porter]
04. Waters of March (Aguas de Marco) [Al Jarreau & Oleta Adams]
05. Bonita [Dave Grusin]
06. Stone Flower [Steve Tavaglione & Herbie Hancock]
07. Favela [Lee Ritenour & Eric Marienthal]
08. Children's Games [Alan Pasqua & Ernie Watts]
09. Lamento [Ernie Watts & Christian McBride]
10. Mojave [Lee Ritenour & Yellowjackets]
11. The Girl from Ipanema [Oleta Adams & Al Jarreau]
12. Antigua

Lee Ritenour (Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Arranger, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, Performer, Executive Producer, Rhythm Track); Oleta Adams, El DeBarge, Al Jarreau (Vocals, Performer); John Beasley (Synthesizer); Russell Ferrante (Synthesizer, Piano); Dave Grusin (Synthesizer, Piano, Performer); Herbie Hancock (Piano, Performer); Alan Pasqua (Piano, Organ Hammond, Performer); Melvin Davis, Jimmy Haslip, John Patitucci (Bass); Christian McBride (Bass, Performer); Paulinho da Costa (Percussion, Performer); Cassio Duarte (Percussion); Gary Novak (Drums); Jerry Hey (Flugelhorn); Dan Higgins (Flute); Will Kennedy, William Kennedy, Harvey Mason Sr. (Drums); Eric Marienthal (Sax Alto, Performer); Bob Mintzer (Sax Tenor); Art Porter (Sax Soprano, Performer); Steve Tavaglione (Sax Soprano, Performer, EWI); Ernie Watts (Sax Tenor, Performer); Yellowjackets (Guitar, Performer).


Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton - Live in Tokyo, Japan (1995)

01. (Intro)
02. Crosstown Kids
03. Closed Door Jam
04. Low Steppin'
05. Remembering J.P.
06. After the Rain
07. Larry's Blues
08. Smiles and Smiles to Go
09. Wes Bound
10. Lee's Variation 1
11. Etude
12. Take That
13. Lee's Variation 2
14. 4 on 6
15. Room 335
16. L.A. Underground

Lee Ritenour (Organ, synthesizer, guitar, bass, programming), Larry Carlton (Keyboards, guitar), Larry Williams (Tenor saxophone, synthesizer), Jerry Hey, Gary Grant (Trumpet, flugelhorn), Bill Reichenbach (Trombone), Greg Phillinganes, Dave Witham, Rick Jackson (Keyboards), Melvin Davis (Bass), Omar Hakim, Harvey Mason (Drums), Cassio Duarte (Percussion).


Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton - Larry & Lee (1995)

01. Crosstown Kids
02. Low Steppin'
03. L.A. Underground
04. Closed Door Jam
05. After the Rain
06. Remembering J.P.
07. Fun in the Dark
08. Lots about Nothin'
09. Take That
10. Up and Adam
11. Reflection of a Guitar Player

Lee Ritenour (Guitar, Organ, Synthesizer, Bass, Drum Programming); Larry Carlton (Guitar); Gary Grantá Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Bill Reichenbach Jr. (Trombone); Larry Williams (Tenor Saxophone, Synthesizer); Rick Jackson, Greg Phillinganes, David Witham (Keyboards); Melvin Davis (Bass); Omar Hakim Sr., Harvey Mason (Drums); Cassio Duarte (Percussion).


Lee Ritenour - Wes Bound (1992)

01. Wes Bound
02. Boss City
03. 4 on 6
04. A Liitle Bumpin'
05. Waiting in Vain
06. Goin' on to Detroit
07. A New Day
08. Ocean Ave.
09. Road Song
10. West Coast Blues
11. N.Y. Time

Lee Ritenour (Guitar, Percussion, Electronic Percussion); Alan Broadbent (Piano, String); Bob James (Piano, Keyboards); John Beasley (Keyboards); David Witham (Hammond B3 Organ); Ronnie Foster (Hammond B3 Organ, Guitar); Melvin Davis, John Patitucci (Bass); Gary Novak (Drums); Aaron Smith (Drums, Rhythm Arrangements); Harvey Mason, Sr. (Drums, Percussion, Electronic Percussion); Cassio Duarte (Percussion); Maxi Priest (Vocals); Kate Markowitz, Phil Perry, Carmen Twillie (Background Vocals).

Featuring Strings:
- Violins - Murray Adler (Concertmaster), Israel Baker, Robert Brousseau, Bonnie Douglas, Juliann M. French, James Getzoff, Clayton Haslop, Eun Sun Lee, Gordon Marron, Paul Shure, Dorothy Wade, John Wittenberg
- Violas - Carol Makagawa, Steve Gordon, Simon Oswell, Harry Shiranian
- Cellos - Fred Seykora, Ray Kramer, Jodi Burnett, Paula Hochhalter
Featuring Brass & Woogwinds:
- Trumpets & Flugelhorns - Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
- Flutes - Steve Kujala, Gary Herbig, Kim Hutchcroft
- Bill Reichenbach Jr. - Trombones
- Dan Higgins - Tenor & Alto Saxophones, Flutes, Bass Clarinet


Lee Ritenour - Joyride (1991)

01. Joy Ride
02. Love Me Like a Train
03. Not that Kind of Girl
04. Glamour
05. Reprise
06. Midi Citi
07. Scootin'
08. Love Them Buns
09. Numnose

Lee Ritenour, Scott Shelly, Arnie Schulze, Carlos Rios (Guitar); Miki Howard (Vocals); Roger Powell, Greg Mathieson (Synthesizer); Michael Boddicker (Synthesizer, Piano Electric, Fender Rhodes); John "J.R." Robinson, Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums); Nathan East (Bass, Piccolo Bass, Scat); Gary Grant (Trumpet); Gary Herbig (Organ, Saxophone); Slyde Hyde (Trombone); Marlena Jeter (Vocals bckgr.); Michael Norfleet (Piano, DX-7); Super Jupiter, Greg Phillinganes (DX-7); Ed Reddick (Bass); Tom Scott (Saxophone).


Lee Ritenour - Collection (1991)

01. Early A.M. Attitude
02. Rio Funk
03. Night Rhythms
04. White Water
05. San Ysidro
06. Asa
07. Dolphin Dreams
08. Is It You
09. 24th Street Blues
10. Latin Lover
11. The Sauce
12. Malibu
13. Waltz for Carmen


Lee Ritenour - Stolen Moments (1990)

01. Uptown
02. Stolen Moments
03. 24th Street Blues
04. Haunted Heart
05. Waltz for Carmen
06. St. Bart's
07. Blue in Green
08. Sometime Ago

Lee Ritenour (Guitar, Arranger, Guitar Electric, Producer); Ernie Watts (Tenor Saxophone); Alan Broadbent (Piano, Roland Synthesizer); Mitch Holder (Guitar Acoustic); John Patitucci (Acoustic Bass, Fender Rhodes); Harvey Mason Sr. (Drums).


Lee Ritenour - Color Rit (1989)

01. Bahia Funk
02. E (It Is)
03. All the Same Tonight
04. Mister Reggae
05. I Can't Let Go
06. Color Rit
07. The Kiss
08.  Malibu
09. Tropical Storm
10.  Etude

Lee Ritenour (Guitar Acoustic, Arranger, Producer, Rhythm Arrangements); Larry Williams (Keyboards, Flute, Saxophone); Russell Ferrante (Keyboards, Synthesizer); David Witham (Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, MIDI Piano); Oscar Castro-Neves (Guitar Acoustic, Guitar Rhythm); Anthony Jackson (Contrabass Guitar); Johnny Mandel (String Arrangements); Jimmy Johnson (Bass); Carlos Vega, Bob Wilson (Drums); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Gonzaguinha, Gracinha Leporace, Kate Markowitz (Vocals); Phil Perry (Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)); Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Horn Arrangements); Ernie Watts (Sax Tenor); Jota Moraes (Rhythm Arrangements).


jueves, 23 de junio de 2016

V.A. GRP Super - Live in Concer (1988)

Cd 1:
01. Defdles Blues
02. Love Dance
03. Caught a Touch of Your Love
04. Early A.M. Attitude
05. The Sauce
06. Water from the Moon / Earth Run
07. Target
08. Goodbye for Kathy
09. An Actor's Life

Cd 2:
01. Overture
02. Time Track
03. No Zone
04. Sidewalk
05. Rumble
06. Full Moon
07. Light Years

Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour, Chick Corea, Diane Schuur, Tom Scott.


Lee Ritenour - Festival (1988)

01. Night Rhythms
02. Latin Lovers (Incompatibilidata de Ginios)
03. Humana
04. Rio Sol
05. Waiting for You
06. Odile, Odila (Over Here, Over There)
07. Linda (Voce e Linda)
08. New York / Brazil
09. The Inner Look

Lee Ritenour (Synthesizer, Guitar Acoustic, Guitar Synthesizer); Bob James (Keyboards, Soloist); Dave Grusin (Keyboards); Robbie Kondor (Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming); Jerry Hey (Strings, Arranger, Horn, Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements); Joao Bosco (Guitar Acoustic), Vocals); Marcus Miller (Bass); Anthony Jackson (Bass, Guitar Bass); Randy Kerber (Horn); Johnny Mandel (Arranger, Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements); Ernie Watts (Sax Alto, Sax (Tenor); Larry Williams (Strings, Horn); Caetano Veloso (Vocals); Gracinha Leporace (Background Vocals); Omar Hakim (Drums); Carlinhos Brown (Percussion, Pandeiro, Djembe, Cabasa); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion, Bongos, Bells).


Lee Ritenour - Portrait (1987)

01. Asa
02. Turn the Heat Up
03. Windmill
04. White Water
05. Portrait
06. G-Rit
07. Shades in the Shade
08. Children's Games
09. Runaway
10. Route 17

Lee Ritenour (Guitar Acoustic, Guitar Electric, Guitar Synthesizer); Barnaby Finch (Keyboards, MIDI Piano); Russell Ferrante, Greg Philinganes (Keyboards); Nathan East, Jimmy Haslip, Tim Landers (Bass); Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar); Djavan (Guitar, Vocals); Eric Tagg, Phil Perry (Vocals); Kevyn Lettau (Vocals (bckgr)); Marc Russo (Sax Alto); Kenny G (Sax Tenor); Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Arranger); Larry Williams (Synthesizer, Programming, Sax Tenor); Dave Boroff (Programming); Harvey Mason Sr. (Percussion, Drums); William Kennedy, Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums); Alex Acuña, Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion).


Lee Ritenour - Concierto de Aranjuez (1978)

01. Concierto de Aranjuez
02. I Never Was a Cowboy
03. Latin Stuff
04. I Feel Breeze
05. Tighten Up

Lee Ritenour (Guitar Acoustic & Electric); Kazumi Watanabe, Kenji Omura (Guitar Electric); Abe Laboriel (Bass Electric); Alex Acuña (Drums); Steve Forman (Percussion); Dave Grusin (Piano Acoustic & Electric); Don Grusin (Piano Electric, Synthesizer [Yamaha Cp-70]); Ernie Watts (Saxophone Soprano & Tenor, Flute); Jun Fukamachi (Synthesizer).


Lee Ritenour - Earth Run (1986)

01. Soaring
02. Earth Run
03. If I'm Dreaming (Don't Wake Me)
04. Watercolors
05. Sauce
06. Butterfly
07. Hero
08. Sanctuary
09. Water from the Moon

Lee Ritenour (Synthesizer, Guitar Acoustic, Guitar, Guitar Electric, Vocals, Guitar Classical); Greg Mathieson, David Foster (Bass, Keyboards); Maurice White, Tommy Funderburk (Bass, Vocals); Dave Grusin (Bass, Piano, Keyboards); Don Grusin (Synthesizer, Keyboards); Sr. Abraham Laboriel, Jimmy Johnson (Bass); Sr. Harvey Mason, Carlos Vega (Drums); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Phil Perry (Vocals); Tom Scott (Saxophone); Ernie Watts (Saxophone, Sax Tenor); Larry Williams (Synthesizer, Horn).


V.A. GRP Live in Session [feat. Lee Ritenour] (1985)

01. Mountain Dance (Dave Grusin)
02. Oasis (Bill O'Connell)
03. Rit Variations (Lee Ritenour)
04. Reverend Lee (Eugene McDaniels)
05. Dolphin Dreams (Lee Ritenour)
06. Rio Funk (Lee Ritenour)
07. St. Elsewhere (Dave Grusin)

Dave Grusin (Midi-Kawai piano, Yamaha DX7, Roland Super Jupiter synthesizer); Lee Ritenour (Electric guitar, electric classical guitar, SynthAxe); Dave Valentin (Flute); Diane Schuur (Vocals); Carlos Vega (Drums); Abraham Laboriel (Bass); Larry Williams (Tenor sax, Roland Super Jupiter, Yamaha DX7, Emulator 2 synthesizers).


Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin - Harlequin (1985)

01. Harlequin
02. Early A.M. Attitude
03. San Ysidro
04. Before It's Too Late
05. Cats of Rio
06. Grid Lock
07. Silent Message
08. The Bird

Lee Ritenour (Guitarra); Dave Grusin (Teclados); Carlos Vega (Batería); Ivan Lins (Voz); Paulinho Da Costa (Percusión); Alex Acuña (Percusión); Jimmy Johnson (Bajo).


Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin - Live From The Record Plant (1985)

01. Power Wave
02. Rio Funk
03. Mountain Dance
04. Harlequin
05. The Island
06. Rit Variations II
07. Dolphin Dreams
08. St. Elsewhere

Lee Ritenour (Guitar); Dave Grusin (Keyboards); Larry Williams (Saxophone and Keyboards); Carlos Vega (Drums); Abraham Laboriel (Bass) and Ivan Lins (Vocals, piano).


V.A. GRP All-Star Big Band - Live from the Record Plant (1985)

01. Early Morning Attitude
02. Before It's Too Late
03. Love Dance
04. Reverend Lee
05. Oasis
06. Countdown / Captain Fingers

Ivan Lins, Diane Schuur, Dave Valentin, Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour.


Lee Ritenour - Rit Special (1984)

01. Heavenly Bodies
02. Mr. Briefcase
03. Voices
04. Dolphin Dreams
05. Operator
06. Other Love
07. Sunset Deivers
08. Mandela
09. Amaretto
10. Rio Funk
11. Is It You?
12. Rit Variations II
13. I'm Not Responsible

Lee Ritenour (Guitars); Phil Perry, John Massaro (Vocals); Carlos Vega (Drums); Ernie Watts (Saxophones); Barnaby Finch (Keyboards); Jimmy Johnson (Bass).


Lee Ritenour - Banded Together (1984)

01. Operator (Thief on the Line)
02. Other Love
03. Sunset Drivers
04. Mandela
05. Amaretto
06. Rit Variations
07. Be Good to Me
08. I'm Not Responsible
09. Shadow Dancing
10. Heavenly Bodies

Lee Ritenour (Vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer, guitar synthesizer, bass synthesizer, Synclavier, marimba, drums, programming, drum programming); Eric Tagg, John Massaro, Patti Austin, Tom Kelly (Vocals); Ernie Watts (Saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Gary Grant, Gary Herbig, Jerry Hey, Larry Williams (Horns); Greg Mathieson (Keyboards, synthesizer, bass synthesizer, drum programming); Don Grusin (Keyboards, synthesizer); Michael Boddicker (Synthesizer, Moog synthesizer, programming); Steve DeFuria (Synthesizer, Synclavier); Marcus Ryle (Synthesizer, programming); Nathan East (Electric bass); Harvey Mason Sr. (Drums, drum programming); Phil Collins, Carlos Vega (Drums); Paulinho Da Costa (Timbales, percussion).


Lee Ritenour - On the Line (1983)

01. The Rit Variations
02. Starbright
03. On the Line
04. Tush
05. California Roll
06. Heavenly Bodies
07. Pedestrian
08. Dolphin Dreams

Lee Ritenour (Synthesizer, Guitar, Arranger, Vocals, Producer, Liner Notes);  Nathan East (Bass, Synthesizer Bass); Anthony Jackson (Bass, Guitar Bass); Greg Mathieson, Don Grusin (Keyboards); Dave Grusin (Arranger, Keyboards); Ernie Watts (Saxophone, Sax Soprano, Synthesizer Saxophone);  Lenny Castro, Steve Forman (Percussion); Harvey Mason, Sr. (Drums).


Lee Ritenour - Rit 2 (1982)

01. Cross My Heart
02. Promises, Promises
03. Dreamwalkin'
04. Keep It Alive
05. A Fantasy
06. Tied Up
07. Voices
08. On the Boardwalk
09. Roadrunner
10.  Malibu

Lee Ritenour (Synthesizer, Guitar Acoustic, Bass, Drums, Guitar Electric, Keyboards, Guitar Synthesizer, Guitar Classical, Keyboard Synthesizer, Oberheim Obxa); Harvey Mason Sr. (Percussion,  Drums); Greg Philinganes (Keyboards); Michael Boddicker (Synthesizer); Don Grusin (Synthesizer, Keyboards); Eric Tagg (Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals); Bill Champlin (Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)); Richard Page, Steve George, John Farrar (Vocals); Nathan East (Bass, Synthesizer Bass); Neil Stubenhaus, Abraham Laboriel Sr. (Bass); Johnny Mandel (String Arrangements, Mixing); Charles Loper, Lew McCreary, Bill Reichenbach Jr. (Trombone); Gary Herbig, Larry E. Williams (Flute); Tom Scott (Sax Tenor); Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Horn Arrangements, Mixing); Larry Hall (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Gary Grant (Trumpet); Alex Acuña, Carlos Vega, John "4 Daddman" Robinson, Jeff Porcaro (Drums); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion).


Lee Ritenour - Rit (1981)

01. Mr. Briefcase
02. (Just) Tell Me Pretty Lies
03. No Sympathy
04. Is It You
05. Dreamwalk
06. Countdown (Captain Fingers)
07. Good Question
08. (You Caught Me) Smilin'
09. On the Slow Glide
10. No Sympathy (Reprise)

Lee Ritenour (Guitar Acoustic, Guitar Electric, Special Effects, Vocals, Guitar Synthesizer, Producer,  Vocoder); John Pierce, Louis Johnson, David Hungate, Abraham Laboriel Sr. (Bass); Michael Boddicker (Synthesizer); Richard Tee, Don Grusin, Greg Mathieson (Keyboards); Bill Champain (Vocals); Gary Grant, Chuck Findley (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Arranger, Flugelhorn); Lou McCrary, Charles Loperá Bill Reichenbach Jr. (Trombone); Harvey Mason Sr. (Percussion, Arranger, Drums, Producer, Digital Drums); Steve Forman, Paulinho da Costa (Percussion); Jeff Porcaro, Alex Acuña, Rick Shlosser (Drums).


Lee Ritenour - The Best of Lee Ritenour (1980)

01. Sun Song
02. Captain Fingers
03. Caterpillar
04. Three Days Of The Condor: Theme
05. Fly By Night
06. A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That
07. Wild Rice
08. Isn't She Lovely


Lee Ritenour - Live from The Cocoanut Grove, Vol.1 & 2 (1980)

Cd 1:
01. Night Rhythms
02. Harlequin [feat. Phil Perry]
03. Malibu [feat. Phil Perry]
04. Up-Town
05. Preta Porte de Tafeta [feat. Joao Bosco]
06. Odile, Odila [feat. Joao Bosco]
07. Latin Lovers [feat. Joao Bosco]
08. Etude
09. Cause We've Ended as Lovers
10. Asa [feat. Phil Perry]

Cd 2:
01. 24th Street Blues
02. Stolen Moments
03. Love is the Key
04. Better than Anything
05. Everything's Gonna Be All Right
06. Restoration
07. Westchester Lady
08.  Bahia Funk

Lee Ritenour, Steve Lukather (Guitar); Joao Bosco (Vocal & Guitar); Ernie Watts (Saxophone); Phil Perry (Vocals); Paulinho da Costa (Percussion); Bob James, Alan Broadbent (Piano); Dave Witham (Keyboards); Harvey Mason (Drums); Anthony Jackson, Brian Bromberg (Bass); Kate Markowitz (Background Vocals).


Lee Ritenour - Rio (1979)

01. Rio Funk
02. San Juan Sunset
03. Rainbow
04. Little Bit of This Land and a Little Bit of That
05. Simplicidad
06. Ipanema Sol
07. It Happens Everyday

Bass (Abraham Laboriel, Luizão Maia, Marcus Miller); Drums (Alex Acuna, Buddy Williams, Paulinho Braga); Guitar [Acoustic] (Lee Ritenour); Guitar [Rhythm] (Jeff Mironov, Oscar Neves); Keyboards (Dave Grusin, Don Grusin); Saxophone Soprano, Flute (Ernie Watts); Percussion (Armando Marcal, Chico Batera, Jose Da Silva, Roberto Pinheiro, Rubens Bassini, Steve Forman).


Lee Ritenour - Feel The Night (1979)

01. Feel The Night
02. Market Place
03. Wicked Wine
04. French Roast
05. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
06. Midnight Love
07. Uh Oh!

Lee Ritenour (Guitar); Abraham Laboriel (Bass); Alex Acuña (Percussion, Vocals); Bill Reichenbach Jr. (Trombone ); Chuck Findley (Trumpet ); Dave Green (Synthesizer).