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viernes, 20 de octubre de 2017

Adam Niewood - Paradigm Shift Live at Lafayette Bar (2017)

01. Sandy's Dance
02. Joy
03. Mellow Drama
04. Vertigo
05. The Wrong Opinion
06. Not Quite Right
07. This Way to the Egress

Adam Niewood (Drums); Vic Juris (Guitar); Dick Oates (Alto Saxophone); Gene Perla (Bass).


Bona Fide - Soul Lounge (2005)

01. Bona Fide Club
02. Funk Box
03. Soul Lounge
04. Girand's
05. Midnight Train
06. Journey, The
07. Bromo Tower
08. Deep Chill
09. 23rd of May
10. B. More Knights
11. Rosebank Gang

George Hazelrigg (guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano); Kevin Levi (saxophone, keyboards); Tim Camponeschi (keyboards, bass guitar); John E. Coale (drums); Howard Zizzi (percussion).
Additional personnel: Rick Aurich, Willie Williams (guitar); Chuck Loeb (electric guitar); Jimmy Wilson (flugelhorn); Joe Ercole (keyboards).


Bona Fide - The Poe House (2001)

01. Club Charles
02. Willie Don
03. Poe House, The
04. El Dorado
05. It's Love
06. Low Rider  
07. Blaze
08. Horse You Came in On, The
09. Block, The
10. Never More
11. Schmoke
12. Tito Pepe
13. Goose

Jeff Chiaverini (Trombone), Aleta Greene (Vocals), Kevin Levi (Sax Alto, Soprano), Michael McCabe (Guitar), Joe Ercole (Piano, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes), Slim Man (Bass, Vocals), David Rhen (Horn, Saxophone), Arnold Geher (Mixing), John Irvin Coale (Drums), Howard Zizzi (Percussion), Wlyson Williams (Guitar).


Bona Fide - Royal Function (1999)

01. High Street
02. Route 40 West
03. X Ray Hip
04. Never Say Goodbye
05. The Avenue
06. T Bone
07. Royal Function
08. Divine
09. The 2 O'Clock Club
10. Mo Diddley
11. Natty Boh
12. The Hippo

Kevin Levi (Alto saxophone); Joe Ercole (Keyboards, synthesizer); Tom Camponeshchi (Keyboards, synthesizer).


V.A. Smooth Jazz Vol. 41 - Midnight Jazz Groove (by SJAZZ4EVER)

Milton Guedes - Certas Coisas (2007)

01. Just the Way You Are
02. Isn't She Lovely
03. Smooth Operator
04. Roxanne
05. Don't Know Why
06. Você Vai Estar Na Minha
07. Ain't No Sunshine
08. Careless Whisper
09. Certas Coisas
10. Eu Me Rendo
11. Diamante Cor de Rosa
12. Azuis Listen
13. Rise Listen
14. Maria Fumaça


Wayne Gutshall - Spicy! (2017)

01. Spicy
02. El Gato
03. I Still Believe
04. Corcovado
05. I Believe
06. Miles Style
07. The Wayne Blues
08. Hello
09. The Roma Bossa


Kurt Rosenwinkel - Caipi (2017)

01. Caipi
02. Kama
03. Casio Vanguard
04. Summer Song
05. Chromatic B
06. Hold On
07. Ezra
08. Little Dream
09. Casio Escher
10. Interscape
11. Little B

Kurt Rosenwinkel (Acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass, piano, drums, percussion, synth, casio, voice); Pedro Martins (Voice, drums, keyboards, percussion).
Guests: Mark Turner (Tenor saxophone 7, 9); Eric Clapton (Guitar 8); Alex Kozmidi (Baritone guitar); Frederika Krier (Violin); Chris Komer (French horn); Andi Haberl (Drums); Kyra Garéy, Antonio Loureiro, Zola Mennenöh, Amanda Brecker (Voice).


Paul Taylor & Bona-Fide - Ncoded Presents Legends Volume 2 (2007)

01. Exotica
02. Allure
03. Pleasure Seeker
04. Avenue
05. Groove Zone
06. Til We Meet Again
07. El Dorado
08. High Street
09. Club Charles
10. Willie Don
11. X-Ray Hip
12. Royal Function
13. Stay - Club 1600


Bernie Williams - Moving Forward (2009)

01. Moving Forward
02. Ritmo De Otono
03. Songo
04. Addicted To You
05. Just Another Day
06. He Reigns
07. Lullaby For Beatriz
08. Go For It
09. Que Rico El Mambo
10. African Blues
11. Chillin In The West
12. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
13. Otro Dia Mas Sin Verte
14. Glory Days


Bernie Williams - The Journey Within (2003)

01. La Salsa en Mi   
02. Way, The   
03. Para Don Berna   
04. Desvelado   
05. Just Because   
06. Samba Novo   
07. Dust in the Wind
08. Stranded on the Bridge   
09. Bernie Jr.  
10. Enter the Bond   
11. And So It Goes  
12. Just Because (Radio mix)   
13. The Williams Kids


Jerry Bergonzi - Dog Star (2017)

01. Pleiades
02. Dog Star
03. Vertigo
04. Live Stream
05. Repore-Pa-int
06. Darkness
07. Separated
08. Darf

Jerry Bergonzi (Tenor saxophone); Phil Grenadier (Trumpet); Carl Winther (Piano); Johnny Åman (Bass); Anders Mogensen (Drums).


Alexander Boyton Jr. - Doo Bee Doo Bop (2010)

01. Beyond The Gate (Featuring Miguelito Valdes)
02. Kate (Featuring Jeff Lorber)
03. So Long Ago (Featuring Rick Braun)
04. Real Live Woman (Featuring Phil Perry)
05. Frisky Boogaloo (Featuring Jeff Golub)
06. Doo Bee Doo Bop
07. Soul Sista (Featuring Paul Jackson Jr. And Alexander Boynton Jr.)
08. Movie Bass Song (Featuring David Mann)
09. It Never Rains In Southern California (Featuring Paul Jackson Jr. & Alexander Boynton Jr.)
10. Eyes Of A Stranger (Featuring Chelsea Nicole)
11. Lots Of Money (Featuring Corey D., Blu Mankuma, Wendi Wu)
12. It Never Rains In Southern California (Long Version)


Frank Sinatra - Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim (2017)

01. The Girl from Ipanema
02. Dindi
03. Change Partners
04. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
05. Meditation
06. If You Never Come to Me
07. How Insensitive
08. I Concentrate on You
09. Baubles, Bangles and Beads
10. Once I Loved
11. Sinatra-Jobim Medley Quiet NightsChange Partner
12. The Girl from Ipanema (studio session)


Susurros en la oscuridad .... Programa nº 6

00. Al Jarreau - Try A Little Tenderness
01. Mario Biondi - Rio Di Janeiro Blues
02. Lisa Lauren - Spooky
03. Herbie Hancock - Don't Give Up (Feat. Pink And John Legend)
04. Joyce - So Nice (Summer Samba)
05. Joe Sample & Lala Hathaway - Street Life
06. Bob Belden. Phil Perry and Bobby Watson - Sister Moon
07. Karen Souza - Get Lucky
08. Rhythm Logic - I.G.Y. (International Geophysical Year)
09. Michael Franks - One Day In St. Tropez
10. Al Jarreau - Try a Little Tenderness
11. Khany Cole - You've Made Me So Very Happy
12. Lyambiko - Here Comes the Sun


jueves, 19 de octubre de 2017

Pat Metheny - A Map Of The World (1999)

01. Map Of The World, A
02. Family
03. North
04. Home
05. Sisters
06. Childhood
07. Fall From Grace
08. Memory
09. Gone
10. Flight
11. Alone
12. Outcasts
13. Sunday
14. Discovery
15. Acceptance
16. Realization
17. Soliloquy
18. Night
19. Sunrise
20. Resolution
21. Pictures
22. Patience
23. Transition
24. Reunion
25. Renewal
26. Homecoming
27. Forgiving
28. Holding Us

Pat Metheny (Piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar); Gil Goldstein (Organ); Steve Rodby (Acoustic bass); Dave Samuels (Percussion).


Pat Metheny Group - Live at Sheperds Bush Empire, London (1998) Bootleg 192

01. Into The Dream/Have you Heard
02. Story Within A Story
03. Follow Me
04. Imaginary Day
05. The Heat Of the Day
06. Across The Sky
07. The Roots Of Coincidence
08. Are you going with me ?
09. Minuano (Six-Eight)

Pat Metheny (Guitar); Lyle Mays (Keyboards); Steve Rodby (Bass); Paul Wertico (Drums); Mark Ledford (Vocals, horms); Philip Hamilton (Misc instruments); Jeff Haynes (Percusión).


Pat Metheny Group - Imaginary Day (Live In Varsovia, Polonia) (1998) Bootleg 192

Cd 01:
01. Into The Dream > Have You Heard
02. A Story Within the Story
03. Follow Me
04. How Insensitive
05. First Circle
06. Imaginary Day

Cd 02:
01. Heat of the Day
02. Across the Sky
03. Roots of Coincidence
04. Too Soon Tomorrow
05. Third Wind
06. Are You Going With Me?
07. Message to a Friend
08. September 15th
09. Minuano
10. Song for Bilbao

Pat Metheny (Guitarras); Lyle Mays (Teclados); Steve Rodby (Doble bajo); Paul Wertico (Batería); Mark Ledford (Voz, varios instrumentos); Philip Hamilton (Voz, varios instrumentos);  Jeff Haynes (Percusión).


Pat Metheny Group - Baden-Baden (Alemania) (1998) Bootleg 192

01. Into The Dream - Have You Heard
02. The Heat Of The Day
03. Across The Sky
04. The Roots Of Coincidence
05. Message To A Friend
06. Minuano (Six-Eight)
07. Song For Bilbao

Pat Metheny (Guitarras); Lyle Mays (Piano, Teclados); Steve Rodby (Bajo, Doble Bajo); Paul Wertico (Batería); Mark Ledford (Voz, Varios Instrumentos); Philip Hamilton (Voz, Varios Instrumentos); Jeff Haynes (Percusiones).


Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny & Jim Hall (1998)

01. Lookin' Up
02. All the Things You Are
03. Birds and the Bees, The
04. Improvisation No. 1
05. Falling Grace
06. Ballad Z
07. Summertime
08. Farmer's Trust
09. Cold Spring
10. Improvisation No. 2
11. Into the Dream
12. Don't Forget - (from "Passagio Per Il Paradiso")
13. Improvisation No. 3
14. Waiting to Dance
15. Improvisation No. 4
16. Improvisation No. 5
17. All Across the City

Jim Hall (Electric guitar), Pat Metheny (Acoustic, electric, fretless classical & 12-string guitars).


Pat Metheny - Passaggio Per Il Paradiso (1998) Soundtrack

01. Theme From 'Passaggio Per ll Paradiso'
02. Marta's Theme
03. The Roads Of Marche
04. Marta's House Story
05. Wolf Story
06. Marta's Stag Story
07. Learning On The Road
08. Private Eye
09. Marta On The Bus, Marta In The Fields
10. Remembering Home, Meeting The Kids
11. Renato's Theme
12. Finale (It's Always Worth The Trouble)
13. Don't Forget (Renato's Theme)


Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Dave Holland, Pat Metheny, Roy Haynes - Like Minds (1998)

01. Question and Answer
02. Elucidation
03. Windows
04. Futures
05. Like Minds
06. Country Roads
07. Tears of Rain
08. Soon
09. For a Thousand Years
10. Straight Up and Down

Gary Burton (Vibes); Chick Corea (Piano); Pat Metheny (Guitar); Roy Haynes (Drums); Dave Holland (Bass).


Pat Metheny - Imaginary Day (1997)

01. Imaginary Day
02. Follow Me
03. Into the Dream
04. Story Within the Story, A
05. Heat of the Day, The
06. Across the Sky
07. Roots of Coincidence, The
08. Too Soon Tomorrow
09. Awakening, The

Pat Metheny (Acoustic & electric guitars, synthesizer); Steve Rodby (Cello, acoustic & electric basses); Lyle Mays (Piano, keyboards); Paul Wertico (Drums).
Additional personnel: David Blamires (Vocals, acoustic & electric baritone guitars, violin, mellophone, recorder, trumpet); Mark Ledford (Vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, bass trumpet); Mino Cinelu, David Samuels, Glen Velez, Don Alias (Percussion).


Pat Metheny - Quartet (1996)

01. Introduction
02. When We Were Free
03. Montevideo
04. Take Me There
05. Seven Days
06. Oceania
07. Dismantling Utopia
08. Double Blind
09. Second Thought
10. Mojave
11. Badland
12. Glacier
13. Language of Time
14. Sometimes I See
15. As I Am

Pat Metheny (Acoustic, electric & 12-string guitars, 42-string pikasso guitar, e-bow, slide, soprano & fretless guitars, synthesizer); Lyle Mays (Piano, spinet piano, celeste, pedal harmonium, autoharp, electric piano, Clavinet); Steve Rodby (Acoustic bass, piccolo bass); Paul Wertico (Drums, percussion).


Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden - Beyond The Missouri Sky (1996)

01. Waltz For Ruth
02. Our Spanish Love Song
03. Message to a Friend
04. Two For the Road
05. First Song
06. Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, The
07. Precious Jewel, The
08. He's Gone Away
09. Moon Song, The
10. Tears of Rain
11. Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme)
12. Cinema Paradiso: Main Theme
13. Spiritual

Pat Metheny (Acoustic guitars and all others instruments); Charlie Haden (Bass).


Pat Metheny Group - Autumn Leaves (Live In Tokyo) (1995) Bootleg 192

01. Have You Heard
02. And Then I Knew
03. Here To Stay
04. First Circle
05. Scrap Metal
06. Farmer’s Trust
07. Episode D’Azur
08. Third Wind
09. This Is Not America
10. Minuano (Six-Eight)
11. Stranger In Town

Pat Metheny (Guitarras); Lyle Mays (Teclados, piano); Steve Rodby (Bajo); Paul Wertico (Batería); David Blamires (Percusión, coros); Mark Ledford (Percusión, coros, trompeta); Armand Marçal (Percussion).


Pat Metheny - We Live Here (1995)

01. Here to stay
02. And then I knew
03. The girls next door
04. To the end of the world
05. We live here
06. Episode D' Azur
07. Somethinh to remind you
08. Red sky
09. Stranger in town

Pat Metheny (Guitar, guitar synthesizer); David Blamires (Vocals); Mark Ledford (Vocals, whistles, flugelhorn, trumpet); Lyle Mays (Piano, keyboards); Steve Rodby (Acoustic & electric basses); Paul Wertico (Drums); Luis Conte (Percussion).


John Scofield & Pat Metheny - I Can See Your House From Here (1994)

01. I Can See Your House From Here
02. The Red One
03. No Matter What
04. Everybody's Party
05. Message To My Friend
06. No Way Jose
07. Say The Brother's Name
08. S.C.O.
09. Quiet Rising
10. One Way To Be
11. You Speak My Language

John Scofield (Guitar, steel-string acoustic guitar), Pat Metheny (Guitar, guitar synth, nylon-string acoustic guitar), Steve Swallow (Electric bass, acoustic bass guitar), Bill Stewart (Drums).


Pat Metheny - The Road To You Live In Europe (1993)

01. Have You Heard
02. First Circle
03. Road To You, The
04. Half Life Of Absolution
05. Last Train Home
06. Better Days Ahead
07. Naked Moon
08. Beat 70
09. Letter From Home
10. Third Wind
11. Solo

Pat Metheny (Acoustic & electric guitars, guitar synthesizers); Pedro Aznar (Vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, saxophone, steel drums, vibraphone, marimba, Melodica); Armando Marçal (Vocals, percussion, timbales, congas); Lyle Mays (Piano, keyboards); Steve Rodby (Acoustic & electric bass); Paul Wertico (Drums, percussion).


Pat Metheny - Special Quartet (Lugo, Italiy) (1993) Bootleg 192

01. Blues For Pat
02. James
03. Night Turns Into Day
04. Stella By Starlight [cut]
05. Stella By Starlight [continued]
06. The Good Life

Pat Metheny (Guitars, guitar synthesizer); Joshua Redman (Tenor saxophone); Christian McBride (Acoustic bass); Billy Higgins (Drums).


Pat Metheny Trio - Live In Brecon Wales (United Kingdom) (1992) Bootleg 192

01. Cantaloupe Island
02. How Insensitive
03. H and H
04. Lonely Woman
05. Veracruz

Pat Metheny (Guitars); Dave Holland (Bass); Roy Haynes (Drums).


Pat Metheny - Secret Story - Live In New Brunswick (New Jersey, EEUU) (1992) Bootleg 192 Kb

01. Above The Treetops
02. Facing West
03. Rain River
04. How Insensitive
05. Finding And Believing
06. Presentación de los músicos
07. Always And Forever
08. See The World
09. Presentación de los músicos
10. Antonia
11. The Truth Will Always Be
12. Tell Her You Saw Me
13. Saludo final

Pat Metheny (Guitar); Steve Rodby (Bass); Paul Wertico (Drums); Armando Marçal (Percussion); Gil Goldstein (Keyboards); Jim Beard (Keyboards); David Blamires (Vocal); Mark Ledford (Vocal); Torsten De Winkel (Guitar).


Pat Metheny - Secret Story (1992)

01. Above the Treetops    
02. Facing West    
03. Cathedral in a Suitcase    
04. Finding and Believing    
05. Longest Summer    
06. Sunlight    
07. Rain River    
08. Always and Forever    
09. See the World    
10. As a Flower Blossoms (I Am Running to You)
11. Antonia
12. Truth Will Always Be
13. Tell Her You Saw Me
14. Not to Be Forgotten (Our Final Hour)

Pat Metheny (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Electric Sitar, Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Pika, Electric Percussion, Keyboard Bass, Electric Bass, Percussion); Lyle Mays (Piano); Gil Goldstein (Piano, Accordion); Steve Rodby (Acoustic & Electric Bass); Charlie Haden (Acoustic Bass); Will Lee (Electric Bass); Paul Wertico (Drums); Sammy Merendino (Drums); Steve Ferrone (Drums); Nana Vasconcelos (Percussion, Vocals); Armando Marcal (Percussion); Danny Gottlieb (Cymbals); Mark Ledford (Vocals); Pinpeat Orchestra (Vocals); Akiko Yano (Vocals on "As a Flower Blossom"); Andrew Findon (Flute); Ryan Kisor (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Mike Metheny (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Michael Mossman (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Tom "Bones" Malone (Trombone); David Taylor (Bass Trombone); Dave Bargeron (Trombone, Tuba); John Clark (French Horn); Toots Thielemans (Harmonica); Anthony Jackson (Guitar); Skaila Kanga (Harp); London Orchestra conducted by Jeremy Lubbock.


Pat Metheny Group - Live In Besancon (Francia) (1991) Bootleg 192

Cd 01:
01. Forward March
02. Have You Heard
03. Every Summer Night
04. Naked Moon
05. Better Days Ahead
06. Change Of Heart
07. Last Train Home
08. First Circle
09. Scrap Metal
10. If I Could
11. Spring Ain’t Here

Cd 02:
01. Straight On Red
02. Are You Going With Me?
03. Guitar Solo / The Fields, The Sky
04. Half Life Of Absolution
05. Beat 70
06. Letter From Home
07. Minuano
08. Third Wind

Pat Metheny (Guitarras, guitarra sintetizada, sitar eléctrico); Lyle Mays (Piano, sintetizadores y teclados); Steve Rodby (Bajos eléctrico y acústico); Paul Wertico (Batería); Armando Marçal (Percusión); Pedro Aznar (Guitarras, percusión, voz).


Pat Metheny Group - Live at Arena, Vienna (Austria) (1991) Bootleg 192

01. Have You Heard
02. Every Summer Night
03. Better Days Ahead
04. Last Train Home
05. If I Could
06. Spring Ain't Here
07. Straight On Red
08. Minuano (Six Eight)
09. Third Wind

Pat Metheny (Guitars, guitar synthesizer, electric sitar); Lyle Mays (Piano, synthesizers, autoharp, trumpet); Steve Rodby (Acoustic bass, electric bass); Paul Wertico (Drums, percusión); Armando Marçal (Percussion, vocals); Pedro Aznar (Vocals, guitar, percussion, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, tenor saxophone, melodica).


Pat Metheny - Question And Answer (1990)

01. Solar
02. Question And Answer
03. H and H
04. Never Too Far Away
05. Law Years
06. Change Of Heart
07. All The Things You Are
08. Old Folks
09. Three Flights Up

Pat Metheny (Guitars), Dave Holland (Bass), Roy Haynes (Drums).


Pat Metheny - Works II (1982)

01. Unquity Road
02. Unity Village 
03. Open 
04. Story From A Stranger 
05. Oasis
06. Sirabhorn 
07. Farmer’s Trust

Pat Metheny (Bass, Guitars), Lyle Mays (Keyboards), Jaco Pastorius (Bass), Dan Gottlieb (Drums), Jack DeJohnette (Drums), Charlie Haden (Bass), Mark Egan (Bass), Naná Vasconcelos (Percussion, Vocals), Michael Brecker (Sax Tenor), Steve Rodby (Bass), Bob Moses (Drums), Dewey Redman (Sax Tenor), Eberhard Weber (Bass).


Pat Metheny - Works (1984)

01. Sueño con México
02. (Cross the) Heartland
03. Travels
04. James
05. It's for You
06. Every Day (I Thank You)
07. Goin' Ahead

Pat Metheny (Guitars, Bass); Michael Brecker (Tenor Saxophone); Lyle Mays (Keyboards); Mark Egan (Bass); Charlie Haden (Bass); Steve Rodby (Bass); Dan Gottlieb (Drums); Jack DeJohnette (Drums); Naná Vasconcelos (Percussion, Vocals).


miércoles, 18 de octubre de 2017

Mike Moreno - Three for Three (2017)

01. The Big Push
02. For Those Who Do
03. You Must Believe in Spring 
04. Clube da Esquina No. 1
05. April in Paris
06. A Time for Love
07. Perhaps
08. Glass Eyes

Mike Moreno (Guitar); Doug Weiss (Bass); Kendrick Scott (Drums).


Mike Moreno Quartet - Live in N.Y.C (2015) (Bootleg)

01. The Big Push
02. MM speaks
03. The Hills of Kykuit
04. Unidentified original
05. Airegin
06. A Time for Love
07. MM speaks 2
08. The Mariner
09. The Last Stand

Mike Moreno (Guitar); Aaron Parks (Piano); Rick Rosato (Bass); Kendrick Scott (Drums).


Mike Moreno - Lotus (2015)

01. Intro
02. The Hills of Kykuit
03. Lotus
04. Hypnotic
05. The Empress
06. The Last Stand
07. Can We Stay Forever?
08. Blind Imagination
09. Epilogue: The Rise

Mike Moreno (Acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Aaron Parks (Piano, Rhodes piano); Doug Weiss (Bass); Eric Harland (Drums).


Mike Moreno - Another Way (2012)

01. The Spinning Wheel
02. Walking The Dancer
03. One And A Half
04. The Fifth Element
05. Slow Fall
06. Another Way
07. Behind The Wall
08. The Mariner
09. Mirror Mirror

Mike Moreno (Guitars); Aaron Parks (Piano); Warren Wolf (Vibraphone); Matt Brewer (Bass); Ted Poor (Drums); Chris Dingman (Vibraphone); Jochen Reuckert (Drums).


Mike Moreno - First In Mind (2011)

01. First In Mind
02. Soul Dance
03. Airegin
04. By Myself
05. But Beautiful
06. Milagre Dos Peixes (Miracle Of The Fishes)
07. A Flor E O Espinho (The Flower And The Thorn)
08. In A Silent Way
09. Mantra #5

Mike Moreno (Guitar); Aaron Parks (Piano and Fender Rhodes); Matt Brewer (Bass); Kendrick Scott (Drums).


Mike Moreno - Third Wish (2008)

01. I Have a Dream
02. Children of the Night Shorter
03. Isotope Henderson
04. Lush Life Strayhorn
05. Third Wish Moreno
06. Another Way Moreno
07. Street Lights Moreno
08. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing Strayhorn

Mike Moreno (Guitar); Kevin Hays (Piano, Fender Rhodes); Doug Weiss (Bass); Kendrick Scott (Drums).


Mike Moreno - Between the Lines (2007)

01. World Of The Marionettes
02. Old Wise Tale
03. Forward And Back
04. Gondola
05. Road Song
06. Between The Lines
07. Still Here
08. Uncertainty

Mike Moreno (Guitars); John Ellis (Tenor, soprano sax); Marcus Strickland (Tenor sax); Aaron Parks (Piano); Doug Weiss (Bass); Kendrick Scott, Tyshawn Sorey (Drums).


Band of Other Brothers - City Of Cranes (2016)

01. Bar Fight  
02. Babko  
03. Miss Fancy Pants  
04. City of Cranes  
05. The Cortado Ostinato  
06. Down from the Clouds  
07. La Presa  
08. Heartlandia  
09. Tax Free  
10. Yoake  
11. Nashville 

Nir Feldwe (Guitar); Will Lee (Electric bass); Jeff Coffin (Saxophones, electro-sax, woodwinds); Jeff Babko (Piano, keyboards); Keith Carlock (Drums); Mike Haynes (Trumpet); Roy Agee (Trombone).


Christian McBride Big Band - Bringin’ It (2017)

01. Getin' To It
02. Thermo
03. Youthful Bliss
04. I Thought About You
05. Sahara
06. Upside Dow
07. Full House
08. Mr. Bojangles
09. Used ' Ta
10. Could
11. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

Christian McBride (Bass); Steve Wilson (Alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute); Todd Bashore (Alto saxophone, flute, piccolo); Ron Blake (Tenor saxophone, flute); Dan Pratt (Tenor saxophone, flute); Carl Maraghi (Baritone saxophone, bass clarinet); Frank Greene, Freddie Hendrix, Brandon Lee, Nabate Isles (Trumpet); Steve Davis, Michael Dease, Joe McDonough, James Burton (Trombone); Douglas Purviance (Bass trombone); Xavier Davis (Piano); Quincy Phillips (Drums); Rodney Jones (Guitar); Melissa Walker (Vocals 6, 8); Brandee Younger (Harp).


André Marques, John Patitucci & Brian Blade - Viva Hermeto (2015)

01. O ovo  
02. Bebê  
03. Coalhada  
04. Ramos de girassol  
05. Menina Ilza  
06. Tacho  
07. Ferragens  
08. Música das nuvens e do chão  
09. Capivara  
10. Quaraquaquá  
11. Chorinho pra ele  
12. Na guaribada da noite  
13. Boiada 

André Marques (Piano, arranger); John Patitucci (Double bass, electric bass); Brian Blade (Drums); Rogério Boccato (Percussion).


Robert Earl Lipsey Jr. - Blue Skies (2017)

01. Feel the Current
02. Mystery Nights
03. Blue Skies
04. Santa Anna Winds
05. Enjoy Yourself
06. Heaven
07. You You You
08. Flight 3561
09. Go the Distance
10. Always and Forever
11. Show Kindness
12. My Potential
13. Chosen
14. From the Heart
15. Cause and Effect