lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

Melz-Prigodich-Erskine Group (MPEG) - Live @ Jimmy Mak's (2011)

01. Chaos Theory
02. Spanish Swordfight
03. Nigel's Theme (This One Goes to Eleven)
04. Armando's Birthday (in honor of Chick Corea's 70th Birthday)
05. Kate's Antic (for Rob Lucke)
06. Play Structure
07. Alter Your Motifs
08. A Stitch In Time
09. A Measure Of Luck
10. The Wizard of Odd

Mike Prigodich (Piano), John Nastos (Sax), Damian Erskine (Bass), Reinhardt Melz (Drums), Rafael Trujillo (Congas).

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