lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

Mike Prigodich - A Stitch In Time (2011)

01. Chaos Theory
02. Spanish Swordfight (for Adric)
03. A Measure Of Luck
04. At Sixes And Sevens
05. Anneka's Dance (Fantasy and Allusion)
06. The Wizard of Odd (For Reinhardt Wolfgang Melz)
07. A Stitch In Time
08. Coreatown
09. Wishful Thinking
10. Nigel's Theme (This One Goes to Eleven)
11. Stevieland

Mike Prigodich (Piano, keyboards); Damian Erskine (Bass); Reinhardt Melz (Drums); John Nastos (Sax); Brandon Woody (Guitar); Rafael Trujillo (Percussion); Paul Mazzio (Trumpet); Patrick Lamb (Sax); Tim Jensen (Flute); Toshi Onizuka (Palmas).

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