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jueves, 30 de marzo de 2017


Colin Watson - The Time Is Right (2013)

01. Just for You (feat. Derek Nash)
02. The Silver Line (feat. Derek Nash)
03. Silhouettes At Sunset (feat. Derek Nash & Dominic Ashworth)
04. Hollywood Freeway (feat. Derek Nash)
05. Soulful Strut
06. Beautiful (feat. Derek Nash)
07. Philly Nights (feat. Derek Nash)
08. Broad Street Vibe


V.A. Essence Of Funk (1995)

01. Cornbread (Lee Morgan)
02. Loose Change (Ron Carter)
03. Slow Drag (Donald Byrd)
04. Eternal Flame (Bennie Maupin)
05. Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris)
06. Jive Samba (Nat Adderley)
07. Comin Home Baby (Ben Tucker)

Ron Carter (Bass); Lenny White (Drums); Billy Childs (Piano); Donald Harrison (Saxophone Alto); Bennie Maupin (Saxophone Tenor, Soprano, Clarinet [Bass]); Tom Browne (Trumpet).


Michael C. Lewis - Reflection (2010)

01. Reflection (Sunrise)    
02. Gulf Breeze 
03. I Need Your Love  
04. I Dedicate My Heart   
05. Cloud Parade  
06. In The Night Time  
07. Night Fall   
08. Miles To Go   
09. We've Only Just Begun
10. Kid Time   
11. Reflection (Sunset)

Michael C. Lewis (Trumpet. flugelhorn, lead and backing vocals); William Heagy (Keyboards); Alva Nelson (Piano); William Patterson (Guitar); Jeanne Ricks (Guitar); Wendell Brooks (Programming); Rakiem Walker (Tenor saxophone); Gerald Trottman (Programming).


Lenin Drum - Transition (2017)

01. Bossamba
02. Blue Sky
03. Uptown Man
04. Transition
05. Morning Coffee
06. Alone with Jesus
07. Crazy Life
08. Bossa for the Soul
09. Marcos Hernandez


Sandy Cressman - Entre Amigos (2017)

01. Como Eu Quero Cantar (I Just Want to Sing..)
02. Here in Your Arms
03. Não Me Acorde Não (Don't Wake Me)
04. Ela É (She is)
05. Eu Mais Você (Me Plus You)
06. Para Hermeto (For Hermeto)
07. Nossa História (Our Story)
08. Deixa O Amor Florescer (Let Love Flourish)
09. Menina Vai (Go Girl!)
10. Eu Vou Lembrar (I Will Remember)


miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

V.A. Smooth Jazz Vol. 16 - Jazz For Your Eyes (by SJAZZ4EVER)

Casiopea - Perfect Live II (1987)

Cd 1:
01. Conjunction
02. Looking Up
03. Street Performer
04. Zoom
05. Departure
06. Keepers
07. Samba Mania
08. Galactic Funk
09. Something's Wrong (Change It)
10. Choose Me
11. Mi Senora
12. Sun

Cd 2:
01. Mother Earth
02. Drums Solo
03. Bass Solo
04. Misty Lady
05. Halle
06. Swear
07. Asayake
08. Dazzling
09. Coast To Coast

Issei Noro (Electric guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards); Tetsuo Sakurai (Electric Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums); Yukou Kusunoki (Vocal, Percussion).


Casiopea - Funky Sound Bombers (1987)

01. Down Upbeat   
02. Misty Lady
03. Something's Wrong (Change It) 
04. Mid-Manhattan 
05. Street Performer 
06. In The Pocket 
07. Dazzling 
08. Galactic Funk 
09. S-E 
10. Night Storm  
11. Keepers


Casiopea - Sun Sun (1986)

01. Conjunction
02. Coast To Coast
03. Keepers
04. Lunar Shade
05. Sun
06. After Glow
07. Mr. Unique
08. Samba Mania
09. Mi Senora
10. Somethings Wrong (Change It)
11. Transformation 1
12. Planetoid Mother Earth

Issei Noro (Electric guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards); Tetsuo Sakurai (Electric Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums); John Waite (Lead vocal on "Something Wrong /Change It"); Frank Simms (Lead Vocal on "Sun", Background Vocals on "Someone's Love" & "Conjunction"); Diva Gray, Vivian Cherry & Leatrice Griffin (Background Vocals on "Sun" & "Somethings Wrong (Change It)"); Borneo Horns (Horns); Stan Harrison (Alto saxophone); Lenny Pickett (Tenor saxophone); Steve Elson (Tenor & Baritone saxophone); Earl Gardner (Trumpet); Lenny Pickett (Horn Arrangements); Pablo Rosario (Latin Percussion); Guilmerue Franco, Marcio Sapel (Brazilian Percussion on "Samba Mania").


Casiopea - Landing To Summer (1986)

01. Halle
02. Sunnyside Feelin'
03. Lakai
04. Touch The Rainbow
05. Marine Blue
06. Road Rhythm
07. Pastel sea
08. The Continental Way
09. The Soundgraphy
10. Homestretch
11. Long Term Memory
12. A Sparkling Day

Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums); Issei Noro (Guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards).


Casiopea - Live Skeppsholman Festival, Denmark (1985)

01. Road Rhythm
02. Zoom
03. Continential Way
04. Hoshi-zora
05. Street Performer (solos) Eyes Of the Mind
06. Soundgraphy
07. Galactic Funk


Casiopea - Live (1985)

01. Down Upbeat
02. The Continental Way
03. Fabby Dabby
04. Twilight Solitude
05. Marine Blue
06. Looking Up
07. Eyes Of The Mind
08. Asayake
09. Galactic Funk

Akira Jimbo (Drums); Tetsuo Sakurai (Electric Bass); Issei Noro (Electric Guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards).


Casiopea - Halle (1985)

01. Halle
02. Hoshi-zora
03. Street performer
04. The turning bell
05. North sea
06. Matsuri-bay ashi
07. Touch the rainbow
08. After school
09. Freesia
10. Marine blue
11. Paradox march

Issei Noro (Electric guitar, Chorus, Percussion); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards, Acoustic Piano); Tetsuo Sakurai (Electric Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums).


Casiopea - The Soundgraphy (1984)

01. The Soundgraphy
02. Gypsy Wind
03. Eyes Of The Mind
04. Sunnyside Feelin
05. Asayake
06. Mid Manhattan
07. Lookin' Up
08. Misty Lady
09. What Can't Speak Can't Lie
10. Fabbydabby

Nathan East, Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums); Harvey Mason (Drums, Percussion); Lee Ritenour, Issei Noro (Guitar Electric); Bob James, Don Grusin, Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Kiki Dee (Vocals).


Casiopea - Down Upbeat (1984)

01. Zoom
02. Down upbeat
03. The continental way
04. Road rhythm
05. Froufrou
06. Homestretch
07. Night storm
08. Cookin' up
09. Twilight solitude
10. Air fantasy

Akira Jimbo (Drums); Tetsuo Sakurai (Electric Bass); Issei Noro (Electric Guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards).


Casiopea - Photographs (1983)

01. Looking Up
02. Dazzling
03. Long Term Memory
04. Strasse
05. Outdrive
06. Misty Lady
07. Love You Day By Day
08. Spice Road
09. Fruit Salad Sunday
10. From Over The Sky

Issei Noro (Electric guitar, Electric acoustic guitar, Sitar, Amdeck Percussion Synthesizer, Vocal); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards); Tetsuo Sakurai (Electric Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums).


Casiopea - Jive Jive (1983)

01. Sweat It Out
02. In The Pocket
03. Right From The Heart
04. Step Daughter
05. Secret Chase
06. Fabbydabby
07. Living On A Feeling
08. S-E.
09. What Can’t Speak Can’t Lie

Issei Noro (Electric guitar , Percussion, Vocal); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards); Tetsuo Sakurai (Electric Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums); Ki-Ki Dee, Mae Mckenna, Jackie Challenok, Lorenza Johnson (Vocals); Guy Barker, Stuart Brooks (Trumpet); Phill Todo (Sax); Pete Beachill (Trombone); Richard Niles (Brass arrangement); Drachen Theaker (Tabla).


martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

Eliane Elias - Made in Brazil (2015)

01. Brasil
02. Voce
03. Aquas de Marco
04. Searching
05. Some Enchanted Place
06. Incendiano
07. Vida
08. Este Seu Olhar / Promessas
09. Driving Ambition
10. Rio
11. A Sorte do Amor
12. No Tabuleiro de Baiana

Eliane Elias (Piano); Marc Johnson, Steve Rodby (Bass); Rubens de La Corte (Guitar); Rafael Barata (Percussions); Marcus Teixeira (Guitar); Marl Kibble, Amanda Becker, (Vocals).


Eliane Elias - I Thought About You - A Tribute To Chet Baker (2013)

01. I Thought About You
02. There Will Never Be Another You
03. This Can't Be Love
04. Embraceable You
05. That Old Feeling
06. Everything Depends On You
07. I've Never Been In Love Before
08. Let's Get Lost
09. You Don't What Love Is
10. Blue Room
11. Just Friends
12. Girl Talk
13. Just In Time
14. I Get Along Without You Very Well

Marc Johnson (Acoustic Bass); Oscar Castro-Neves (Acoustic Guitar); Rafael Barata, Victor Lewis (Drums); Steve Cardenas (Electric Guitar); Marivaldo Dos Santos (Percussion); Randy Brecker (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Eliane Elias (Vocals, Piano).


Marc Johnson & Eliane Elias - Swept Away (2012)

01. Swept Away
02. It's Time
03. One Thousand And One Nights
04. When The Sun Comes Up
05. B Is For Butterfly
06. Midnight Blue
07. Moments
08. Sirens Of Titan
09. Foujita
10. Inside Her Old Music Box
11. Shenandoah

Eliane Elias (Piano); Marc Johnson (Double bass); Joe Lovano (Tenor saxophone); Joey Baron (Drums).


Eliane Elias - Plays Live (2011)

01. Just Friends
02. Bowing to Bud 
03. If You Could See Me Now 
04. Have You Met Miss Jones 
05. Embraceable You / But Not For Me / Jazz Influence / Who Knows 
06. Peggy's Blue Skylight 
07. Desafinado

Marc Johnson (Bass); Eliane Elias (Concert Grand Piano); Joey Baron (Drums).


Eliane Elias - Light My Fire (2011)

01. Rosa Morena
02. Stay Cool
03. Aquele Abrao
04. Light My Fire
05. Isto Aqui O Que (Silver Sandal)
06. My Cherie Amour
07. Toda Menina Baiana
08. Bananeira
09. Made In Moonlight
10. Turn To Me (Samba Maracat)
11. Take Five
12. What About The Heart (Bate Bate)

Eliane Elias (Vocal, piano); Marc Johnson (Bass); Oscar Castro-Neves (Acoustic guitar); Gilberto Gil (Vocal, acoustic guitar); Ross Traut (Electric guitar); Romero Lubambo (Acoustic guitar); Paulo Braga (Drums); Rafael Barata (Drums, percussion); Marivaldo dos Santos (Percussion); Pedrito Martinez (Congas); Amanda Brecker (Vocals); Randy Brecker (Flugelhorn, trumpet); Lawrence Feldman (Flute).


Eliane Elias - Eliane Elias Sings & Plays Bill Evans Something For You (2008)

01. You and The Night and The Music 
02. Heres Something For You 
03. A Sleepin Bee 
04. But Not For Me 
05. Waltz For Debby 
06. Five 
07. Blue In Green 
08. Detour Ahead 
09. Minha (All Time) 
10. My Foolish Heart 
11. But Beautiful Heres That Rainy Day 
12. I Love My Wife 
13. For Nenette 
14. Evanesque 
15. Solar 
16. After All 
17. Heres Something For You (Intro)

Eliane Elias (Vocals, piano); Marc Johnson (Bass guitar); Joey Baron (Drums).


Michael "Patches" Stewart - On Fire (2013)

01. On Fire 
02. Child In Me 
03. Patches Steps 
04. Northern Star 
05. Feeling Good 
06. Shibuya Drive
07. Rainy Night 
08. New Jazz Groove

Michael Patches Stewart (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Kenny Garrett (Saxophone); Henryk Miśkiewicz (Saxophone, clarinet); Paul Jackson Jr., Marek Napiórkowski (Guitars); George Duke, Paweł Tomaszewski, Nick Smith (Instrumental); Robert Kubiszyn (Bass guitar, guitar, programming); Poogie Bell, Michał Dąbrówka (Drums); Dorota Miśkiewicz, Raul Midon (Vocals).


Michael "Patches" Stewart - Blow (2005)

01. Gumbo (intro)
02. Blow
03. I Know What You Like (funki-jazzi)
04. Overjoyed
05. We Be Getting' Down
06. Don't You Know
07. Road Song
08. Cruisin'
09. Congo Square
10. Bed Time Story
11. No More
12. Gumbo (outro)

Michael "Patches" Stewart (vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn); Marcus Miller (vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Clavinet, organ, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, vibraphone, double bass, bass guitar, percussion); Diane Gordon, MC Lyte, Will Downing, LeDon Bishop (vocals); James Walker (flute); Kenny Garrett (alto saxophone); Roger Byam (tenor saxophone); Steve Baxter (trombone); Poogie Bell (drums); DJ Quik (turntables).


Michael “Patches” Stewart - Penetration (1998)

01. Sass
02. Some Will Dream
03. Fields of Gold
04. Penetration (El Nino)
05. Diana
06. My Funny Valentine (featuring Al Jarreau)
07. Patmos
08. Sarah
09. Pavane
10. Cat 'N Mouse

Michael "Patches" Stewart (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Jim Beard (Keyboards); Hiram Bullock (Guitar); Zach Danziger (Loop Drums); Bill Evans (Tenor & Soprano Saxophone); William Galison (Harmonica); Kenny Garrett (Alto Saxophone); James Genus (Acoustic Bass); Jon Herington (Guitars); Aaron Heick (Flute, Oboe, English Horn & Alto Sax); Henry Hey (Additional Sample Programming); Al Jarreau (Vocals on My Funny Valentine); Marcus Miller (Bass, Bass Clarinet); Adam Rogers (Guitars); Saturnino (Bass).


Michael “Patches” Stewart - Blue Patches (1997)

01. In Your Own Sweet Way 
02. Stella By Starlight   
03. Caruso  
04. Pfrancing   
05. My Foolish Heart  
06. Fly Me To The Moon   
07. I Waited For You      
08. Alone Together    
09. One For Daddy-O
Michael "Patches" Stewart (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Rebecka Tornqvist (Vocals), Gerald Albright (Saxophone); Jacky Terrasson (Piano), Lenny White (Drums); Steve Wilson (Alto Saxophone), Charles Fambrough (Bass); Vince Evans (Keyboards), Shelly Bery (Piano); Adrian Rosen (Bass), Bob Leatherbarrow (Drums).


lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

Casiopea - Mint Jams (1982)

01. Take Me
02. Asayake                  
03. Midnight Rendezvous      
04. Time Limit               
05. Domino Line             
06. Tears of the star        
07. Swear

Issei Noro (Electric guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards); Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums).


Casiopea - 4 X 4 (1982)

01. Mid-Manhattan
02. Pavane
03. Transatlantic
04. Galactic Funk
05. Kauai
06. Chandelier

Nathan East, Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass); Akira Jimbo, Harvey Mason (Drums); Issei Noro, Lee Ritenour (Guitar); Don Grusin, Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards).


Casiopea - Eyes Of The Mind (1981)

01. Asayake
02. A place in the sun
03. Take me
04. Lakai
05. Eyes of the mind
06. Black joke
07. La costa
08. La costa 2
09. Magic ray
10. Space road

Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums); Issei Noro (Electric Guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards, Synthesizer); Harvey Mason, Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion [Guest]).


Casiopea - Cross Point (1981)

01. Smile Again
02. Swear
03. A Sparkling Day
04. Span of a Dream
05. Domino Line
06. Galactic Funk
07. Sunnyside Feelin'
08. Any Moment (We'll Be One)                      
09. Endless Vision
Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass); Issei Noro (Guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards); Akira Jimbo (Drums).


Casiopea - Thunder Live (1980)

01. Space Road                                    
02. Sailing Alone
03. I'm Sorry
04. Have A Nice Dream
05. Black Joke
06. Midnight Rendezvous

Issei Noro (Electric guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards, Fender Rhodes Piano); Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums).


Casiopea - Make Up City (1980)

01. Gypsy Wind
02. Eyes of Mind
03. Reflections of You
04. Ripple Dance
05. Life Game
06. Make Up City
07. Pastel Sea

Issei Noro (Guitar); Minoru Mukaiya (Keyboards); Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass); Akira Jimbo (Drums).


Casiopea - Super Flight (1979)

01. Take Me
02. Flying
03. Dune
04. Asayake
05. I Love New York
06. Sailing Alone
07. Olion
08. Magic Ray
09. Mighty Mouse

Issei Noro (Electric guitar, Fretless Guitar, Clapping); Minoru Mukaiya (Piano); Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass, Clapping); Takashi Sasaki (Drums, Clapping); Kanya Kazama (Backup drums); Debrah Correll (Vocals); Koji Hatori, Toshio Araki (Trumpet); Eiji Arai (Trombone); Jake H. Conception (Alto saxophone); Takeru Maruaoka (Tenor saxophone); Shunzo Sunahara (Baritone saxophone).


Casiopea - Casiopea (1979)

01. Time Limit
02. Tears of The Star
03. Space Road
04. Midnight Rendezvous
05. Far Away
06. Swallow
07. Dream Hill
08. Black Joke
Issei Noro (Electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals); Minoru Mukaiya (Fender Rhodes, Piano, Synthesizers, Vibe); Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass, Fender Jazz Bass); Takashi Sasaki (Drums).


Jerome Weaver - Cooling Water (2017)

01. My Song
02. Tone Poem for Paradise
03. Enough Said
04. Serenading in Love
05. A Flower for the Nighting
06. Dance with Me
07. Emotional Summer
08. I'm Still in Love
09. Love Me, Babe! Babe!
10. Smooth
11. Dreaming Kinda Love
12. It's Cool Girl


The Smooth Jazz Alley - Been a Long Time Comin' (2016)

01. C-Funk 
02. Always & Forever 
03. Been a Long Time Comin' 
04. Midnight Groove 
05. Eternal 
06. Why 
07. Christina 
08. Subway 
09. Morning Jog 
10. Stan's Groove


Jan Sturiale - Two Roads (2016)

01. Three
02. Long
03. Cori
04. Red Gold
05. Open
06. Animated
07. Two Roads
08. Shades
09. Outro

Jan Sturiale (Guitar); Marko Churnchetz (Piano and fender rhodes); Audun Waage (Trumpet);  Joe Sanders (Bass); Ziv Ravitz (Drums).


Jan Sturiale - Electric Water (2014)

01. B Bay
02. In The Middle of Nowhere
03. Mark's Evolution
04. Do Sonho Azul (Part I) (feat Tatiana Parra)
05. Do Sonho Azul (Part II) (feat Tatiana Parra)
06. Draw The Line
07. Across (feat Tatiana Parra)
08. Electric Water
09. Echo
10. Dark Grey (feat Tatiana Parra)

Jan Sturiale (Guitar); Bob Reynolds (Tenor saxophone); Vardan Ovsepian (Piano); Damian Erskine (Bass); Chaun Duprè Horton (Drums); Tatiana Parra (Vocal).


Jan Sturiale - Do Not Disturb The Peace (2011)

01. Unpredictable Reactions
02. Border
03. Fourth Ave
04. Do Not Disturb The Peace
05. Lights and Shadows
06. Lonely People
07. This Land
08. Later
09. Civilization
10. Nekoc

Jan Sturiale (Guitar); Jure Pukl (Tenor sax and Soprano Sax); Leonardo Vito Tritto (Fender Rhodes and Piano); Alessandro Turchet (Doublebass); Luca Colussi (Drums); Alba Nacinovich (Vocal).


Vardan Ovsepian - Aragast (2008)

01. In Motion
02. Synchrony
03. A Day In The City
04. Lusine
05. Against The Current
06. Hymn
07. From Another Past
08. Clouds
09. Still In Motion


Alyssa ZezZA - Top 15 Greatest Songs Intimate Acoustic Versions (2014)

01. All Around the World
02. Your Love Is King
03. Do It Again
04. Crazy
05. Holding Back the Years
06. Change
07. True Colors
08. September
09. Maniac
10. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
11. Snow On the Sahara
12. Purple Rain
13. Lovely Day
14. Could It Be Magic
15. Maxine


Philippe Baden Powell - Notes over Poetry (2017)

01. Vamos Donatear - Para Joa~o Donato
02. Notes over the Poetry
03. For You to Know
04. Hues
05. Chica
06. The Lonely Dreamer
07. Recado pra Vocé
08. Salvadora (Para Bianca Gismonti)
09. Quem Sabe
10. State of Music


domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

MJ Thump - What A Feeling! (Psalm 150) (2017)

01. What a Feeling
02. Sunday Drive 
03. Thank You (John 3:16) [feat. Rico Wint, Olivia Robinson & Faithful Praise] 
04. No One Like You 
05. I Will Bless the Lord 


Tony Saunders - Uptown Jazz (2016)

01. Shaniya
02. Uptown Jazz
03. Speak To My Heart
04. Tonight
05. Sea Cliff Drive
06. 59th Street
07. Always Thinking About You
08. For These Reasons
09. Feel Like Fallin'
10. Those Same Feelings
11. My Real Love
12. Sleepless Nights


V.A. Smooth Jazz Vol. 15 - Midnight JAZZ Cruisin' (by SJAZZ4EVER)

Pedro Ruy-Blas - El Americano (2014)

01. I'm gonna lock my heart 
02. Awhiter shade of pale 
03. It ain´t necessarily so
04. You are gonna hear from me 
05. If i had you 
06. Oh Gee! 
07. More than you know 
08. I keep going back to Joe's 
09. Lonely town, lonely street 
10. This bitter earth 
11. The work verse 
12. Only it for the money

Pedro Ruy-Blas (voz), Luis Guerra (piano), Reinier Elizarde “Negrón” (contrabajo), Noah Shaye (batería) Músicos invitados: Antonio Serrano (armónica), Horacio Icasto (piano), Kike Perdomo (saxo tenor), Bob Sands (saxo tenor), Pepe Robles (guitarra), Álvaro Yébenes (bajo), Jorge Pardo (flauta), Israel Sandoval (guitarra), Miguel Angel Egido (saxo tenor), Ángela Cervantes (coros), Cecilia Krull (coros), Sheila Blanco (coros).